How to Easily Hang Items in Your Garage

One of the most common questions we get is "How do I store items and hang things on the walls of a garage?". Yes, you can put things on the wall. However, it does take some planning and preparation to make sure your stuff safe and secure on the walls. Here's what you need to know.

It is true that storing your items in a garage doesn’t require rocket science. But there is a huge difference between simply storing things in storage and organizing them the right way. One of the best ways to store items in your garage is to hang them.

Hanging items saves a lot of space because you can make use of any available space in the garage. You can use bars to hang clothes, hang on the ceiling, and use hooks, among other things. To get this right, you need to do it the right way.

Follow these simple steps if you want your clothes and other belongings safe while they’re stored.

Wash and Dry All Your Hanging Items

If you are storing clean clothes away from home, all you have to do is wash them. You need to make sure that they are properly washed and dried before storage. Depending on the fabric of the shirt or blouse, it might be better to iron them first. However, this step is not necessary unless your shirts are wrinkled.

This is because unwashed items can have stains, oils, and dirt that can leave a mark on the clothing if it stays there for a long time. If you hang them without washing them thoroughly, they can get moldy and smelly in your garage. So, make sure you give your items a thorough wash, especially if you’ll store them for long.

If you hang them unclean with food residue, they can attract insects and vermin. And the last thing you would want is to find holes in your precious items next you’re wearing them.

A woman carrying a folded clothes.
You should always wash and dry your clothes before storing them.

Use Special Hangers

There are special kinds of hangers designed for hanging up clothes in the garage. The ones you buy in stores usually have rubber, plastic, or metal hooks at the top, so they do not slip from the rod.

A hook.
It’s advisable to use plastic or rubber coat hangers to prevent the fabric from being snagged.

These hangers are designed with a wire that runs vertically along the back of the clip, so it doesn’t slip off the rod or hook. It’s advisable to use plastic or rubber coat hangers to prevent the fabric from being snagged on them and have flexible hooks that can be slotted over rods of different widths.

Store Your Hanging Items in Wardrobe Cartons

These are boxes with wheels that can be used as portable wardrobes. They have a pull-out drawer at the bottom which makes it easy for you to identify and reach what you’re looking for without removing all your clothes from the garage. Wardrobe carts come in different sizes as well as double-walled for extra strength.

The wardrobe carton also contains a metal bar on top, which you can hang your clothes on if the garment hangers will not fit over the bar. The metal rod is flexible enough to allow you to hook them in place without worrying about snagging them on nails or staples. This makes storing your hanging items simple and easy to move.

You can also stack things on top of your wardrobe boxes, hence increasing the storage capacity. Wardrobe boxes provide a good way to store anything made of cloth, luggage, bric-a-brac, or delicate items that would not hold well in regular boxes.

A person putting folded clothes on a box.
If you do not want to store your clothes folded in a cardboard box, use a wardrobe carton instead.

Avoid Stuffing Things You’re Hanging Wardrobe Cartons

Don’t stuff your wardrobe cartons too full of hanging items. This is because most of your hanging items need to breathe during storage. If you stuff them too much, the clothes will start to smell musty and moldy. And that can never be a good thing as it can damage your items and cause unpleasant odors to spread throughout your garage.

Make sure you don’t overstuff, especially if you store for a long period, which will damage them. But how do you know that your wardrobe carton is overstuffed?

If there is no more space for a new wardrobe carton, it’s time to say goodbye to some of your things if you can’t close the doors anymore. And if you can’t easily slide your hand between your items.

Label Your Hanging Items in The Garage

Labeling your items is a necessary job to do before placing your clothes in the garage. Make sure you write directly on the hangers with a permanent marker. Doing this will help you find whatever you need in your garage without much hassle. It’s the best way to differentiate between kids and adult clothes or formal and casual outfits.

If you’re using wardrobe cartons, you can use a thick magic marker or large labels. And write whatever you need on these. But if you don’t want to write on your materials, then labels can be bought from office supply stores. No matter the method you decide on, make sure you use a marker that will not rub off. When you’re using cartons as your storage box, it’s important to label the front and side of each carton with a sticker or a piece of paper.

A woman putting a label on the box.
Labeling your wardrobe cartons will make it easier for you to find your garments whenever needed.

Hang Your Items from the Ceiling

This is one of the best ways to store your clothes. It not only saves you space but makes them easy to reach as well. All you need are some strong hooks or hangers that can hold up your clothes easily. You’ll also need a sturdy beam in your ceiling where you could hang these items without any problem.

Do not drive nails onto the ceiling of your garage, as you might end up bringing down the entire garage. Instead, hang your items from the beams and use nets to ensure that they don’t fall off easily. You can also use adhesive hangers and other stickers to get an extra grip on your items. Only hang items that cannot be damaged or deformed in any way.

Hang Items on the Walls

You may also hang items on the walls of your garage. This is a good way to free up more space and give you easy access to items you might need for work or school. You can also accomplish this with adhesive hangers and stickers, but it would be better if you use hooks instead to easily remove the items when you have to pack them back in your garage.

Hanging items on the wall is suitable, especially if you want to store bulky or larger items. If you have a smooth wall, you can hang anything on the walls. If you have walls with patterns or designs, it will not be advisable to hang anything on them because patterned surfaces may show through.

Make Use of Cargo Bars or Extra Piping

You can lay cargo bars across the wall of your garage and hang items on them. If there are unused pipes, you can attach cargo bars to them so that you can have more space to hang things. You can also use old bike handlebars if they are stranded somewhere inside the garage.

With the cargo bar sitting horizontally across the wall, you should use the highest hook available to hang your items. Use a bungee cord or two if needed for better support. You can also make do with long wires. The important thing is that it does not break and helps hold your stuff together as one unit.

Cargo bars are strong enough to hold heavyweights, and if you’re not hanging heavy items, you can strip PVC piping across the wall to give you more space on the floor. PVC pipes are very much available in hardware stores and are relatively cheaper than cargo bars.

Hang Items on S Hooks

S hooks are perfect for holding jackets, belts, ties, etc. If you hang these on a hook spaced out vertically, you can make use of the space more efficiently. These S-shaped hooks are hung upside down to provide more space for your items to hang.

These hooks suspend items on the air and require no installation. The hooks also depend on a pole to provide support, so if the pole isn’t strong enough, it will break and damage your items. If you do not attach these S hooks on a sturdy surface, the item may fall and break. If you want to save up space and prefer having less clutter in your garage, this method is ideal for you.

Kitchen tools hanging.
You can also use S hooks instead of regular hangers to store belts, ties, or even jackets.

FAQs on How to Hangs Items on a Garage

Is it possible to hang shelves or appliances in a garage?

Yes! All you need is sturdy hooks on the walls of the garage. There is usually enough space available inside the garage for hanging smaller items. Make sure you use brackets and attach them properly.

Where should I attach the hooks to a garage?

As stated earlier, this depends on what type of hook you are using. If the hooks have a support system requiring a pole, your best bet would be to attach them on a sturdy vertical surface. You can choose from the walls or ceilings of your garage.

How do I hang my appliances in a garage?

The best way to go about hanging your appliances is by screwing the hooks into some wooden planks. This will ensure they hold the weight of heavier items, such as refrigerators.


You can save space, money, and time no matter which method you choose to hang your items in your garage. They are an easy, affordable and flexible solution to your storage needs.

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