How to Organize a Room Full of Toys in A Few Easy Steps

It's no secret that kids love toys. But, figuring out the best way to organize a room full of them? That's a puzzle worth solving. We've found a few favorite toy storage solutions that can help you out.

Having toys for your growing kids is very important for their development. Toys give them a chance to grow and explore. However, it can be tough to keep your child’s toys organized, especially if they have a lot of them. 

A cluttered room can make it difficult for your child to find what they’re looking for. A messy room can also cause trips and falls since you’ll be stepping on toys scattered all over the floor. To organize a room full of toys, you can start by decluttering to remove all the toys that are old or broken. You should also come up with some storage solutions such as shelves, boxes, storage furniture, etc.

Follow these tips to create an organizational system that works for your family. You’ll be able to relax and enjoy playing with your children in their clean and tidy playroom.

Get Rid of Old, Broken Toys

The first step of organizing your kid’s toys is to get rid of any toys that are broken or no longer played with. If your child hasn’t touched a toy in months, it’s probably time to say goodbye. This will free up space and declutter your room. Go through on your own and throw out broken toys or games that are missing pieces.

Damaged toy cars,
Get rid of any toys that are broken or no longer played with.

Then, invite your kids to go through and declutter toys that they have outgrown or don’t play with anymore. Make sure you involve your kids in this process. Also, ask them if they can donate some of their toys to kids who might need them.

Choose Clear Bins to Organize Your Toys

Now that you have decluttered your child’s toys, it’s time to organize them. One of the best ways to do this is by using clear bins. This will allow your kids to see what toys they have and make it easy for them to find what they are looking for. You can purchase clear bins at most stores or online.

Use Some Shelving

A simple shelving unit can be a great way to organize your child’s toys. You can place the shelves in a spot that is easily accessible to your kids. This will allow them to grab and go when they want to play. You can store some toys out on display and others in baskets, boxes, or bags. This will also grow with your kids, and you can replace the toys with books and stationery.

Toys on the shelves.
You can place the shelves in a spot that is easily accessible to your kids.

Bring in Decorative Swings for Stuffed Animals

Do you have stuffed animals at home? These fluffy friends can take up too much space if you don’t look out. Consider decorative swings for your stuffed animals. These swings can hold a lot of animals and will save you a lot of space on shelves, in closets, or toy chests. You can also use the swings to decorate your child’s room.

Consider Furniture that Doubles as Storage

Not all furniture needs to be used for sitting. Consider furniture that doubles as storage. This can include ottomans with hidden storage, beds with built-in drawers, and even chairs with compartments in the armrests. These pieces of furniture will help you to get rid of some of the clutter in your home and give you a place to put your belongings.

Keep Toys at Kid Level

In order to keep your child’s room organized, it is important to keep their toys at kid level. This will help them to be able to reach their toys and play with them. It will also make it easier for you to clean up their room. You can find storage containers that are made specifically for children’s rooms. These containers can be placed on shelves or the floor.

Donate the Toys Your Kids Don’t Love

Donating the toys your kids don’t love is a great way to keep their room organized. You can donate these toys to a charity or give them to friends and family members. This will free up some space in your child’s room and make it easier to play with their favorite toys. Also, if they have outgrown some of their toys, donate them instead of leaving them to occupy much space in your kid’s room.

Toy donations.
You can donate these toys to a charity or give them to friends and family members.

Consider Stackable Open Storage Containers

If you want to keep your child’s room organized, consider getting stackable open storage containers. These containers can be placed on shelves or the floor. They are perfect for storing toys, clothes, books, and other items. Stackable open storage containers come in different sizes, so you can choose the ones that fit your child’s toys.

Plastic vegetable racks also make a superb storage solution for organizing toys. They stack on top of each other and keep those blocks off your floor and out from under your feet. You can find this easy access organizer at a pocket-friendly price in any hardware store.

Utilize Under the Bed Storage

The area under your bed is probably one of the most ignored spaces in your home. But did you know that it can be a great place to store your child’s toys? If you have a bed with storage, take advantage of it. If not, there are special containers designed to fit under the bed. These containers are perfect for storing larger toys, balls, and other sports equipment.

Storage tubs for toys  under the baby bed.
If you have a bed with storage, take advantage of it.

Use Wall Space

Your wall space is another great place to store your child’s toys. There are all kinds of wall racks and shelves that are perfect for this purpose. You can find these in any home improvement store or online. Be sure to choose the right size for your needs and ensure the rack or shelf is securely mounted to the wall.

Store Your Kid’s Toys in Washing Baskets

Washing baskets make good storage for your child’s toys. You can use them to store small items such as cars, balls, and dolls. Just label the baskets, so you know what goes in each one. This will help keep the toys organized and easy to find.

Toys on laundry basket.
You can use them to store small items such as cars, balls, and dolls.

If you’re also looking to keep your electronic toys in one place, then a wash basket, with or without a handle, is the perfect option. If you have smaller toys that can fall through the slats, line the baskets with some fabric.

Bring in a Play Tent

Bringing in a play tent with purpose is a great way to keep your child’s toys off the floor and in one place. Plus, it can become their own little play space where they can decorate themselves indoors. Just be sure to empty it when they’re done playing, so the toys don’t get lost. You can store your kid’s garden toys when your children aren’t in them.

Knit a Toy Bag

If you’re a knitter, this is the perfect project. Knit a toy bag with enough room to fit all of your child’s favorite toys. This not only keeps them organized but also makes it easy for them to carry their toys around with them. You can even knit a few different bags in different colors so they can choose which one they want to bring with them each day.

Make Use of a Hanging Flower Planter

This is a great way to keep those outdoor toys off the ground and out of the dirt. Simply put all of the toys in a hanging flower planter, and your child can easily grab them when they want to play. When they’re done, they can just put the toys back in the planter until next time.

Use an Empty Diaper Box

This is a great way to store those smaller toys that always seem to get lost. Just put them in an empty diaper box, and your child can easily see what’s inside. Plus, it’s a great way to recycle those old diaper boxes. If you don’t have an empty diaper box, your diaper box should double up as a storage solution for organizing all the extra cuddly toys.

Use Removable Labels

If you have a lot of toys, it might be helpful to use removable labels to help keep track of where everything is. That way, if your child wants to play with a specific toy, they can easily find it.

Toys on the bin with label,
It might be helpful to use removable labels to help keep track of where everything is.

And if they’re done playing with the toy, they can put it back in its rightful place. Make sure you use labels that can easily be altered or removed so you can reuse your storage containers throughout the years.

FAQs on How to Organize a Room Full of Toys

Are toys important in a child’s life?

Yes, toys are important in a child’s life. They help children learn new things, explore their imagination, and have fun. It’s important to make sure that the toys your child plays with are age-appropriate and safe.

How do you organize toys in a closet?

Bins or baskets are a great way to organize toys in a closet. You can label the bins or baskets with the type of toys, such as blocks, puzzles, or cars. This will make it easier for your child to find the toy they are looking for and put it away when they’re done playing with it.

Final Thought on How to Organize a Room Full of Toys

Even though toys play a very important role in children’s lives, it’s important to remember that too many toys can have a negative impact on their development. It’s important to rotate the toys your child plays with so they have a chance to explore all of their new things and have fun. Don’t forget to also introduce your toys to the outdoors.

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