How Much Does it Cost to Store a Trailer?

How Much Does It Cost To Store A Trailer? Trailers are a great investment, but if you're not using it, you have to find somewhere to put it. Find out how much it costs to store a trailer.

The trailer presents an excellent vacation experience as you can comfortably relax while on the move. However, choosing a parking spot is tough for a recreational vehicle and storing it for the winter. The elevated roofs of most models mean storage in the garage is not possible, and most trailers can’t fit in your driveway. 

You need to understand that RV trailer storage varies so much. Availability and local competition greatly influence RV trailer storage rates. Estimated cost starts from as low as $30 per month for storage, with an average monthly bill being over $250.

This article highlights trailer storage options and the cost incurred when storing a trailer.

The Storage Rates

Rates for trailer storage are on the rise. This means that demand is increasing, as are the costs accompanying it. August typically sees a spike in trailer storage rates, while September is generally the lowest cost time of year to store a trailer outdoors.

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The demand is increasing, as are the costs accompanying it.

The most expensive option for storing a trailer is the 15′ x 50′ size, running an average of $184.19 per month in most regions. Pop-up campers of 8′ x 15′ are going for an average monthly cost of $90-$180. The more space they need, the more expensive their monthly rates are.

What Types of Trailer Storage Options are out there?

The cost of storing your trailer can vary depending on the storage option you choose. Several storage options indicate the cost of keeping a trailer. Here are a few suggestions:

Covered Storage

If your trailer is stored in a location that experiences mild climate patterns, covered storage may be the best option. Therefore, covered storage provides some additional protection for your trailer. For instance, hidden storage is designed to keep your trailer off the train, direct sunlight, and snow.

Your trailer will still face outdoor temperatures even though it’s covered. This is because the carport-like structures do not hide all elements. Besides, the outdoor temperature might potentially affect your trailer systems in extremely cold or hot climates.

Outdoor Trailer Storage

Outdoor trailer storage prices will depend on the size of the SUV, the type of trailer, and the service provider. Most outdoor storages have some security. However, you’ll remain exposed to some elements. So, consider the impact this may have if you live in an area with lots of sun, wind, rain, or snow. Consider investing in a trailer or RV cover to prevent expensive damages to your vehicle.

Outdoor storage facility.
Most outdoor storages have some security, however, you’ll remain exposed to some elements.

Fortunately, if you own a trailer and can’t find a space to park it inside your community, Outdoor trailer storage may be the best option for you. Park your vehicle on concrete or asphalt and stay protected from the elements with a trailer cover or tarp. The average cost for most outdoor trailer storage is $30 to $100 per month.

Indoor Storage

The best type of storage for your pricey trailer is indoor storage which offers protection from external elements. Indoor storage options are available, both shared and private. Please note that indoor storage is almost twice as expensive as outdoor parking. The average indoor price ranges between $50 to $125.

Please note that indoor storage is almost twice as expensive as outdoor parking.

Considering the damage elements that can affect your trailer, the extra money is worth it. However, in some locations that experience extreme winters, the indoor heated storage price is around $400 per month. In short, your trailer’s length, width, and height influence the storage price.

Factors that Affect the Price to Store a Trailer

There are certain factors worth considering when choosing the best storage option for your trailer. Remember, your budget influences the storage space you can comfortably afford for your trailer. Here are some factors that influence the price of a storage facility:


Trailer and RV storage near certain attractions or a highly-populated area go for higher prices. Less desirable or remote areas, on the other hand, command lower prices. But again, the reason is simple-in high populated areas; you compete with fellow trailer owners for the same spot.

Size of the Space Rented

The cost of storing a trailer can vary based on the space size required. Unit sizes are described by length and width. So, it’s essential to know your needs, or you may find yourself paying more for less room.

Storage option

Various storage options go for different storage prices, as discussed above. In addition, trailer storage will often cost more depending on the type of protection you want. For example, rain and damage protection can increase the total price.

If you need your trailer for a short duration, it may be better to use a covered trailer space rather than an indoor storage lot. A well-lit, entire outdoor area is less expensive and safer than a cramped indoor space. Remember that covered storage is a sweet spot between indoor and outdoor storage options.

Facility Amenities

A trailer storage facility’s amenities and convenience benefits vary from known brands to more Trailer or RV-specific services. This would include security, service, or even electrical power or water.

Where can I store my trailer for free?

Not everyone can afford trailer storage, considering the current economic situation. COVID-19 pandemic has affected the economy in that most people lost their jobs and businesses. However, if you find yourself in this situation, do not worry. Few storage options are available, but they aren’t for long-term storage. Check this free trailer storage.


Schools offer free parking spaces for the community during weekends and holidays. You will find empty spaces during weekends. You can stop overnight and park your vehicle. The trick here is to stay out of people’s way, so make sure to be out of there very early on a school day.

Your Garage

The garage can serve as storage for your trailer before you bet money on a rental storage unit. However, class A or Class B trailers also offer limited space; you must be sure to take suitable measures before storage. For example, if you have a long wheelbase and a high roof, your best option may be to store your trailer outdoors instead.

A car inside the garage.
The garage can serve as storage for your trailer before you bet money on a rental storage unit.


When you’re storing the family trailer over the winter, your driveway offers a cost-effective alternative to keeping it elsewhere. However, class A Motorhomes exceed the limit of most standard-size driveways when it comes to length, so be mindful of that.

However, if you have a long driveway and limited space on your property for parking and trailer storage and only wish to store your trailer away from home for a couple of months each year, hiring an outdoor storage company is the best option.

How to Store Your Trailer?

There are risks attached to storing your trailer for an extended period. You do not want the extra cost of repairing damages that you could easily prevent. Here are tips on how to store your trailer:

Use Moisture Absorbers to Avoid Mold

Storing a trailer correctly will prevent mold and other damage, but that’s not always an affordable option. It’s necessary to protect your RV with Dri-Z-Air or Damp Rid to lessen the risk of moisture.

Another thing to consider when you create your first list of storage tips is how to prevent mold or moisture damage on items in your refrigerator. For example, prop refrigerator doors open when not used to allow unrestricted airflow.

Remove all Personal Belongings

Remove most of your personal belongings, especially anything of value. Most of the store provides different levels of security and climate control. No one wants to come and find treasured items and price gadgets stolen or damaged.

Close Vents When Storing a Trailer

Leaving vents and windows open while storing your trailer is a mistake. Open events increase the moisture and humidity of the trailer/RV. Water droplets may get inside your track during extreme thunderstorms. Moreover, the droplets increase humidity, causing complications to your electronics inside your trailer.

Additionally, increased humidity facilitates mildew and mold growth hence a health hazard. Therefore, you may be forced to pay more for mold removal than the storage fees.

Trailer Storage FAQ

  1. How Much Does it Cost to Store a Trailer?

The average cost of storage for a trailer is $134.35 per month. The cost of storage depends on factors such as the size of space rented, location, and size of your trailer.

2. What Types of Trailer Storage are There?

Trailers are stored indoors, outdoors, or in covered storage. The storage may be private or public enclosed units. Each storage option has its preferred cost depending on the protection they provide.

Money on hand.
Each storage option has its preferred cost depending on the protection they provide.

Bottom Line

It may depend on your situation, as storage costs range from bargain to premium prices. Consider how much you use the trailer, as well as what type of rig it is and your budget limitations. As you can see, there is no shortage of options for your trailer storage needs!

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