How Can I Organize my Shoes Neatly?

Sometimes it is hard to find matching shoes when they are scattered all over your closet. But with the right storage solution, you can tidy up your shoes in no time. There are many shoe organizers which are designed differently. Some allow you to organize by style or color, others are equipped with pockets or drawers for sneakers and boots, or shelves for high heels.

So you’re the kind of person who can’t get enough of those fancy shoes sold in stores or the ones that you’ve been collecting for years. You have a lot of pairs, and if they’re scattered here and there, it can be a big problem. You should know that your shoes can easily get damaged if you don’t store them properly.

So, how do you organize all those pairs neatly?  You can buy a shoe rack or use your creativity to create something that will be your solution. Try using the cardboard boxes from those shoe shoeboxes that have already been used for storing shoes.

There are many more amazing ways to organize your shoes. We’ll explain all of them in detail below. Keep reading.

Storage Ideas to Keep Shoes Neat and Safe

Make a DIY Ladder Organizer

The ladder organizer is the best way to keep your shoes off of the floor, and it’s very easy to make. What you need is a wooden ladder or even an aluminum one. Just clean it and hang your shoes on each rung. You can also try painting them with any color that will fit your interior design.

Try the Shelf

Keep those closed shoes on a shelf, and you’ll be able to access them with ease when you need them. A shelf can be your solution for organizing your shoes without having too much space to spare at home. It also looks very neat and professional if you do it right. You can use a bookshelf or other storage that has multiple shelves.

Stack Them Vertically

You can stack them vertically if you have many pairs of shoes, but there are other alternatives to this one. For instance, stacking them horizontally will do just fine if you only have a few pairs to keep in order. You can even use boxes instead of racks for this method.

Put Them in the Boxes They Came in

Many of us throw away those shoeboxes that our shoes arrive in when we buy them from a store. You shouldn’t! Just keep your shoes inside the box they came in, and you’ll save time on trying to find where you placed them last. You can also stack them vertically this way.

Boxes of shoes stock.
Keep your shoes inside the box they came in, and you’ll save time on trying to find where you placed them last.

Try the Organizer with the Drawers

This one will give you a lot of drawer space where you can keep your shoes neatly inside of it. You’ll save time on searching for them if they’re all in one place. What’s great about this organizer is that you can put it anywhere in the house.

Use a Shoe Rack to Fit Your Needs

If you have a lot of shoes, you might need something more than just a simple organizer. A shoe rack can help you keep them neatly, and it can be very space-saving as well. You can stack your closed shoes vertically or place them horizontally inside the rack. You can hang your open shoes on top of it in one place, for example.

A woman putting a shoe on a shoe rack.
A shoe rack can help you keep them neatly, and it can be very space-saving as well.

Sort them Into Categories

Keeping your shoes organized might be a lot easier if you sort them into categories. If you have a specific type of shoe, keep it all together in a category and gather only those from the same type. It’s also great for being able to pick up something quickly.

Place Them Under the Bed if There’s Space

You might not think about this solution at first, but it works great, especially if you have a lot of space under your bed that needs to be occupied somehow. Put a box or a rack under the bed and keep your shoes in it.

Use Plastic Boxes

You can also store your shoes inside plastic containers to keep them protected from dust and dirt. This way, they will also stay organized neatly. You should consider getting clear plastic boxes to easily pick the pair you need to wear for the day.

Consider Climate Controlled Unit

If you’re not going to wear your precious pairs for a long time, consider keeping them in an air-conditioned closet or a specific room inside your home that’s not close to the rest of the house. A climate-controlled unit will benefit their shape and cleanliness.

Consider Using Silica Gel Packs

You can also consider keeping your shoes inside the house to keep them safe. Silica gel packs with moisture absorbers can help you maintain the perfect humidity level in your closed shoe closet or locker. If there’s moisture, they will attract it and turn it back into its original form. Keep them with your closed-shoe racks, and you’ll be fine.

A hand holding a silica gel pack.
Silica gel packs with moisture absorbers can help you maintain the perfect humidity level

Things to Avoid When Storing Shoes

Keep Shoes Off the Floor

The floor is the most dangerous place for your shoes. It’s very easy for them to get damaged if they’re always on the floor. You might slip with one, trip over another, or accidentally step on it. Your shoes also have chances of getting damaged easily thanks to the cold floors.

Avoid Wire Racks

If you want to keep your shoes neatly, avoid using wire racks. Your closed shoes might get damaged easily when they’re on a wire rack since it leaves them exposed to all sides and the bottom. It’s not the best solution for keeping your shoes in good condition.

Don’t Store Dirty Shoes

If you want to keep your organized home clean, then this is something you need to avoid. Don’t store dirty shoes since dirt will spread over the other ones. Keep them away from each other and always wash them before storing them inside an organizer if they’re really dirty.

Beware of Mold

You should also avoid storing your shoes in moist places since they’ll stay there for too long. Moisture can bring mold inside of them, and you don’t want that to happen. Be careful if your closed shoes are exposed to moisture, especially during the wintertime when it’s cold outside, and it rains a lot.

Keep Pests Away

If you want to make sure that your shoes will stay clean and organized, keep the pests away from them. Mice, for example, can get inside of your shoes and damage them if you’re not careful. Keep the shoes in boxes if there’s a lot of space available, and avoid storing them near places like trashcans or garages. In the winter, mice will look for places to stay warm and clean. They’ll also eat your shoes if you’re not careful!

Don’t Hold on to Shoes You No Longer Wear

You don’t need to hold on to them for so long. If you’ve noticed that the shoes you bring out from your closed-shoe racks and closet aren’t in good condition anymore (the sole is not working properly, for instance), then you should consider throwing them away. You can donate your old shoes if they’re still in good condition, but don’t keep them for too long.

A pair of shoes being donated.
You can donate your old shoes if they’re still in good condition.

Keep Them Away From Dirt and Water

If you want to keep your shoes clean, you need to avoid putting them in dirty or moist places. Don’t place muddy shoes near others or store wet shoes since they’ll leave marks over the other pairs of shoes. This will simply affect their look and not to mention that they’ll stay dirty!

Don’t Store Shoes With Socks In Them

If you want to keep your shoes organized, then this is something you should avoid doing. If you have a pair of shoes with socks in them, don’t put them inside an organizer or closed-shoe rack. You need to pull out the socks and put them back on your feet before wearing them again. This will keep them clean.

Don’t Let Your Shoe’s Scent Overpower You

You should also avoid placing them near scented candles, air fresheners, incense sticks, or even electrical gadgets like computers and televisions. Your shoes will give off a strange smell if you don’t wear them for a long time, so you shouldn’t expose them to chemicals every day!

Woman holding and shoe with unpleasant smell.
Your shoes will give off a strange smell if you don’t wear them for a long time.

FAQs About Shoe Storage

Can my shoes get damaged?

Yes, your shoes can get damaged if you’re not using the best shoe storage ideas. If the closed-shoe racks that you’re using are placed too close to each other or if they’re exposed to moisture and humidity every day, it will be easy for your precious pairs of shoes (especially those made from leather) to break. If I don’t wear them for a long time,  they’ll get moldy.

What do I do with shoes that no longer fit?

If you have some pairs that are not fitting you anymore,  you can donate them to charity. If you don’t want to give them to others, you can throw them away because there are people who still wear shoes with an 11-inch heel!

Where do I put my fragrant shoes?

If you have fragrant shoes, it’s best to keep these items in individual containers or hanging bags. You can also put them in the back of your closet so that you won’t be exposed to their strong scents every day.

Bottom Line

Storing shoes may seem hard when it’s easy to follow the best shoe storage ideas provided in this article. You’ll never have to worry about your shoes when they’re inside closed-shoe racks and cabinets but remember that you should avoid exposing them to water and humidity. Keep them in a dry place always.

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