How To Properly Store Your Mattress In Storage

Many people don't realize just how important it is to maintain the quality of your mattress while in storage. In fact, Mattress Firm offers some tips and tricks to help keep your mattress in tip top shape! Allow us to walk you through storing your mattress properly.

If you buy a good quality mattress, it will last 10 to 15 years but only with proper care. Such a mattress is a huge investment, and you never want to handle it carelessly. If you’re not going to use your mattress for some time, you need to find the right way to store it.

Mattresses are very delicate, and just a few months in the wrong storage condition is enough to render your expensive investment useless. Even if you don’t end up throwing it away, improper storage will still make your mattress lumpy and uncomfortable. You need to keep your mattress away from any harm while in storage.

How do you ensure you can still use your mattress after a prolonged storage period? Read on to understand the proper way to store your mattress in storage.

Clean the Mattress for Storage

The first thing you should think of when storing your mattress is its cleanliness. If you were using the mattress before you decided to store it, then it’s probably dirty. Mattresses collect dust and debris while in use. If you leave it in storage without some cleaning work, you’ll expose it to dust mites which means you’ll be inviting allergens to your home.

To keep your mattress safe from dust mites and keep your household healthy, you need to plan some cleaning session before storing it. Start by removing all bedding and protectors from your mattress. After that, vacuum all sides and use a brush to reach for crevices that a vacuum cleaner won’t reach.

Thoroughly clean and disinfect your mattress to get rid of microorganisms, dust mites, and allergens.

If you’re dealing with a stained mattress, you have to give it some treatment. Don’t worry because you can use homemade treatment options like lukewarm water, baking soda, and dish soap. Pour this mixture into a spray bottle and sprinkle it in the stained area. Allow to sit for a while before blotting with a cloth. Let it dry.

Finally, you have to disinfect your mattress to get rid of all microorganisms. You can use Lysol spray on the outside of the mattress and allow it to dry before storage.

Cover Your Mattress

You can’t allow all the cleaning work you’ve done on your mattress to go to waste by storing it without covering. Get a plastic mattress cover or a mattress wrap to protect your mattress from damage. You can get a stretch plastic wrap, or better yet, get a plastic mattress cover specially made for your mattress type.

Always cover your mattress before storing it in a storage unit to protect it from dust particles, pests, and water damage.

You need to protect it from dust that might settle into the fibers and cause damage over the period it’ll be in storage. Without a mattress cover, dust can find its way in, even in the cleanest storage. Water and pests damages are also dangerous for your mattress, and they mostly get to your uncovered mattress.

Make sure the mattress cover secures the entire mattress. Use tape to secure the cover, so it doesn’t run loose. Make sure you do the covering before transporting your mattress to storage because dust, moisture, and other threats can still get to it during transportation.

Transporting Your Mattress

Another essential aspect of mattress storage is transportation. You must ensure your mattress stays protected and in good condition while transporting it to storage. Make sure the moving truck is covered. Shield the mattress with sheets, blankets, or any other fabric you can find.

Avoid tying the mattress to your car with a bungee cord. This will be the easiest way to interfere with its structural integrity. Covering the truck keeps the mattress from dust and protects it from rains while you’re transporting it.

Store Mattress in a Flat Surface

When you store your mattress, strive to maintain its structure. You need to protect the top layer, transitional layer, and base layers of your mattress, which only happens if you keep it flat. Ensure you store your mattress on a flat surface, even if it’s a short-term storage period.

If you store it on the side, roll it, or fold it, you’ll shift its structural elements. Your mattress will fall out of shape if you leave it like that for an extended period. The weight will also cause it to shift or bend, and this will break the coils or give it lumps.

Make sure you choose a storage room with enough space so you can keep your mattress lying flat, just the way you put it on the bed. It’s important to mimic its natural position to find it in good condition even after long periods of storage. You can build a frame in the storage room for keeping the mattress or build a loft using moving boxes and placing your mattress on top.

Avoid putting your mattress directly on the floor, even if it has a cover. This is the easiest way to expose it to moisture and humidity. Elevate it a little above the floor to allow air circulation and prevent mildew from growing.

Avoid Putting Things on Top of the Mattress

No matter how much space your mattress occupies, avoid the temptation to put extra items on top of it. Items can weigh down on your mattress, causing wear and tear. The objects can easily damage the springs, cut, or scratch the mattress, and cause permanent dents. Only the plastic cover should be on your mattress if you want to keep it in good shape.

Instead of putting additional items on top of your mattress, put your mattress on top of the storage boxes.

If your storage unit is small and the mattress seems to occupy the entire space, you can still organize things without hurting your mattress. Keep it on level stacks, boxes, or other types of furnishings. Put the extra items on the boxes or the space below the mattress.

Ensure Proper Ventilation

The plastic covering can sometimes suffocate the mattress, especially if you’re going to store it for more than six months. You should remove the covering from time to time and let the mattress air for a few hours before putting the cover back. This will allow the odor accumulated on the cover and the unit to dissipate.

If you still notice that your mattress has odor even after airing, you can sprinkle some baking soda on top and let it sit for about one hour. You should then vacuum up the baking soda and leave your mattress smelling fresh and new.

If you’re not going to rent a storage unit for your mattress, you can still find storage space in your home. Make sure the place where you choose to store your mattress is clean, dry, and have good air circulation. Ensure the room has vents and windows that can allow air circulation.

Store Your Mattress in a Climate Control Unit

If you’re going to store your mattress for an extended period of, say, one year or more, you need a climate control unit. If you live in areas where humidity can swing to above 50 percent, then a climate control unit is important even for short-term storage.

You don’t want to give room for mold and mildew to threaten the health of your mattress and expose you to potential health hazards when you get to use your mattress again. You need climate control to maintain optimal air temperature and keep humidity levels in check.

A climate-controlled storage unit will protect your mattress from excess heat, humidity, and moisture.

A climate control unit will help you control the storage temperature, allow aeration, and keep humidity checked. This will not only protect your mattress in storage but protect everything you put in there.

Avoid storing your mattress in the attic, garage, or cellar. These places are highly exposed to humidity and moisture that can damage your mattress. If you must store it in such places, make sure it’s for a very short time. While there, always ensure you regulate the humidity levels by using a dehumidifier.

Air Your Mattress before Using It Again

Even if you just stored your mattress for a short period, don’t use it right away after retrieving it from storage. Make sure you air it out well before using it. You can let it sit in the sun for a few hours so the UV rays can kill all allergens and freshen up the material.

You can also sprinkle some baking soda to draw the damp smell that seeps into the fabric while in storage. If you can access the storage unit during the periods of storage, you can take the opportunity to air your mattress out every six months. This will allow the trapped stale air to escape and protect your mattress from getting stuffy and damp.


There are many reasons that can force you to store your mattress for a short or long period. Maybe you’re renovating your home, moving, or downsizing. Regardless of the reason, you always want to find your mattress in good condition as it was before storage.

Storing a mattress is not a complicated task as long as you know how to do it. You need to protect it from dust, weather elements like humidity and maintain its structural integrity. If you keenly follow the above tips, you’ll indeed protect your expensive mattress from damage.

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