What Should You Keep In A Storage Unit?

Have you ever rented a storage unit for your household goods, only to find the temperature in your unit is too high or too low? Are you at a complete loss as to what you should store in your unit? Are you worried about the safety of your property and the belongings that need to be kept safe and dry? We are here to help

Are you in need of extra storage space? If so, then it is time to consider a self-storage unit facility. These units provide the perfect solution for storing your excess belongings without having to worry about being able to take care of them. But you must keep in mind that not everything can be kept in a storage unit.

So, what should you keep in a storage unit? Some of the common items you can keep in your storage unit include books, artwork, seasonal items such as Christmas decorations, sports equipment, and old furniture. You can also keep toys, baby items, clothing, and household equipment in your storage unit.

Keep reading to learn more about what you can keep in your storage unit and how to do it properly.

1. Seasonal Items

Seasonal items are perfect for storing in your storage unit.

Some of the seasonal items you may want to store include holiday ornaments and decorations, sports equipment, holiday-specific toys such as ride-on cars and bicycles, winter clothing and blankets, summer clothes and gear, Christmas tree stands that cannot be stored upright in a cupboard, and items you want to toss once the season is over.

If you plan to store seasonal items, it is best to do so in the fall. This way, the items won’t be taking up your valuable storage space unnecessarily.

2. Photos, Magazines, and Newspapers

You may want to consider storing photos, magazines, or newspapers in your storage unit.

Storing these items in a storage unit is a great idea since they are difficult to organize and put away in the home.

In addition, they tend to take up a considerable amount of space when not in use and can be recycled or even thrown out if you don’t have the time to organize and take care of them.

If you choose to store photos, magazines, or newspapers in your storage unit, it is best to keep them in a protective sleeve or folder, so they don’t get damaged while being stored.

You may also want to consider storing educational materials such as textbooks or CDs that you or your children have used for school but no longer need.

3. Sporting Equipment

If you are a sports enthusiast and have sports equipment that is not being used, consider storing it in your storage unit.

You can store all sorts of sporting equipment in your storage unit, including hockey gear, golf clubs, baseball bats, football helmets and pads, and other specialized items.

By storing these items in a self-storage unit facility, you can easily maintain them and keep them in good condition to avoid damage.

Storage units are ideal for storing golf clubs and other types of sporting gear.

Keep in mind that some sports equipment such as paddle boarding or kayaking equipment can take up a significant amount of space.

So, if you choose to store these bulky sporting items in your storage facility, ensure that there is enough room in the unit for them.

4. Business Files

If you run a small business, it is good to store your documents and files safely.

Unfortunately, the old files and documents can take up a lot of office space and become difficult to organize. This is why storing them in a storage unit can come in handy.

If you choose to store business files in your storage unit, it is best to make sure that these documents are fully organized, so they are easy to access at any time.

There are two things you can do if you want to store business documents in your storage unit:

You can have all the files easily accessible by simply matching up the labels on their respective file cabinets or choose to separate your files and keep them in different boxes so that they are easier to find and retrieve.

5. Clothing

Clothing items are another common item that you can store in your storage unit. If you don’t have too much room in your closets or drawers, consider storing the excess clothing in a storage unit facility.

In addition to having extra space available for other things, it may be a good idea to keep an outfit or two in a storage unit just in case you may need one and you can’t access your wardrobe.

If you can’t fit your clothes in the closet, consider storing them in a storage unit.

Also, many commercial storage unit facilities have laundry facilities that you can use to wash your clothing.

If you choose to store clothing in a storage facility, remember to keep them organized and clean, so they stay fresh and ready for wearing when you need them.

6. Furniture

If you have extra pieces of furniture that you no longer use in your main house, you should consider moving them to your storage unit because it will create a lot of space for other things in your house.

You may want to store extra tables, chairs, or beds in your self-storage unit, which will give you the flexibility to use them when needed and remove them from your home when not in use.

Before you move your furniture to the storage unit, ensure you clean it to avoid any damage or dirt. You should also disassemble the large pieces of furniture and lay out the pieces, so they are evenly spaced.

By storing furniture in your storage unit, you can easily maintain it and keep it clean until you need to use it again.

Ensure that the furniture is properly stacked with no heavy things on top of lighter ones or sharp edges.  If possible, secure the pieces of furniture with straps or ratchet tie-downs.

7. Electronic Items

There are many electronic items you can keep in a self-storage unit. These items can include computers, office equipment, game consoles, and other accessories.

If you are going to need these electronics soon, it may be better to store them at your home storage facility because renting a storage unit for short periods can cost more money.

A storage unit can be a perfect solution if you want to store some of your electronic devices, such as a laptop.

If you choose to store electronic items in a self-storage unit, make sure that there is enough room for them since they can take up a lot of space.

It may be best to keep these items in their original packaging so that you don’t have to move them after storing.

8. Household Appliances

Another thing you can store in your self-storage unit is your household appliances.

These items can include small appliances, such as a toaster or blender and larger ones like a washing machine, dryer, or refrigerator.

If you have any excess household furnishings that take up a lot of space in your house, buy or rent a storage unit to store them and free up the space they are eating up in your house.

Storing large household appliances in a storage facility makes even more sense if you move into a temporary house and know that you will be relocating again soon.

This way, you can store such items safely until you have settled and need them again.

9. Artwork and Antiques

Anything that is fragile or valuable can be stored in a self-storage facility.

These items can include anything from art and antiques to collectibles, photos, and other valuables. It’s always best to keep these items safe and secure in your storage facility.

Storage units allow you to store your antiques and other valuable belongings safely.

Before you store your artwork and antiques in a storage facility, ensure they are well wrapped and well packed.

Keep them in a climate-controlled storage unit to prevent damage caused by humidity and heat. These items require special care when stored, so make sure you’re using a reputable storage facility that can protect them from harmful elements. 

You should also have them appraised and insured if possible to protect your investment.

10. Toys

Any toys or child sports equipment that your kids don’t use frequently can be stored in a storage unit.

If you have too many toys for your kids to play with, it may be best to rent out an extra space to store the unused ones, so they don’t get damaged by moisture and humidity. 

It also helps keep them safe from wear and tear or causing accidents at home.

And, of course, if you are a sports enthusiast who is also the coach of your child’s team, storing their unused sports equipment in a self-storage unit is another great way to save space in your house.

11. Baby Items

If you have any baby items that your kids no longer need, storing them in a storage unit can free up some space at home.

You should always keep the most used and most valuable items in the house, but if you have any extra toys or equipment that are not needed right away, it may be best to keep them in a storage facility that is safe, clean, and secure to prevent damage.


Regardless of how many things you decide to store in your self-storage unit, be sure that there is enough room for all the items you plan to store.

If you want more space than your unit can offer, search online or at your local facility for units that are large enough for all your needs.

Whatever items you decide to store in the storage unit, be sure that they are properly stacked and secured with straps or ratchet tie-downs so that nothing will fall over and be damaged or broken.

If you have a lot of things on the ground level of a storage unit, cover it with plywood or other material to catch any moisture that could cause damage.

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