What is the cheapest way to store a car?

When storing a vehicle, the most important factor is finding a facility that provides protection of your investment.

There are many reasons why people need car storage. Maybe you are moving to an urban area where car storage is limited. Or perhaps you like collecting cars as a hobby. Others look for car storage when moving for military services or a new job far away. 

Whatever reason might be, you need a place to store your car. The average cost of keeping a vehicle ranges from $30-$400 per month. Nonetheless, storing your vehicle improperly, like leaving it in the street, might lead to severe damage to the car. This might cost you more dollars on the repair of the car. 

This leaves you no option but to look for a place to store your car. Keeping a car for long-term storage is expensive. You might get discouraged and decide to sell your car instead. However, it doesn’t have to be like that. There’s still hope for a good cheap place to store your sentimental car.

This article highlights what you need to know about car storage and the cheapest way to store a car.

Why Do I Need Cheap Car Storage?

Many people struggle to find an inexpensive place to store a car. Some car storage companies charge hefty prices for hosting a car parking space. No one wants to pay more money to park their vehicle.

Fortunately, few storage companies provide excellent storage services at a lower price. For example, you can find a car storage company in your area, compare the costs, and see which charges less.

A red car.
The primary reason why you need cheap car storage is that you can’t afford an expensive one.

Another alternative is looking for homeowners with a large or empty garage willing to rent. This could benefit both of you since the owner will earn a small income from the service. Also, you will get an excellent place to store your car.

The primary reason why you need cheap car storage is that you can’t afford an expensive one. For a second car, paying more for storage can ruin your budget. In addition, the vehicle does not put money in your pockets while in storage. Therefore, cheap car storage is the best solution for people who want to save money.

Types of Car Storage

There are three main storage options: outdoor storage, coverage storage, and indoor storage. Outdoor storage is open storage where the vehicle is uncovered, while Covered storage is a carport-like structure where your car is protected from direct sunlight, snow, and rain. Indoor storage is a closed storage, for example, a storage unit

Outdoor Storage 

Open storage is the most expensive way to store a car. The average cost of holding a vehicle in available storage varies from $30-$100 per month. The only challenge is that elements do not protect the car. Extreme weather conditions may impact the vehicle leading to expensive damages. 

It is important to note that open storage offers some protections. Look for places near a pavement to protect your vehicle from potential damages.

Covered Storage

Covered car storage is simply non-climate controlled car storage. It is more expensive than outdoor storage. The only downside is that you will not protect your vehicle from harsh weather climates. However, there is not much difference in outdoor storage because the car is not enclosed. 

A car inside the garage.
Covered car storage is simply non-climate controlled car storage.

Coverage storage offers storage protection like a roof. In addition, most storage companies provide security, so you do not have to worry about theft or possible damage. 

Indoor Storage

Indoor storage is closed storage space. It is the most expensive storage option ranging from $50-$125 a month. The storage fee escalates to about $400 per month in extreme weather conditions.

There are many advantages to storing your car in a storage unit. For example, you will protect your vehicle from all weather conditions. There is maximum securing in a storage unit. Additionally, you can store other items that need storage with your car. 

On the contrary, there are a few disadvantages of storing a car in indoor car storage. For instance, you may not afford to pay for the storage unit after some time. In addition, people lose money, jobs, or encounter challenges in life like bankruptcy. Imagine losing a job and failing to pay for a storage unit, and the facility decides to auction the team. This could feel like the end of the world.

What to Consider When Choosing the Cheapest Way to Store Your Car?

Storing a car is not a simple task; park it, leave it. There are potential risks involved when you leave your vehicle in storage. Keep in consideration the following features when picking a storage option for your car.

Car Storage Size

It is worth noting that storage cars come in different sizes. However, ample storage will cost you more money than a small seized storage. Therefore, when you visit a professional storage company, pay attention to the storage sizes.  

A car inside of the garage.
When you visit a professional storage company, pay attention to the storage sizes.

Remember, your primary goal is to find a cheap way to store your car. It is best to visit the storage unit in person to avoid paying more than you expect. Some photos provided by the company may not show you the exact dimensions of the parking space; above all, not all storage units will consider the size, for example, outdoor storage.

Security Features

Security is an important feature to look for when picking a storage space. Imagine going to pick your car after a long vacation and finding that it’s gone Or the windows are broken. It isn’t delightful. 

Most open storage is indeed affordable. However, consider checking whether the car is secure when you are gone. Do not park your vehicle in an insecure neighborhood. It is best to check the history of the place where you want to rent the storage space. Are there police patrols during the night? 

A personel monitoring the CCTV.
When you visit a professional storage company, pay attention to the storage sizes.

Notwithstanding, indoor storage options provide the best protection in-car storage. This is high compared to open storage but, your car will be safe from any form of damage or theft. Moreover, visit cheap storage facilities with CCTV cameras, locks, and fences. 

Climate Control 

Climatic controlled car storage is the most crucial feature to check when picking a storage unit. Extreme weather conditions such as cold are rough on cars’ batteries. This makes it harder to start the vehicle, or worse yet- cold makes car tires lose air pressure. On the other hand, the high temperature may lead to potential engine damage.

There are storage options with great experiences, such as electricity. After winter, you will need to charge your car battery to start your car. However, the storage facility will charge you more for this feature.

Thus, Climatic controls will cost you more than non-climate controlled storage. On top of the monthly cost, the storage facility may add $20-$30 for climatic protections. 

How to Store a Car for the Long-term?

You might be looking for a cheap way to store a car, but you have no idea how to keep a car. Improper storage will lead to car complications hence costing you more money. The following are steps on storing a vehicle for the long term.

Step 1. Clean your car

Leaning your car before leaving it for months is necessary since stains can damage the paint. Also, consider cleaning it inside because permanent stains may force you to replace car seats or any other damaged part. In addition, cleaning will save you the few dollars you will spend on repair and maintenance.

Step 2. To up the tank

Moisture tends to build up in an empty or half-filled gas tank when the car is kept for over 30 days. Purchase a fuel stabilizer to prevent the fuel from deteriorating and prevent gum, rust, or varnish. Then, when you come to pick your vehicle, it will still have enough power to keep you moving before you top up again.

Step 3. Charge the Battery

Always keep your card charged. When the battery completely loses charge, its cells may get damaged. Instead, hire someone to recharge the battery after every five weeks. This will keep your vehicle in good condition. Ensure to disconnect the battery if there is no one to charge you often. You might lose saved settings instead.

When you visit a professional storage company, pay attention to the storage sizes.

Step 4. Overinflate the tires

To avoid flat spots, fill more air pressure to the tires. The car has been stationary for over six months, the weight of the vehicle presses the tires, causing flat spots. When you spot flat areas, consider replacing the tires.

Bottom Line

Find a storage facility with good security, climatic control, and the proper storage size. Unfortunately, finding the cheapest ways to store a car is very hard because every storage option has setbacks. For example, the car storage might be cheap but less insured; hence your car gets damaged. Therefore, you will end up paying for maintenance the same amount of money that you could have spent in a secure place.

Once you get cheap storage, consider the storage tips to ensure that the car is good. Facilities companies that offer are easy to find. Thus, the most affordable way to store a vehicle is covered storage. It is a soft spot between open and closed storage. However, it’s less expensive than indoor storage.

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