How to Organize Shoes? 18 Storage Ideas For Shoes

Shoes are one of the trickiest items to store in your home. To keep them organized and free of clutter, you'll need some shoe storage ideas and clever solutions. Creative shoe storage is not a problem with these 18 storage designs. The beauty of these ideas is that they don't require any skills or incredible amounts of money to pull off.

Storing shoes can be a big problem, especially if you have a small space in your apartment. The shoes come with weird shapes, designs, and colors that make them even harder to store. Imagine the time you’ll have to spend rummaging through disarranged pairs trying to pick your shoe outfit for the day. What about the mess you’ll create in your house, having shoes lying on every corner? Well, this won’t be a problem if you get a good storage idea for your shoes.

Good storage for your shoes will not only preserve your precious items but also give you an easy time picking one to wear. The storage saves you space and makes the house neater. There are endless options of storage ideas for your shoes. You can buy a shoe rack, use boxes, have under-the-bed storage, or make a shoe cabinet.

So, if you’re having trouble getting a perfect storage space for the many pairs you have at home, then we’ve got you covered. Here are some perfect shoe storage ideas that you should give a try.

1.  Container Shoe Boxes

Shoe boxes look simple and easy to store. The boxes are easy to scale and small enough that you can stack them under the closet and maximize that small space you have in your house. The boxes are mostly made of polypropylene material. They have clear plastic materials, so you can easily pick the perfect color and design that you wish to wear. The shoe storage boxes are comfortable enough and made perfectly to accommodate most flat shoes.

A rubber soes on the box.
Instead of storing your footwear in original shoe boxes, get some clear shoe storage boxes and stack them under the closet.

Even if you’re going to have a hundred of those boxes, you’ll still have an easy time storing them because you can easily stack them on top of each other. You choose where to store them, including the floor or the top of the shelf. The plastic is so strong and durable that it won’t break easily even if it falls from the top of the shelves. There are also tall boxes for those who want to store high heels.

2.  Over the Door Hanging Shoe Organizer

Do you know you can still utilize that bedroom door to make a perfect shoe organizer? Well, you can if you transform it into an over-the-door hanging shoe organizer. How many shoes you can hold over the door will depend on the size of the door and the type of shoes you have. The shoe organizer comes with several hooks that you can use to hang your shoes at the back of the door.

The organizers come with compartments capable of fitting a single shoe or even a pair. If they’re thin shoes like sandals or flat pairs, you can stack more than one and maximize the space. Some shoe organizers come transparent, so you won’t have trouble picking the pair you want to wear for the day. This storage idea is perfect for those with minimum spaces.

3.  A Shoe Rack in a Hallway Bench

You can combine a bench and a shoe rack all in one. Get a nice-looking bench on your entryway where your visitors can sit while waiting for you. But don’t let the space under the bench go to waste as they make perfect storage for shoes. The hallway bench can store those shoes that you wear often. They can be sandals you always flip on for a quick errand. They can also be work boots that you put on every other working day.

The bench might not fit a lot of shoes but finding one that stores around three pairs should be enough.  They make perfect storage for your sandals, flip-flops, and sneakers. You can make a taller bench with more rows to create space for more shoes.

4.  Waterproof Shoe Rack

You know that water can be the biggest enemy of your shoes. If your house is exposed to moisture buildup, you need to protect your shoes from water at all costs. Good for you because there are a variety of waterproof shoe racks that you can get in the market.

Waterproof shoe racks feature waterproof and non-woven fabric tiers that you can wash when dirty. Others come with metal tubes so you can remove or adjust the height of the layers. You can get a waterproof as big as you want or a smaller one depending on the number of shoes you have and the space in your house.

5.  Under the Bed Shoe Organizer

That space under your bed shouldn’t go to waste when you can stack in some shoes there and maximize the space. Make use of that small unused space for your shoes, and you’ll be happy at how organized your home will look. You can store so many shoes under your bed that you’ll start wondering how you let that huge space idle the entire time. If you have small kids in the house and you have to deal with those small pairs flying around, under the bed shoe organizer will work perfectly for you.

A bed.
You can use the space under your bed to store some of your shoes in specific under-the-bed shoe organizers.

The organizers are made so well that you can easily slide them underneath the bed frame with as many pairs as the bed can hold. They have different sections to fit tens of pairs. Get the ones made with durable fabrics and handles that you can easily pull and get the shoe you need.

6.  Get a Revolving Shoe Tree

With a spinning shoe tree, you just spin your way to your favorite pair whenever you want to leave.  The spinning tree is made of different materials, including bronze or chrome, and comes with different tiers to fit as many shoes as you want. You’ll love those storage ideas because of how they can store so many pairs for a small space.

The easy move shoe tree provides excellent storage and perfect for preserving the life of your shoes. The tree minimizes folds and cracks in your shoes. They also offer easy access to your shoes, minimizing the time wasted trying to pick a perfect pair.

7.  Rods for Heels

Did you know that heels are the easiest shoes to store? Yes, there are way too many ideas that can work for you? One of the best ideas for storing your precious heels is by using rods. Rods give you a sense of uniqueness and style. Hanging your shoes in these rods makes them look like they’re in some form of an exhibition. Tension rods or curtain rods can work well into putting this idea into action. Plus, they’re easy to install and very cheap. Be creative with this storage idea by turning it into a decorative function for your wall.

A heels.
Using rods to store your heels can help you make the storage much more appealing to the eye.

8.  Cubby-Style Shoe Organizer

Cubbies are the perfect shoe organizers you can have at your home. They provide perfect storage for all kinds of shoes, including slides, heels, flats, and sneakers. The organizers can hold as many pairs as possible, and you can easily expand it for more storage as your collection grows. The freestanding cubbies tend to occupy floor space hence need larger spaces. Despite this, they come with enough compartments making them a perfect option if you have enough pairs.

A woman putting the shoes on a shoe rack.
The organizers can hold as many pairs as possible, and you can easily expand it for more storage as your collection grows.

You can place the cubbies anywhere in the house, including the entryway, bedroom, or closet area. If you have heels, you don’t have to worry because some cubbies come with organizers that go up to six inches tall to meet your heels’ height.

9.  Boot Hangers

Some people think storing heels is a hustle, but that probably because they haven’t owned any boots yet. Storing boots can be a headache because they look too bulky and don’t seem to fit anywhere. But if you love boots, you’ll have to be creative with how you store them.

You can store boots using hangers, so they don’t occupy too much of your space. The hangers consider the leather or suede material used in making boots. They come with extra TLC to help keep the boots fresh always. Get some handy click hangers to keep those boots out of your way, so they don’t end up taking too much of your small space.

A boots on the rock.
Boot hangers make it much easier for you to store your bulky boots and keep your space organized.

10. Use the Staircases

Using the stairs to install some drawers for shoe storage is a perfect idea if you want to maximize the space you have at home. You can turn a few of those steps into puller drawers. The drawers make excellent hidden storage for your shoes without taking any space from your home. They also ensure you can easily pullout a pair and put it on the right on the stairs on your way out. Get experienced experts to help you install the drawers on the stairs, so you don’t interfere with your home’s aesthetics.

11. Rolling Shoe Rack

We already talked about a revolving shoe rack. Another good idea is the rolling shoe rack. If you have a large shoe collection that your space starts to squeeze up, this organizer will be the perfect fit for you. The rack is ideal for a multi-use space because you can easily roll it out of the way. Many of these racks are made of chrome-plated steel and feature nonslip bars. They’re perfect for storing so many pairs of various styles, shapes, and sizes.

Another thing you’ll love about the rolling shoe rack is that it comes with wheels. This allows you to easily roll them out of the way whenever you need to use up space for something else. Use this shoe rack and ensure you don’t fill up the small spaces with so many pairs of shoes.

12. Expandable Shoe Rack

If your shoe collection is ever-growing, you don’t need to buy a shoe rack every other time. Also, you don’t need to buy a huge rack when you just have a few pairs at the moment. All you need is a rack that can expand with your growing collection and still fit your space perfectly. You should look no further than an expandable shoe rack.

The shoe racks are made with sturdy construction, so they’ll hold so many pairs without experiencing any problems with weight. The shoe racks come with expandable tiers so you can adjust as you wish to make them suit your storage space but still hold all your pairs.

13. Store Your Shoe on a Shelf

Do you have some space on the shelf or drawers? They can make good storage space for your shoes, especially those you only wear on special occasions. The shelves work well for you if you live in dusty areas because they provide storage space and keep away dust. Another thing about shelves is their visibility and the ease of access they give you. You won’t need to shuffle through different boxes trying to find a specific shoe if you go for transparent shelves.

If you’re lucky, you can find boxes and bins to stick in the shelves that are spacious enough to accommodate tall heels and boots. If you want some comfort and peace of mind with shoe storage, make sure you go for a custom-made closet design. You can store your shoes on the shelves and maximize the space in your house.

14. Wire Hangers for Sandals

Want some space to store your excess sandals and don’t have money for a shoe rack? Use wire hangers to make a DIY sandal holder. These wire hangers work so well that they can even accommodate some flat shoes. They’re also pretty cost-effective as you’ll do the work yourself. They work well in maximizing the small space you have at home. The sandal thongs or the top of the flats hang perfectly on the hook giving you an easy storage solution.

A sandal.
Making DIY sandal holders using wire hangers will help you keep your sandals organized.

15. Shoe Baskets for Sneakers

If you love sneakers, then you must learn how to take care of them, and that includes how you store them. But thanks to their athletic nature, sneakers can withstand a little rough storage solution. Woven baskets will never disappoint when it comes to storing sneakers. One thing about the baskets is that they provide room for breathability. Your sneakers will receive enough airflow to preserve them in the storage units.

The baskets allow you to give your shoes their own comfortable home without putting too much strain on them. After putting your sneakers intact inside the baskets, push them under the bed or on the shelves to save the much-needed place.

A sneakers.
Since sneakers do not require extreme care when storing, you can easily store them in woven baskets.

16. The Space Under the Stairs

What is that space you have under the stairs doing? If nothing, then you already have proper storage space for your shoes. You can use the stairs to make hidden shoe storage. And guess what, the storage will turn out so well, and only you and your family can know there’re shoes there. You can even choose to make this storage idea more cost-effective by installing DIY pullout drawers.

The space under the stairs works so well for storing all kinds of shoes, including heels, boots, sneakers, and flats. Never feel guilty about adding an extra pair to your collection because you have all the space you need. Maximize that space and keep your home organized all the time.

17. Make a Shoe Ladder

The display that a shoe ladder provides gives you a perfect way to store your shoes in a unique way. Ladders for shoe storage also make a kind of décor addition to your home, thanks to their style and aesthetics. You can use the display to arrange several footwear items ranging from sneakers to boots.

You can make a shoe ladder by yourself as long as you have wood, drill, and brackets.

18. Spare a Shoe Room

If you’re a huge family and you’re all crazy about shoes, there is no way a rack, cabinets, or shelves can be enough. You need a dedicated area to store your shoe without feeling squeezed of space. Well, this idea is perfect for those people with huge spaces or extra rooms in their houses.

You can turn that study room or a space in your home into a shoe-only room. You can use shelves of different heights in the room to fit different types of shoes, including heels, sneakers, boots, and sandals. For easy access, you should install angled shelves. You can also include a comfy sitting bench in the room so someone can sit comfortably while putting on their shoes. Don’t forget to paint the space and make it vibrant enough, even if it’s only going to house shoes.

A shoe storage,
If you have too many shoes and none of the tips seem to be suitable, consider turning an entire room into a shoe storage.


There are endless ways to store your shoes. Even if you live in a small apartment, you still won’t run out of options as long as you’re creative enough. You can even use some hooks on the door or install curtain rods on the walls. The good news is that most of these storage ideas are very cost-effective, and you can even do it yourself.

Don’t pile up those precious shoes on the floor and end up damaging them before they can serve you well. You can maximize the space you have at your home to make good storage. If you’re not so creative yourself, you can consult home designers to help you come up with the best ideas according to the home’s design and space.

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