What Storage Unit Size Do You Need?

Storage units come in a variety of shapes, sizes and prices. Wondering what size you need? You can always rent a larger unit as you need it, but storage rentals tend to cost more for additional space. If you aren't sure what size of unit you need, below is a helpful guide to help determine the right storage unit for you.

As we continue to accumulate more and more possessions, the amount of physical space available for our things is shrinking. This means that many people are looking for a way to store their belongings without taking up too much room in their house or apartment. Choosing the appropriate size of a storage unit can help maximize your living space while also meeting your other storage needs.

So, how much storage space do you need? Typically, the storage size you need depends on a wide range of factors such as the number of things you need to store, the value of the things you need to store, the amount of money you are willing to spend on the storage unit, and how much time and energy you want to spend on managing your storage unit.

If you’re looking for a convenient way to maximize your living space while storing some personal belongings, you came to the right place.

This blog post discusses everything you need to know about storage units and how to pick the right size unit for your needs.

An Overview of Self-Storage Unit Size Guide

Before we dive deep into our discussion, you need to understand the different storage unit sizes that are available.

There are four main types of self-storage units: mini, small, medium, and large.

1. Mini Storage Units

Mini storage units are typically suitable for storing household items and some personal belongings such as clothing.

They can be a great way to store things you don’t use regularly but want easy access to when needed. Most of them measure 12′ x 12′ with an average of 40 square feet.

Mini storage units are ideal for storing personal items and clothes.

2. Small Storage Units

If you have a smaller home, don’t need to store many possessions, or are looking for an inexpensive way to clear extra clutter from your residence, then small storage units may be the perfect solution for you.

These self-storage facilities typically offer lower monthly rental rates and include both indoor and outdoor parking options.

Some of the things you can store in a small-size storage unit include children’s clothing, electronics, and books.

Small storage units allow you to safely store your kids’ toys or other items, such as books.

3. Medium-sized Storage Units

Medium-sized units are the most popular and versatile size storage units used to store various items, including furniture pieces and large appliances.

They are ideal for people with a moderate amount of items to store but don’t want the hassle of managing a large self-storage unit on their own.

So, if you need less than 500 square feet but more than 100 squares ft., then this may be the perfect solution for your space needs.

The average monthly rent is typically higher than small or mini units and includes both parking options.

Medium-sized storage units are typically large enough to accommodate different pieces of furniture.

3. Large Storage Units

This is the most common type of self-storage unit size available today. Larger facilities usually offer more amenities such as onsite restrooms, laundry facilities, and storage offices.

If you have a large number of possessions, need to store larger items, or require more than 500 square feet in which to store things, then consider opting for a large storage unit.

Choosing the Right Self-storage Unit Size

Now that you understand the different self-storage unit sizes and what they can store, let us figure out how to choose the best size for your needs. The following tips will help you.

1. Assess Your Needs

Before you even start thinking about the size of a storage unit you will need, you need to figure out what you want to store. Make a comprehensive list of all the things you want to store in the unit, no matter how big or small they are.

Once you have created the list, you can start to assess if the items on your list will fit into the storage unit.

For example, a smaller-sized lawnmower might not be able to fit in a medium or large-size self-storage facility without wasting a lot of space. So, it would have to go into a small-size storage unit.

If you find that many of the things you want to store can’t fit in the type of self-storage facility you’re interested in, then it may be a good idea for you to rethink your storage requirements.

2. Measure Everything

Although you can use your eyes to approximate the size of your items, you will feel more confident if you know the exact measurements.

So, don’t be afraid to grab a measuring tape and take the actual measurement of every item on your storage list.

While you might think that your study table is only a few feet wide, it will be quite stressful when you arrive at the storage facility only to find out that it can’t go through the storage unit door.

Measuring everything on your list may seem annoying, but you have to do it if you want to avoid encountering surprises later.

3. Cost Considerations

Most people don’t know about this, but it’s essential to consider how much money they’ll spend on a self-storage unit before they start shopping around for one.

The cost of renting a storage facility is determined by the size and amenities included in a particular site plus the occupancy rate at that facility.

Before renting a storage unit, consider how much money you are willing to spend.

So, if you find yourself spending more time looking for deals on online sites, then that might be a good indication that you’re looking for the cheapest storage unit around.

It’s crucial to determine what size is best before deciding on which self-storage facility to rent from because it can make or break your budget if you don’t do your research beforehand.

4. Decide How Often You Want to Access the Unit

This is a crucial consideration, especially if you’re using the storage unit for seasonal items.

If you know that it’s just going to be a few months out of the year where your belongings will need to go into storage, then opting for smaller size units might be best because they’ll cost less per month and won’t require as much to be paid upfront.

If you want your possessions to stay in storage for a year or more, then larger units might work best because they will require less time and money onsite.

Additionally, if you will use the storage unit to temporarily store items you won’t need to access regularly, you can fill it to the brim.

However, if you will be storing items that you need to access regularly, then you will want a slightly larger storage unit to avoid cramping everything together.

5. When in Doubt, Go Bigger

When you don’t know exactly how much storage space you need, it may be tempting to go for a smaller storage unit so that you can save on costs. But it’s always important to remember the saying “the bigger the better.”

Smaller-sized self-storage units will require more trips to clear your items out. So if you have a lot of stuff and want everything stored neatly away, then you’ll need a relatively larger storage unit to make it happen.

Additionally, if your items don’t fit into the smaller-sized self-storage facility, you will have some serious trouble transporting them over there unless you want to spend hundreds of dollars on moving trucks or other vehicle rentals.

6. Visit the Unit before Reserving

It’s essential for you to visit the unit before reserving it to get a feel of what your items will be like in there.

You don’t want to rent a self-storage facility only to find out that all of your belongings are too wide or tall and won’t fit into the space allotted.

So, if you don’t want to be stuck at the storage facility for hours with your items, then it’s wise to go and see if you can fit everything in there before committing.

7. Seek Professional Guidance

You may think that you don’t need help from a storage professional, but the truth is that they can be invaluable when it comes to helping you decide on what size self-storage unit will meet your needs.

These professionals can look at all of your belongings and estimate how much space each item will take up so that they know which size storage unit is best for your needs.

Additionally, if you’re not sure about which size storage unit will work well for you, then it’s wise to speak with a professional because they can help guide you through the process and make things much more manageable in the long run.

Final Thought

It is essential to carefully assess your needs before deciding on a self-storage unit size. Visit the unit and measure everything so you can accurately determine what size of a storage unit would work best for you!

You may also want to consider how often you will need access to the space, as this too could affect your decision of which size fits your situation best. If in doubt, go with a larger one since it’s easier than having an overpriced mini or small option that doesn’t serve all purposes.

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