How to Organize Your Baby’s Room — The Ultimate Guide

Your baby's room should be a safe and comfortable haven for one of your greatest treasures. Here are a few tips on how to organize your baby's room.

Last Updated on June 30, 2022 by Jude Robert Caratao

For every parent, their baby’s having everything is a top priority. But baby’s rooms can get so messy that organizing them can be a problem. And to make matters worse, the little one’s room can get messy very fast, and you always have to clean after them.

The best way to organize a baby’s room is to ensure you keep the clutter away. If you have a room in your house where you can put all the playthings and toys, use this room. Be sure to get storage containers that are easy to clean and yet very durable. Ensure that whenever garbage needs to be thrown out, it is done straight away.

Read on to learn some of the best tips to keep your baby’s room organized.

1. Get A Dresser

You can use a dresser to help organize your baby’s clothing; the real problem is keeping the drawers clean. Ensure you have products made specifically for cleaning items such as furniture. When it comes to organizing your baby’s room, ensure all the high-quality products. If you get a good dresser, it can double up as a good storage space for lots of stuff.

A kid opening his dresser.
You can use a dresser to help organize your baby’s clothing.

2. Invest in a Crib

A crib is an essential item for your baby’s room. It will keep your baby safe and entertained and help you organize the room perfectly. You can go for a cradle that rocks or one that does not rock at all. It is important to ensure this product is very sturdy as it has to resist wear and tear from regular use by your baby.

3. Buy a Storage Bench

A bench is a great addition when friends visit your place to see the baby. It can also be used for playing with toys making it a versatile piece of furniture. Ensure that this product’s cushion and construction materials are of high quality and durability so that they last for a long and give maximum comfort to the baby.

A storage bench near the window.
It can also be used for playing with toys making it a versatile piece of furniture.

4. A Hanging Organizer Can Help

This type of storage furniture can be used for multiple purposes other than just storing clothes and toys. It has pockets where you can keep cell phones, pencils, and fruits so that they are easily visible. You can also hang books on this rack to read them for your baby.

5. A Kids Study Table

You can also get creative with the storage furniture and design a study table that serves as a home decor piece but is functional at the same time. There are many different colors and designs available in this storage system which you can choose according to your preferences so that it works well with the rest of your child’s bedroom. Make sure you choose a perfect size for your kid’s room and seek their opinion on color choices.

A kids study table.
Make sure you choose a perfect size for your kid’s room.

6. Make Use of Every Space for Storage

If you don’t have enough space to store things, you’ll have to utilize every available space. So, you can use the top of your child’s bed as a storage unit. Just stack books and toys on it so that they are easy to access when your baby wants to play with them. You can even use the space under the crip to stick some storage boxes full of baby stuff.

If your home is small, you can only designate a small corner for storing baby stuff. This ensures things don’t get mixed up in that small space.

7. Drawer Organization can Help a Lot

You can never go wrong with drawer organization, whether it’s kids’ room or baby room. You can use containers to store toys in the bedroom or the living room. However, when they are not being used, you can just stack them up in a drawer so that it doesn’t take up too much space. The good thing about drawers is that they’re not expensive and offer unmatched versatility.

8. Invest in Removable Storage Bins

It’s not enough to have storage containers in the baby room, but it’s also important to use removable bins. Not only are they great for storing toys, but they’re also practical when you need to move somewhere new. These are especially useful when your kids are still practicing walking and crawling around the place.

Some removable storage bins come with handles that you can pull easily. Also, make sure they’re made of soft materials that won’t hurt your kids when they accidentally fall or bump into them.

9. Try Vertical Storage

If you have tall walls in your baby’s room, this will be a big help for vertical storage. You can attach shelves on the walls and put bins under them to maximize space. If they’re made of lids, the kids will find it more fun to organize their toys because many things are hidden.

If you don’t like attaching stuff directly on walls or if your baby’s room is small in size, consider getting hanging storage. You can attach it above your baby’s crib or bed.

10. Always Clean Up

Clean up as often as you can because a messy room will discourage kids from playing with their toys. When they see their rooms filled with things they don’t usually use, they’ll get bored easily and want something new. A clean room will also make organization easy for you since you won’t have to dig deep under the messy piles on your baby’s floor.

11. Invest in Clear Stackable Containers

Containerizing things in your baby’s room is one of the most functional things you can do. It will make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for, and they’ll also look more organized. Clear containers are great because your baby’s room won’t look too crowded even when it’s full of items. If you can get clear containers, it will make your work much easier, and you’ll see what things you have in storage.

A clear container,
It will make your work much easier, and you’ll see what things you have in storage.

12. Get a Three-Tier Storage Cart

These carts are very handy and practical to use. It will also save you a lot of time digging through messy drawers because you can easily see what’s inside them at one glance. You can move the cart around so it’ll be easier for you to reach items in your baby’s room.

13. Get Rid of Things That Are No Longer Useful to Your Baby

Once your baby has grown up, you’ll realize that many of the things you have in the room are no longer useful. If you haven’t used them for a while or your child is not currently using them, get rid of them. These things can already occupy space and make the place look messy. It’ll be better just to get rid of them so you can put new things when you start designing the room again.

14. Use Your Baby’s Favorite Color or Character

If your baby is a fan of Mickey Mouse, for example, add some things in his room that are of this character. You can even buy them beddings of this character and paint the room’s walls in this color. This way, it’ll be easier for your baby to identify his stuff, and he’ll know that everything is his. You can also use batman batmobile bedding or Princess Peppa Bedding. This also depends on your baby’s gender.

A kids room.
It’ll be easier for your baby to identify his stuff, and he’ll know that everything is his.

15. Make Sure the Nursery has a Flow

You can use the feng shui method here. You just have to put the stuff you want in your baby’s room near each other for it to flow well. If you’re into this kind of thing, you can do this method to ensure that everything will flow properly, especially when it comes to your baby’s energy and spirit level. When he grows up, he’ll remain happy and become a better person.

When should I start organizing a baby’s nursery?

You need to start organizing your baby’s room as soon as you learn that you’re pregnant. The earlier you start putting your child’s room together, the easier it will be for you, and the happier he will be as he grows up.

Where should I put the crib in a room?

You have to put your baby’s crib where it can get enough sunlight so he can easily wake up and fall asleep. You should also make sure that the room isn’t too noisy because there should be peace and quiet for your baby to feel comfortable in his room.

Which other furniture do I need to put in a baby’s nursery?

Your other essential pieces of furniture are a changing table, a dresser for the clothes, and some place to put your baby’s toys. Make sure you know what your baby needs and what can work for you depending on what you need to store.

How big should the baby’s room be?

The size of your baby’s room depends on its usage. There’s no standard size as long as your baby can fit comfortably, and you can move around the room without tripping over any of the things you put inside. Make sure there’s enough space between the crip and other furniture.


Organizing a baby’s room can be stressful, especially for busy parents who also have to attend to other household chores. Have a baby registry to know what items you need to purchase before your baby arrives. 

Invest in furniture that can multitask like the dresser as this will be useful since it can save room space and help you maximize ways of maximizing usage. Set goals when organizing or even do it as you go along, don’t wait for the room to be messy before you clean it. And lastly, know your priorities.

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