Renting a Storage Unit: Pros And Cons

Storage units are used to store extra items you don't have room for in your home. Though renting a storage unit can seem like a good idea when you need temporary space for your belongings, there are both pros and cons to renting one.

Everyone has got a lot of stuff at home or office, and sometimes the clutter can be too overwhelming. Whether you have a small space or not, it’s completely normal to have many items and not a single one you want to dispose of. And that’s where self-storage units come in. There’s no way you can have an organized space without a storage area. Storage units enable households and workplaces to free up space by keeping some of their items out of the way.

But these units come with their pros and cons. On the positive side, storage offers additional storage, convenience, security, easy access, and easy organization. On the downside, storage units can be inconvenient when it comes to access, they might be hard to find, and sometimes the security of your belongings can be at stake.

So, should you still store your things in the storage units? The answer to this will depend on whether the following benefits outweigh the drawbacks for you.

Pros of Storage Units

There are a lot of good things that come with using storage units to keep your belongings. Here are the pros you’re likely to get when you make use of storage units.

They Offer Convenience

Storage units make it convenient when moving by offering extra storage. Anybody moving into a new home for the first time needs access to local storage units. The storage units will help store your items until you’re ready to use them. They’re also helpful for those moving temporarily to and looking to leave their items in a safe place.

A group of person unloading.
Storage units allow you to temporarily store some of your belongings when moving into a new home.

Storage Units Provides Safe Storage

Avoid storing your valuables in the garage, attic, or basement, especially if the safety and security of your items is your main concern. Storage units provide a safer storage area for your belongings if you’re storing them for the long term.

The units can protect your items from weather elements such as flooding and roof leakage. They also protect them from burglary and other safety threats.

Storage Units Offer 24-Hour Access

If you rent a storage unit, some companies will provide you with a key to access their storage unit at any given time. Other storage companies will only allow you to access their facility during business hours. Consider going for a unit that allows 24-hour access. This will enable you to check on your possessions as you wish. It will be even better if you have your own storage unit because no one will dictate how much you can access it.

Storage Unit Is Affordable

Another advantage that comes with storage units is their affordable prices. Their monthly fees are affordable to most households. Some factors can affect the cost, though. These include the location of the storage unit, the storage period, and any add-ons you choose to purchase.

Also, you’ll find that full-service facilities are more expensive than self-service ones. You’ll pay more if you get climate-controlled storage units or a fully-fledged unit.

A cash on hand.
Most storage units are pretty affordable and you only pay extra for additional features, such as climate control.

Storage Unit Provides Multiple Business Opportunities

If you own a storage unit, renting it out can be a perfect way to earn some extra income. There are several storage unit businesses that are also U-Haul or public storage affiliates. Depending on your storage unit location, you can run a janitorial business, operate a fuel station, and do other forms of contracts to grow your income. You can also offer moving services to your customers and save the trouble of working with different companies.

Great Option for Short-Term storage

If you’re going away for some months, you will need a place to keep your items for the duration you’ll be away. The storage unit is the best solution you can get in such a situation.  The storage unit prices are affordable compared to paying full-apartment rent for a house you won’t be living in.

A padlock on a storage unit.
The storage unit prices are affordable compared to paying full-apartment rent.

So when you are away on extended periods, storage units can save you a lot of money while keeping your items safe and secure. You don’t want to deal with costly repairs or, worse, buy new items because of poor storage. You’ll be saving a lot in the long run, even if it’s short-term storage.

Prioritize What You Need with Storage Unit

You can always stash away non-essential items that are filling up your apartment in a storage unit. You don’t need to deal with all the clutter getting on your way when you can store them somewhere safer and better. You can choose the items you want to store away and sort them from those you use often. This will help keep things out of your way until you’re able to move to a bigger apartment.

Be More Organized with Storage Units

Businesses can leverage storage units to store their essential items that might not be safe on-site. You can use storage units to keep documents, files, and intellectual property to put away prying eyes. Storage units also help businesses keep their equipment in good shape if they will not use them for long. For example, a landscaping business might store their mowers in a storage unit. Small businesses might keep their extra desks in a storage unit after downsizing.

Storage Units Help Save Time

Many people spend more time looking for something they’ve misplaced in a pile of too many items. You might find yourself spending a lot of time finding what to wear in a pile of so much clothing. The things you might consider least important create a lot of clutter that you can never imagine. This makes it difficult to locate the important items whenever you need them.

A storage unit will help you declutter and reduce the need to go through a rough time searching for items. Reducing all the piles and clutter will help you become more productive. Being time conscious allows you to handle your passions with a lot of zeal, which is essential both at home and at work.

Cons of Storage Units

While storage units are a lifesaver for most homes and offices, they’re not always the best solution. There are instances where storage units might not work in your favor. Here are the cons that come with storage units.

Finding Items in a Storage Unit Can be an Uphill Task

Where did you put that important jewelry in your storage unit? Maybe it’s under your clothes or at the bottom of your unit. Unless you have some inventory in place, tracking down your items in a self-storage unit can be a daunting task. Imagine how hard it can be to retrieve your items in a commercial storage unit where everyone stores their belongings.

"Kitchen" Label.
Labeling the boxes will make it much easier to find items once they are stored in a storage unit.

Retrieving an item from the storage unit isn’t as simple as keeping it there. You have to walk through your closet to pull it out. Also, if you’re traveling to your storage unit to get that furniture, you’ll have to arrange for transportation.

Also, remember that not all storage unit companies offer 24/7 access for their tenants. They won’t allow you to get what you want at any time, which can be inconvenient at times.

Not Everything Can be Stored in a Storage Unit

There are some things that you aren’t permitted to keep in a storage unit. Such items include hazardous materials, weapons, perishables, live animals and plants, and unregistered vehicles.

On the other hand, there are things that you shouldn’t have in your storage units, just for safety purposes. Such things include items that you need to find easily, confidential things, important documents, and valuable items. This means the storage units are not always a savior for storing all items. At times, you might need to have an insurance cover for some items before storing them in the storage units.

A RV Trailer with dusts,
You will not be allowed to store unregistered vehicles in a storage unit.

Security Is a Concern in Storage Units

Storage units are usually locked, but that doesn’t guarantee the maximum safety of your items. Some storage units may not be under video surveillance, leading to security risks. You’ll find some employees who haven’t undergone comprehensive background checks and security training, resulting in a security lapse.

Security of your items is something you need to be worried about when storing them in a storage unit. Your storage unit can also be affected by weather elements, especially if the unit lacks temperature control. You cannot store items such as electronics, wooden items, and instruments in extreme temperatures. Pests can also increase in storage units. A pest infestation can damage your couches and clothes.


If you’re feeling overwhelmed with too many items at home, storing them away until you need to use them can be a perfect option. Storage units allow you to find extra space to store the items you don’t need to use right away. This way, you’ll not need to get rid of them or deal with them getting on your way.

However, before moving your items to the units, you must understand that sometimes this might not be a good option. Think of those items that need extra care or too valuable belongings such as jewelry. Will they be safe out of your sight? What about the items you need to use often? You must consider the pros and cons of using storage units for storing your items out of your sight.

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