How Do I Get More Storage for My Tiny House?

The entire goal of tiny house living is to live with less. So, how in the world do you store all your stuff? Well, if you own a tiny home, it's all about maximizing the space you already have. There are several ways that you can get more storage for your tiny house.

Last Updated on July 15, 2022 by Jude Robert Caratao

You’ve just downsized to a tiny house, and now you’re finding that storage is at a premium. It can be frustrating when your belongings don’t fit in your house anymore. Sometimes letting go of some of them is not an option and you have to find a storage space no matter what. 

Well, there are still many ways to get more storage in a tiny space. How about you make use of all the nooks and crevices? If there’s understairs space or unused space under the bed then you should not let it go. You can also perform some DIY tasks by installing more shelves and cabinets where they can fit.

This guide will show you how to make the most of your limited storage space using creative solutions and organizing tips.

Consider Under Stairs Storage

The space under your stairs is often overlooked as a storage area, but it can be perfect for storing things like holiday decor, out-of-season clothes, or extra bedding. If you have the space, you could even install some shelving or cabinets to make the most of it. Make your under stairs double-duty by turning them into storage drawers.

Use Your Shelving Fully

If you have shelving in your home, you’re not using it to its full potential. Most people only use the very top of their shelves, but it’s time to start utilizing the entire shelf if you’re short on storage space. Use baskets or containers to store things on the lower levels of your shelving so that nothing goes to waste.

A wooden shelving.
It’s time to start utilizing the entire shelf if you’re short on storage space.

You can store foods on top and other things like tea bags, spices, or coffee mugs below in your kitchen. This shelving solution makes for an easy drop zone for keys, hats, scarves, mail, pet leashes, and other items in your entryway.

Create Storage Under Seating

If you have a breakfast nook or bench in your kitchen, make the most of it by storing things underneath. You can keep cookbooks, extra cutting boards, and serving platters close at hand but out of sight. In the living room, this storage idea works great for throw blankets and pillows.

In a child’s room, it’s perfect for storing dress-up clothes, games, and toys. If you also need hidden storage spaces in your tiny house, try seating with built-in drawers or cubbies. This is an easy way of keeping your living room tidy and keeping things you need close by. If you’re on a tight budget, opt for storage ottomans or DIY benches.

Hang Items from Your Ceiling

If you’re struggling to find space for things, look up. You can use your ceiling as extra storage space by hanging items. This is a great idea if you need more space in your closet or want to keep seasonal items out of the way. You can buy special hangers designed for this purpose or get creative and make your own.

Clear your countertops and free up shelves by hanging items such as pots and pans above the ceiling in your kitchen. Try fastening some strong hooks to support the beam, then hang the items you want to store above.

Use the Space Under Your Bed

The space under your bed is the perfect place to store things out of sight. If you have a box spring, you can put storage bins underneath or invest in a bed with built-in drawers. This is a great way to keep extra blankets and pillows or seasonal clothing within easy reach.

Baskets under the bed.
If you have a box spring, you can put storage bins underneath or invest in a bed with built-in drawers.

Store Your Belongings on the Floor

When you think of storage solutions, the first thing that probably comes to mind is using shelves or cabinets. But don’t forget about the floor! Try placing a trunk or storage ottoman next to your couch in your living room. This way, you can easily store things like throws and pillows when they’re not in use. You can also install some drawers that pull out for your clothes or try a hideaway storage compartment to keep any of your valuable items hidden and safe.

Fill Empty Space Above Cabinets and Sofa

You may have noticed that there’s often some wasted space above cabinets and sofas. Put this space to good use by filling it with baskets or boxes. This is a great way to store things like extra blankets and pillows or seasonal clothing within easy reach.

Make sure you use up every square inch of your tiny home by placing decorative storage cubes or wicker baskets on top of cabinets to store items that you don’t use regularly.

Hang Your Kitchen Utensils

If you don’t have a lot of counter space in your tiny home, get creative with where you store your kitchen utensils. You can use tension rods to create an instant utensil holder behind a cabinet door or along a wall.

Organized kitchen tools hanging.
You need to get creative with where you store your kitchen utensils.

This is also a great way to keep your cooking area tidy and organized. Put a few S-shaped hooks on the rod to hang scrub brushes, dish towels, coffee mugs, or even a small bucket filled with silverware.

Consider Smart Window Storage

Doors and windows eat up a lot of space, especially in your bedroom. So, you can choose custom furniture to use the free area around your windows to store your necessary articles. You can also use your window sill for plant storage or place your phones and remotes there.

Consider Folded Beds and Overhead Shelves in Your Bedroom

Folded beds are an excellent way to save space in your room. They can be easily pulled down when needed and occupy very little space when not in use. You can also install shelves overhead to store your extra bedding, clothes, or luggage. This will help you keep your floor tidy and clean. This allows you to utilize your floor space during the day or when you’re not using the bed.

Underneath Dining Table Solutions

You can use the space underneath your dining table for storage as well. This is especially useful if you have a small dining area. You can store extra chairs and table linens or place a small cabinet there. This way, you can save valuable floor space and keep your dining area tidy and organized.

Try Out Couch Storage

Bring the aesthetic appeal and spaciousness to your living area by transforming your couch into a storage unit with sliding drawers. The space underneath can fit many things, helping you eliminate any unnecessary clutter in your home and eliminating the need for additional shelving in your tiny house.

Drawer under the couch.
Transform your couch into a storage unit with sliding drawers.

Over the Toilet Shelf

Make your bathroom more functional by adding an over the toilet shelf. This is a great way to store towels, toiletries, or other bathroom essentials. If you’re looking for more storage space, the space above the sink is more important.

Maximize Your Closet Space

If you have a small closet, make the most of it with some creative organizing. Install shelves at different heights to store items of different sizes. Use hooks to hang up items like purses, belts, and jackets. Add a shoe rack to the floor of your closet to store shoes.

Consider Cabinets With Side Shelves

If you’re looking for more storage space in your kitchen, consider getting cabinets with side shelves. These shelves can store spices, canned goods, or any other small items. This way, you can keep your countertops clear and your kitchen more organized.

Install a Wall-Mounted Desk

If you need a place to work but don’t have a lot of space, consider installing a wall-mounted desk. This type of desk can be folded up when not in use, so it won’t take up valuable space in your home.

Utilize Corners for Shelves

Corners are often wasted space in a home. But if you install shelves in the corners, you can use them to store things like books, vases, or picture frames. This way, you can make use of every inch of your home and keep it looking neat and tidy. Corner shelves are a great place to store your toothbrush holders, perfumes, medicines, and other toiletries if you’re working with limited space in your tiny bathroom.

Free Up Your Kitchen With Pegboards

Pegboards are a great way to organize your kitchen. You can use them to hang pots and pans, utensils, and other cooking tools. This will free up space in your cabinets and drawers so that you can store more things in your kitchen. Pegboards are also a great place to store spices, so they’re within easy reach when cooking.

Pegboard at the Kitchen.
You can use them to hang pots and pans, utensils, and other cooking tools.

Use Stackable Storage Containers

If you’re short on storage space in your home, stackable storage containers are a great way to make the most of your space. These containers can be used to store food, clothes, toys, and other items. And they can be stacked on top of each other so that you can maximize the space in your home.

FAQs on How to Get More Storage for My Tiny House

Is it easy to decorate a tiny house?

Yes, it is easy to decorate a tiny house. You can use wall decals, posters, and other decorations to make your tiny house feel like home. Just make sure the decors don’t fill up much space.

Are tiny houses easy to organize?

Yes, it’s easy to organize a tiny house as long as you use the right storage solutions and be creative. You can use pegboards, shelves, and other storage solutions to keep your tiny house organized.

Final Thoughts

This is just a small list of ideas to help you better utilize the space in your home. You can make your home more functional and organized by getting creative with storage solutions. In turn, this will help you to enjoy your living space more and feel less stressed.

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