Where Do You Store Clothes In A Tiny House?

The more you live in a tiny house, the more you learn about storage. You’ve probably already discovered that closet space is limited and you quickly have to get creative about where to put your clothes.

So, are you the kind of person who carries huge bags when traveling and can’t get enough of those beautiful outfits? Well, you must also know that storing clothes can be a nightmare if you have a tiny house.

The first thing you need to do if you have a tiny house is get rid of clothes you don’t wear. Yes, you have to embrace the minimalist lifestyle and downsize. But of course, you don’t have to wear the same types of clothes every day. So the next thing to do is get perfect storage for your clothes that can fit comfortably in your tiny house.

How’s that possible? This article shows you some clothes storage ideas perfect for a tiny house. Read on.

1. Install Drawers and Shelves Under the Stairs

When you have a room with unused space, such as under the stairs, it is a shame not to make use of it. A space like this makes an excellent storage area for your clothes and other items. You can get yourself some shelves or drawers and fit them all under the stairs.

Storage under the stairs.
The pulled-out drawers or shelves can also be used to store shoes and other items

Make that extra space under the stairs useful. Add some pull-out drawers or shelves and put your clothes in them. The pulled-out drawers or shelves can also be used to store shoes and other items. The space under the stairs is perfect for your hanging clothes.

2. Use an Expanding Dressing Screen

The expanding dressing screen is also an incredible way to store clothes in a tiny house. A screen can make a small space look more spacious. The screen becomes a divider between the main room and your clothes storage area.

When you’re not using it, slide it under the bed or in another hidden place. It will create an illusion of extra space when you use this method to store your clothes in a tiny house.

3. Stuck Drawers Under the Bed

The space under the bed should not go unused if you have a tiny house. Here’s an excellent use for this space: store your clothes in drawers. This is an excellent way to organize and save space when storing clothes in a tiny house.

The most challenging part of using this method would be gaining access to the bed frame to place the drawers underneath it. A step ladder might be necessary to reach the bed frame. You can then attach the drawer to the underside of the bed frame and slide it back into position when you need to access your clothes.

4. Conceal Clothes Behind a Door

An excellent way to hide away some extra clothes in a tiny house is by using a door to store those items out of sight. The door provides many options for storing clothes. You can buy drawers that fit into a door or simply close the door and place clothes inside of it as if you were putting them into a dresser.

The downside to this method would be taking your clothes out if they happen to be in the way, say when needing to use the bathroom. You can make things easier by installing some hooks and using hangers to hang the clothes.

5. Store Around the Ceiling

When it comes to storing clothes in a tiny house, you’re going to have to get creative. The ceiling provides a great space where you can add shelves and cabinets for storage.

Clothes hanging.
The ceiling provides a great space where you can add shelves and cabinets for storage.

This is especially useful for hats, t-shirts, dresses, or any other smaller items that you can hang on hangers. You can also use the overhead compartments to store extra beddings and seasonal clothes.

6. Upcycled Closet

Shelves are good for storing random things, but what about clothes? Where do you put your clothes if you’re running out of space? The answer: upcycle old drawers into a closet. You can use it to store your clothes or use it as an entryway table for keys, sunglasses, etc.

7. Make Use of the Vertical Space

When adding shelves and cabinets to your house, make sure you go all the way up to the ceiling. You need all the space available to store your items, so it’s best to leave no inch unused. You can then divide your items according to the frequency of use. The ones you use often can go at the higher levels, while those that you don’t use as much should stay at the lower levels.

8. Use Open Shelves

Open shelves are ideal for storing clothes in a tiny house since they offer quick access. They also allow you to show off your knickknacks, accessories, and small collections. You can install them in the living room or bedroom, but make sure that the items on display aren’t too fragile.

A open shelves.
Open shelves are ideal for storing in a tiny house since they offer quick access.

When using open shelves, make sure they don’t look too cluttered. They should be part of your home decor if you want them to look good.

9. Make Use of Wall Space

You don’t need extra furniture if you use wall space efficiently. For instance, you can place a small utility rack on top of your kitchen cabinets. This way, you’ll free up the counter space for meal preparation and cooking.

You can also get creative with wall space, such as using it to hang items such as mementos or even vines like ivy. As long as they don’t take too much vertical space, anything can go there.

10. Put Everything in Its Place

The secret to perfect clothes storage in a tiny house is being organized. Always ensure you put everything where it’s supposed to be. For instance, keep hangers together in a box or basket. Keep anything that belongs to the linen closet at the spot where it’s supposed to be.

organize clothes in the cabinet.
Always ensure you put everything where it’s supposed to be.

Take note of what you’re regularly using and store them on lower shelves if possible. This way, you’ll only take the things you often need without having to dig through piles of laundry or clutter all over whenever you need to find something to wear.

11. Declutter

You don’t need too many clothes when you actually just wear a few of them. If you can’t or don’t wear a certain item, get rid of it. This will free up more space and make things less cluttered. So, before you even start organizing your clothes in that tiny house, think about what you need and what you don’t. Anything you haven’t worn for a month and don’t think you’ll wear any time soon should be treated as clutter.

Shoes being put on the ox.
If you can’t or don’t wear a certain item, get rid of it.

12. Containerize

Don’t know where to store small items like jewelry? Great news! There are jars that may be used as storage for all those tiny pieces of clothes you keep in your small space. If you have a box of stuff, it would be better to store them in jars instead so it will take up less space while looking aesthetically pleasing.

Related Questions

Where is the best place to store clothes in a tiny house?

One of the best places to store clothes in a tiny house is, well, on your clothes hangers. It will look more organized and tidy when you hang up your clothes on hangers instead of on wire racks.

What are some good storage ideas for small spaces?

Small spaces usually require more creative thinking when it comes to storage. You can start by installing some cabinets and shelves for storing clothes, books, kitchen utensils, and so on. Just make sure they don’t end up occupying more space in the long run.

Do I really need to let go of some of my clothes?

We understand that some of you may have a real attachment to certain outfits and items. But trust us on this one: unless you’re wearing them, it’s just taking up space in your closet and wherever else they’re stored. So, you have to make the bold decision and get rid of whatever is filling up space for nothing.

How does moving affect clothing?

After moving out of your old place, you will need to pack your clothes carefully before transporting them to the new home. Packing tips include rolling up long shirts or pants and stacking all tops together rather than folding. Displaying books on shelves makes it easier to see what you have and also creates a more aesthetically pleasing room.


Storing clothes in a tiny house doesn’t have to be a nightmare if you know how to do it right. First, you must utilize every square inch by properly stacking and organizing your clothes to make the best use of the space. Then, consider transferring your stored clothing to boxes or storage bins to maximize room efficiency.

If you have too many unused clothes, you should get rid of them and free up space for more useful items. There is no need to hold on to things that are only cluttering your small room and making your life more difficult. With all the above tips, we hope storing your precious clothes will not be a nightmare anymore.

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