This Is Why You Should Own A Storage Bench

A storage bench is a smart addition to the master bedroom, home office or living room. It has plenty of storage without taking up valuable floor space and works well in compact bedrooms. A storage bench helps tie the room together visually. It is both attractive and functional.

Storage benches have been around for as long as anyone can remember. They are simple yet functional and always blend in with the rest of your furniture. An exemplary storage bench will not only make a room snugger but also visually appealing.

A storage bench can serve numerous purposes in your home. Whether you’re trying to clear out some clutter or add comfort and style to a room in your home, a storage bench can be used for both.

They are an ideal replacement for traditional seating because they offer plenty of space for comfortable seating. They have the added storage benefit that makes them useful in the bedroom, den, entryway, dining room, and living room.

If you’re still unsure why you need one, let’s look at some areas in your house that would look great if you add a storage bench.

The Living Room

 Being the focal point of most houses, a living room should only have the best furniture. Luckily, storage benches have multiple uses, which means they can blend into any living room. Here are some fantastic application areas for a storage bench in your living room.

A storage bench can be used as a coffee table, footrest, media storage, or an additional seat in your living room.
  • As a coffee table

Instead of having a plain old boring coffee table, you can add a drink tray to your upholstered storage bench and turn it into a beverage serving table. It can even be extra helpful as a stage on game nights.

  • Footrest

A leather storage ottoman would make an excellent DIY footrest. If you’re unsure of what type of footrest would go with the rest of your interior, you can never go wrong with a storage bench.

  • Media storage

 If you’re a vinyl collector, you probably know how stressful it is to find adequate storage for vinyl. You can store all your old DVDs or vinyl on a storage bench and only leave the ones you frequently use on display. It’s a perfect way to instantly declutter your living room.

  • An additional seat

Do you ever have friends over, and you need to look for an extra seat in another room to accommodate them? A good storage bench can act as media storage in one minute and a seat in the next.

  • Ornamentation

The eye-catching nature of modern leather ottoman benches makes them the centerpiece of the room. Contemporary designs include luxurious textures, ornate fabrics graced by jewels, and other fine details that satisfy the eye. You can also use it to hold houseplants or pottery for additional ornamentation.

  • Book storage

A good storage bench can act as a great stash for some old books and magazines that you don’t want to get rid of but don’t often read. In doing so, you’ll also clear out some clutter from your library, giving it a neat final look.

The Bedroom

Just like in the living room, a storage bench is convenient in the bedroom. Let’s dive straight into how a storage bench could be helpful in your bedroom.

A sotrage bench in a bedroom will enable you to store linens or act as a step up for your kids to climb up the bed.
  • Storage for linens

An ottoman is a perfect answer to linen storage problems in the bedroom. You can store extra bed sheets, pillows, blankets, and other bedding. Getting a design with integrated drawers and cubbies will increase tour options even further.

  • Step up

If you have a high bed, a storage bench at the foot could be an excellent way for a child or pet to climb up.

  • Lounging

An upholstered bench is so cozy to sit on that you can spend hours on it, just kicking back and relaxing. You can make the best use of it and place it in front of a TV.

Dining Areas

Ottomans are slowly replacing traditional dining seats. Not only are some modern storage leather storage benches more comfortable than wooden dining chairs, but they also offer more seating space. Additionally, you can use them to store seasonal dining decor, place settings, tablecloths, and much more.

A storage bench can be used as a dining seat in the kitchen or the dining area.

The Bathroom

If your bathroom is spacious enough, adding a storage bench will make it more functional and less cluttered. You can use the bench to:

Store bathroom essentials- The bench is especially helpful if your bathroom, like most bathrooms, doesn’t have enough shelves. You can store and organize extra toilet paper, towels, extra toiletries, and more.

For pedicure- A toilet seat is not the best place to sit when you’re decorating your nails, an action that is supposed to be relaxing. Getting a comfy storage bench will have you spending hours in the bathroom, giving yourself a much-deserved pedicure.


Storage for shoes and accessories- A storage bench is a magnificent way to organize your shoes and accessories like scarves and umbrellas on the entryway. Not only will you declutter your house, but you’ll also remember to pick them on your way out.

Entryway seating area- An entryway storage bench is an excellent place for your guests to sit as they take off their shoes and avoid the often unsuccessful one-legged balance that sometimes leads to tripping over.

Storing winter boots- There never seems to be an excellent place to keep snow-covered winter boots. A storage bench filled with rocks at the bottom will stash the shoes out of sight until you need them again.

In Toy Rooms

They can be used to hide away special toys that are only needed on special occasions. They are also a great place to sit as you read a story for the kids, who’d ideally be seated on the floor. It’s also a nice place for the kids to sit as they play when they’re tired of crawling on the floor.

You can use a storage bench to hide or store some of your kids’ toys.

The Office

Ottomans are not only valuable for living areas but also in the workspace. You can get a professionally designed ottoman with compartments to hide important books or files. They are also a great place to sit and rest and take a break from work.

Space Division

There’s a growing shift towards open floor plans for homes and apartments. While maximizing space by removing some walls and doors, such designs confuse where one room ends, and the next one begins. Using storage benches as room divides is the ideal solution in such situations. All you need to do is lay a few storage benches at the end of a room, leaving only a pathway.

Apart from making each room feel like a different entity, the storage benches will also provide much-needed storage space.

A Cat’s Litter Box

If you own a cat, then you often find yourself challenged by the need to conceal your cat’s litter box or at least make it blend in with the rest of the interior. Well, a storage bench might be the answer you’ve been looking for all along.

You can insert your cat’s litter box in an open storage bench while also making a hole on the side to ensure the cat gains entry.


You can add a storage bench to your porch or backyard as seating space for your guests as long as the weather is friendly. It also doubles up as storage for yard equipment like gardening tools and things like picnic sets and candles that you might use for an outdoor candle-lit dinner.

How to Pick a Storage Bench

There are as many types of storage benches as there are uses. But not all of them will serve their intended purpose. To select the right storage bench, you need to consider the following factors.

  • Type

You need to choose between folding and trunk-style storage chests. Trunk styles are more visually appealing with their lavish finishes but are often bulky and don’t make good seats. Foldable benches, on the other hand, look simple and are easy to move around.

  • Purpose

As we’ve seen above, there are as many types of storage benches as there are uses. It’s, therefore, essential to shop for one with the purpose in mind. A shoe storage bench will, for example, come with a mini-shoe rack on the side and a comfy seat at the top. It would make excellent storage for vinyl.

  • Maintenance

Depending on where you add it, a storage bench could either be easy to maintain or a nightmare. It’s therefore vital to consider if the materials will be easy to clean and maintain before buying one.

  • Storage capacity

If you’re buying a storage bench for the extra storage, then the storage space should be worth it. Likewise, if you’re purchasing a storage bench as an extra seat, the seat should be comfortable.


A storage bench is an excellent addition to any space. Good storage benches should be able to declutter a room while adding to its visual appeal. You should also know what type of storage bench you want before shopping for one. If you get a perfect one, a storage bench can serve you well both indoors and outdoors. Don’t forget to select the best material depending on where you intend to place it.

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