This Is How To Store Your Rakes And Shovels

If you're like most homeowners, you've got a few rakes and shovels hanging around your garage or shed, but they really don't have a good storage solution. Here are several ways to build a great storage solution for your garden tools.

Sometimes, it’s almost impossible to organize and store your gardening tools properly. These tools are always dirty and come in different shapes and sizes, making them harder to store. Many people find themselves piling the tools up in a corner in their garage or staff everything in a shed. This is usually not a good idea as that can mean lots of damage to the items and safety issues.

There are plenty of storage ideas for your rakes and shovels that are safe for you and your equipment. The secret lies in using all the available spaces in your garage or shed. Don’t forget that vertical storage is another method that will never disappoint. The ceiling space, the walls, doors, corner spaces, and under-used areas can make perfect storage for your rakes and shovel.

So, if you’re finding it hard to store your precious gardening tools, we’ve got you covered. Here are some creative ways to store your rakes and shovels at home.

Ceiling Storage

You won’t be able to work on your garden in winter, which means your gardening tools will be out of sight. But you don’t want to end up buying new rakes and shovels when the winter season is over. You have to find the perfect storage for those tools, which couldn’t be anywhere but the ceiling area.

The ceiling provides a perfect storage location to keep your equipment off the spring flooding or the winter snow. You need to keep these items off the floor to protect them from moisture. You can get a rake mounted in the ceiling to free a huge space in your floor area or the cabinet space. The racks come with a built-in pulley system so you wouldn’t have to climb up to reach them.

Wall Organizer

You don’t have to leave those rakes and shovels lying around and messing up your entire garage. Instead of getting everything cluttered all over your space, you can utilize the space on the wall. You can get a wide peg track to hang as many gardening tools as you can. The wall organizer works perfectly to keep your rakes and shovels tidy and ensure they don’t touch the cold floor. This will also keep them out of your way.

Your garage walls are ideal for storing shovels and rakes.

You can get an adjustable location peg that you can move from one place to another. The pegboard is also very versatile, which means it can meet every storage organization that you need. This means you can easily customize your storage space to meet your needs.

Prevent Rust

Winter does not only come with snow, but if you don’t take good care of your rakes and shovels, you’ll end up with rust. Rust is one of the worst nightmares you’ll want to deal with on your gardening equipment. But you can prevent that from happening in very easy ways.

Carefully cleaning your rakes and shovels will protect them from rust.

Make sure you thoroughly clean and dry your rakes and shovels before storing them. Even after storage, your location should allow good air circulation and be moisture-free, so rust can’t follow them there. For the metal parts of your rakes and shovels, use rust-oleum paint to spray them. You can also keep the metal ends of your rakes and shovel dry by keeping them in a bucket full of sand.

If your tools still manage to catch rust in storage, you can still restore them to how they used to be. A wire brush can clean the tools before you put them back in storage. Do everything to ensure rust doesn’t render your essential gardening tools useless.

Get Organized with a Garage Organizer

No matter how hard you try to be creative with the storage of your rakes and shovels, they always get in the way. But that will not be a problem anymore if you get yourself a garage organizer. If you’re not going to store the tools away for many months, you need to get them a perfect organization for day-to-day use.

The best way to organize the tools is to organize them by type or size. Put the rakes together and the shovels together. This way, you can easily pick the one you need when the time for using them comes. A garage organizer can be a perfect tool to use to save space and keep the long-handled tools such as your rakes and shovels out of the way.  You can also hang the rake between two nails.

Get a Storage Bench for Your Rakes and Shovels

Sometimes you may be squeezed of space to store your rakes and shovels. But that doesn’t mean you can’t ideally store your gardening tools. A storage bench can still come in handy.

A garage storage bench can be large enough to accommodate your storage tools and provide perfect outdoor seating space. Using an outdoor bench for your rakes and shovels makes them easier for you to access whenever you need to use them.

Build a Storage Shed

It’s easier for you to store your gardening tools if you get them a shed specifically meant for them. A shed will provide ample space to store the gardening items and keep them away from all other things. A good shed will also provide shelter and shield your rakes and shovels from weather elements.

Besides, it will be easier for you to access your gardening equipment whenever you need to use them. Getting everything you need to use in one place makes life easier and saves you time.

A shed provides excellent storage space for your rakes, shovels, and other gardening tools.

A shed is the safest place there’s for your gardening tools. Here, you won’t have to share the space and risk the sharp equipment falling on you and causing injuries. You’ll also not bump on them from time to time, causing damage and scratches. Your rakes and shovels, as well as other gardening tools, will be safely enclosed and out of your way.

A Rack and Gardening Organizer

You cannot let your rake and shovels form into a pile on the floor because you think the organization is too much work. You can keep all the piles out of the way by making a handmade gardening organizer. You can easily do this by carving the divots into wood planks. Ensure the tools you plan to store there can fit well.

Making the organizer will prevent your tools from falling off because you’ll be storing them against the wall to act as an anchorage. You can also make it easier for you to pick whatever you’re looking for by labeling your tools. A marker and duct tape can do the work of labeling your tools pretty well.

Make Use of Wood Pallet

Do you have an old wood pallet in your yard? Don’t let it lie there unused when you can use it to organize your gardening tools, including rakes and shovels. The pallet ensures all your gardening tools are perfectly organized in an enclosed location and keeps your items from falling. They’re also easy to grab whenever you need them when stored in the wood pallet.

Another good thing about this yard storage idea is that you’ll only require minimal refinishing, preparation, and painting. Setting up the storage space for your tools is pretty easy. Apart from storing your rakes and shovels, the pallets can also provide simple but effective storage for all the small tools in your garden. You’ll only need to use a few tools and a pallet board to make everything work.

Hang Things in the Exterior Space

If the garden shade is already cramped up and you have no extra space for your shovels and rakes, you can still find some exterior space that you’ve been overlooking. The back of the doors and the exterior walls can work perfectly if you install some hooks there. Hanging the tools on the exterior walls makes it easier for you to pick. You won’t have to go through the trouble of opening the door to get what you’re looking for.

If the exterior wall of your garage or shed is not exposed to harsh weather, you can easily store the rakes and shovels there.

For this organization idea to work for your tools, you need to ensure the exterior wall is protected from the harsh weather. You can have a roof overhang so that your tools don’t get rained on.

Utilize the Fence

What if you don’t have a garage or a shed to store your rake and shovel? Does this mean you’re going to keep those tools everywhere where people can easily trip on them and fall? You don’t have to expose your family to such danger when your fence can also provide perfect storage for your precious gardening tools.

You have the option of building slim racks in your space and use them to store tons of your gardening tools. A tool rack on the fenced area behind your house can work perfectly. Make sure you still protect your tools from weather elements if you choose to store them this way.


Organizing your gardening tools and getting them out of the way can be hard and time-consuming but doable. Just because you use them in the garden doesn’t mean they have to be piled up and dirty when not in use. Many DIY storage ideas can work well for these gardening tools and save you some valuable space.

Utilize all the possible space you can find, even if it means you won’t spare the corners, walls, ceiling, and even the fence. Don’t forget to keep all your rakes and shovels safe from weather elements such as snow and rain.

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