What Is the Best Way to Store Shoes in a Small Space?

Storing shoes can be a real challenge in small spaces. You need a shoe storage solution that keeps your shoes accessible and protects them from environment elements like dust, dirt and extreme temperatures.

Do you have several shoes but with smaller storage space? This can be stressful, especially for the clean freak who likes everything in its rightful place. But don’t worry. 

There are many ways to store your shoes in a small apartment. One of the most common ways which are also cost-effective is buying a shoe closet. You can also use other methods such as storing in your doorway, cabinet, under the bed, among other places.

This article will help you organize your apartment and have all your shoes fit in the small space without feeling cramped. Read on!

1. Opt For a Shoe Closet

If you want to store your shoes easily, consider bringing in a shoe closet. You can opt for a multi-purpose shoe closet to avoid squeezing the space with more things. If this is your bedroom, get a closet with a mirror and hooks to hang your bags or clothes. Then identify the right location where it will allow you all the three features.

A wardrobe with different styles and a shoe cabinet.
You can opt for a multi-purpose shoe closet to avoid squeezing the space with more things

2. Utilize The Space Near Your Doorway

You can arrange your shoes in the space near your doorway. Have a small drawer that will comfortably fit in that space, and neatly stack your shoes there. If you don’t have a drawer, you can still store your shoes in this space by laying them on the floor but leaving some walk paths.

3. Make Good Use of Trones Cabinet

Another better way of storing your shoes in a fixed space is by bringing trones cabinet. With trones cabinet, you’ll perfectly store more shoes with ease. They’re ideal for storing flat shoes, flip-flops, or sneakers. You can opt for those trones cabinets which hang on the wall to avoid overcrowding your small space. But if you’ve small size shoes, you’ll not struggle to keep your shoes as several of them, especially flats, will get in this cabinet.

4. Use Boxes and Roll Them Under the Bed

Don’t overcrowd your small space if you’ve got a bed in this room. Instead, use boxes to store your shoes then roll them under the bed. You can pack the shoes in several boxes if they’re many. Then, have your favorite pairs in one box and the rest that you hardly put on and place on a different box. After that, put the box with those pairs you don’t wear or have outgrown to the furthest end of the bed. But the ones you’ll need frequently should be in an easy to reach area.

A shoebox with a white paper and a wooden background.
Use boxes to store your shoes then roll them under the bed

5. A Shelve Behind the Door

You can also store your shoes on a shelf behind the door. Often, this space goes unused, but it can save you back in such situations. Have a unique shelf that will beautify this space and give you a trendy look. You can make a slim but long shelf so that it doesn’t cover much space on the floor.

6. Make Good Use of The Small Corners Around the House

Another way to store your shoes is by building shelves around the small corners of the house. This can be a corner on the entryway. Identify the perfect corner in the house, and then build about two shelves that will store most of your shoes. Don’t forget to design unique shelves that will enhance the look of this small space.

7. Use An Over The Door Shoe Rack

You can also buy an over-the-door shoe rack then hang it behind your door. Get an ideal size that will help you store most pairs. If you’ve several pairs, get many of these over the door racks and neatly stack your shoes on them. You can have one for flat shoes and another for your heels to give you an easy time looking for a pair to put on.

A hanging shoe rack behind the wooden door.
Get an ideal size that will help you store most pairs.

8. Hang Your Shoes on The Walls

Don’t fear making good use of your walls to store your shoes. Identify the right spot where you want to hang the shoes, then buy crown molding and shape them according to your shoe’s sizes. After that, mount them on the wall and hang your shoes. But the crown molding works best with some shoe types, so be careful with your choice. For example, the round-toe shoes will not hang in these molds.

9. Use Rails to Hang Your Shoes

Another better way to hang your shoes is using a rail on the walls. You can get a long rail and hang most of your shoes here. Or make several of them and arrange your shoes according to their design to have something beautiful. If you’ve some shoes which can fit on the rails, make good use of shoe hangers.

10. Go For a Portable Fabric Shoe Cubby

A shoe organizer made of fabric will not require a bigger space but can help you store several pairs of shoes. So, buy one and strategically place it somewhere where it will not be an obstacle. After that, arrange your shoes so that you don’t have a disorganized cubby. If you’re sharing this cubby, let everyone have their corner so that they don’t interfere with others’ arrangements.

A white shoes on a shoe organizer.
A shoe organizer will not require a bigger space.

11. Bring In an Underbed Rolling Shoe Rack

Consider using a rolling shoe rack if you want your underbed to be more organized and modern. This shoe storage hack will prevent your shoes from getting damp or squeezed, as in the case when you use boxes. You can buy one that will fit all your pairs or go for several of them and neatly arrange your underbed.

12. Use A Mudroom Bench

A mudroom bench will act as your seat and give you a perfect space to keep your shoes. This bench won’t cover a bigger area but will store most of your shoes. You can look for a room where this mudroom bench will fit and serve the two purposes once without making you look disorganized. For example, you can place it near your bathroom or balcony where you relax before putting on your shoes.

An empty room with a mudroom interior.
It will act as your seat and give you a perfect space to keep your shoes.

13. Use That Idle Ladder You’ve Got Indoors

If you’ve got a small ladder that you’ve been using to fix things around the house, it’s high time you change this. Use it to store your shoes and as a décor to bring that stylish, chic look. Put it along the walls and arrange your shoes. If you’ve more pairs, opt for a tall ladder that will accommodate all of them.

14. Make A Built-In Shoe Rack

You can also be creative and design a built-in shoe rack on your walls to help conserve the small space indoors. Look for a wall that can accommodate all your shoes, then work with a professional to create this shoe rack. The higher you make it, the more shoes you’ll store here. 

The best thing about this hack is that the shoe rack won’t block your way and the chances of someone knocking the shoes down are minimal. But place those pairs you frequently use at the bottom so that you don’t strain to reach them. You can go the extra mile and fix hooks where you can hang your belts or bags within the shoe rack.

15. Use A Shoe Ottoman

Alternatively, you can buy a shoe ottoman and store your shoes on them. This storage device will help you keep your shoes intact and without dents. You can also use the ottoman as a table or stand in your bedroom. Go for an ideal shape that will accommodate all your pairs. Also, consider the fabric, so you don’t have difficulties cleaning it.

16. Old Unused Wooden Crates

Why not arrange them neatly in a small corner along a wall and then store your shoes. These wooden crates will give you a rustic feel beautifying this small space while also helping you organize the shoes. You will not have to spend cash doing this as it’s a simple DIY project. Be creative and fit the crates to liven this space.

Factors To Consider Before Storing Shoes in A Small Space

How Often You Put on A Pair of Shoes

Before arranging your shoes in a small space, it’s advisable to put them according to how often you use them. This means that your favorite pair should be in a near to reach area. But those you hardly use, keep them high up.

Your Budget

Some storing strategies will require you to spend a lot of money, while others will not. So, depending on your budget, choose one you can comfortably afford.  Remember that you can buy materials and install them yourself while others will use old unused items.

The Available Space

Even though the space is already small, some shoe storage strategies can’t fit in. For example, you can’t bring in a shoe cabinet when there’s no space. But an under-bed shoe rack can do.

Bottom Line

Storing shoes in a small space should not be challenging. All you need is to be creative and work within your budget. But also try to brighten up the room by using beautiful tricks.

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