Here Is How I’ve Learned To Store Wood Inside My House

Wood is perfect for adding the cozy touch of a fireplace to indoor spaces, and it’s easy to store if you have enough space. Learn how to keep it dry and pest-free, and out of the way.

Last Updated on June 30, 2022 by Jude Robert Caratao

When it’s cold outside, the only way to keep your house warm is by burning firewood. But wood can only burn well if they’re stored properly. Most people store their firewood outdoors, where it can get wet and cause mold or termites. Not only is this bad for your health, but it can also damage your home.

You should store your wood inside your house where it will stay dry and help to heat your home. But even in the house, you still need to ensure proper precautions when storing wood to avoid creating a fire hazard. Make sure to store wood in a dry place, off the wall, and use wood holders.

Here are some creative ways to store wood safely in your house.

Consider Wooden Stairs Over Carpet

When carrying firewood in from outside, make sure to avoid up or downstairs covered in carpet. The oil and dirt from the wood can get embedded in the carpet fibers, creating a fire hazard. 

If you have to carry the wood up or downstairs, do it on a set of wooden stairs. This will protect your carpet and keep your home safe. Store your firewood beneath the stairs to save that valuable space. Doing so won’t only be functional, it’s also visually striking.

Off the Wall

When storing firewood, think outside the box. If you have a recessed nook in your home, line it with wood planks and use it as storage for kindling and logs. This is an attractive way to store wood and help keep your home looking neat and tidy.

Store Your Firewood in Travel Logs

Do you have an RV or camper? If so, put those travel logs to good use and store your firewood in them. Travel logs make great storage containers for firewood because they’re easy to move and keep the wood off the ground.

Also, consider antique suitcases and steamer trunks. Even though you can’t use them for international travel, they still do wonders in the storage departments. Try filling these travel logs with a fireplace to keep everything neat and contained.

Consider Log Treatment

Why hide your firewood when you can make them a focal point of the room? Line your entire wall with firewood for a readymade wall treatment that’s both rustic and chic. This works especially well in a cabin or lodge setting.

A firewood stacked in pyramid.
Build a stacked pyramid in the corner of your room.

Another way to show off your wood is to build a stacked pyramid in the corner of your room. Not only does this add height and drama to the space, but it’s also a great conversation starter.

Bring In Wood Case

If you’re not up for the DIY projects, consider bringing in a wooden case to store your firewood. This will also add some rustic charm to your space. You can find these cases at most home stores or online. Think of a built-in bookcase instead of building a whole new wood storage unit. If it’s near the fireplace, your logs will be within reach, on display, and comfortably stowed.

A wood case.
Consider bringing in a wooden case to store your firewood.

Use Woodstocker

A woodstocker is a great way to keep your wood off the ground and out of the way. If you don’t have a lot of space, this is a great option. You can find these online or at most home stores. The woodstocker rack offers attractive vertical storage over a small footprint. Made of galvanized, the roof keeps firewood dry and ready to burn in all weather.

Try Piled High

If you have a little more space, try piling your firewood high. This will give you more storage and make it easier to grab the logs you need. You can buy an off-the-shelf pile or build your own. Just be sure to use a waterproof roof or tarp to keep the wood dry.

Turn Your Firewood Into Furniture

One of the most attractive ways to store firewood is to turn it into furniture. A coffee table made of logs or a log bench is a great option. Not only do they look good, but they’re also functional. And, when you need more wood, you can go out and chop some more. You can also place your firewood furniture near an outdoor fireplace to have wood ready.

Store Your Firewood in Log Carrier Bags

For those who want an easy way to grab a few logs and go, log carrier bags are the way to go. You can find these bags at most home improvement stores. Fill them up with wood and carry them to where you need them. Be sure to keep the bag away from the fire, so it doesn’t catch fire.

A bag of wood pellets.
Fill them up with wood and carry them to where you need them.

Store Your Firewood Under a Comfy Coffee Table

If you have a coffee table with a large surface area, you can use it to store your firewood. Just place the logs on top of the table, and they’ll be within easy reach when you need them. You can also use this method to keep your wood dry if you live in an area with high humidity. The coffee table provides enough storage for your logs and will add to the decor of your room.

Consider Unused Fireplace Chimneys

If you have an unused fireplace, you can use the chimney to store your firewood. Just place a screen over the top of the opening to keep the bugs out and stack the wood inside. This is a great option if you live in a cold climate and need to keep your firewood close to the house.

Build Firewood Storage Space Next to Fireplace

If you have a fireplace, building in some storage space next to it is a great idea. You can buy or build a cabinet specifically for this purpose or use existing furniture such as an armoire. Just make sure that the firewood is easily accessible when you need it, but not too close to the fireplace.

A firewood storage next to the fireplace.
Make sure that the firewood is easily accessible when you need it.

Store Your Firewood in a Metal Log Holder

If you have a lot of space in your backyard, storing your firewood in a metal log holder is a great option. These holders come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, so you can find one that fits your needs. Plus, they look great and keep the wood off the ground.

Use an Old Fridge

If you have an old fridge that you’re not using, you can repurpose it into a firewood storage option. Simply take out the shelves and put some wood inside. This is a great way to keep your wood dry and out of the elements.

Use an Old Dresser

If you have an old dresser that you’re not using, you can repurpose it into a firewood storage option. Simply take out the drawers and put some wood inside. This is a great way to keep your wood dry and out of the elements.

Consider Copper Storage Rack

You can purchase a copper storage rack if you want to get fancy. These are beautiful and keep your wood off the ground. Plus, the copper will help to keep the wood dry. Transporting the rack from door to fireplace will be more comfortable due to its small frame and weight. The small size allows you to show off the great-looking rack almost everywhere in the house.

DIY Rustic Wood Rack

If you are looking for a more rustic option, you can create your wood storage rack. This is a great option if you have some leftover lumber from another project. Simply attach the boards to create a frame. Then, add some crossbars to the frame for support. You can finish the rack by adding some legs or mounting it to the wall.

Stack Your Firewood in a Drawer

A less common option for storing your firewood is to use a drawer. You can either build a drawer specifically for this purpose or repurpose an old dresser. If you are using an old dresser, make sure to remove all the drawers except for the bottom one. Then, cut a hole in the back of the dresser so that you can feed the wood through.

A firewood in a drawer.
Make sure to build it big enough to fit all the wood you need.

If you are building a drawer from scratch, make sure to build it big enough to fit all the wood you need. You will also want to add some handles to the front so that you can easily pull it out when you need to use it.

Why Should You Store Firewood Indoors?

Protection from Weather

One of the most important reasons to store your firewood indoors is to protect it from the weather. If you live in an area with a lot of rain or snow, you need to ensure that your wood is protected from the elements. Storing your wood inside will help keep it dry and prevent it from getting moldy.

Provides Safety to Firewood

Another reason to store your wood indoors is for safety. If you have small children or pets, you don’t want them to be able to get to the wood and hurt themselves. Storing it inside will help to keep them safe.

Keeps Pests Away

One final reason to store your wood indoors is to keep pests away. If you have a stack of wood outside, you will likely attract bugs, mites, and other pests. Storing the wood inside will help to keep them away.

FAQs on How to Store Wood Inside

Is it ok to store wood indoors?

Yes, you can store wood indoors. Storing the wood inside will help keep it dry and prevent it from getting moldy. You also get easy access whenever you need to light a fire.

A firewood stored on old refrigerator.
Storing the wood inside will help keep it dry and prevent it from getting moldy.

What is the best way to store firewood?

The best way to store firewood is to leave them outdoors in the exposed air. If you must store the wood inside, make sure that they are in a well-ventilated area.

Final Thought on How to Store Wood Inside

Storing wood indoors is a great way to keep it dry and free from pests. Just make sure that the wood is in a well-ventilated area so that it doesn’t cause any problems. Just get creative and use some of the tips above to work for you.

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