Great 22 Ideas on How to Maximize Storage in a Dorm Room

Maximizing your storage in a dorm room may seem like a very hard task, but once you get the right mindset and use these 22 great ideas on how to maximize storage in a dorm room, it will not be that hard.

Living in a dorm room can be pretty cramped. But with a little creativity and careful planning, you can organize and maximize your dorm room within no time. There are several ways to maximize storage in a dorm room.

By using the top of your bed as additional storage with bookshelves, you’ll gain extra space for other things. You can also use these bookshelves along with other furniture such as dressers and desks to create makeshift shelves around the walls of your dorm room. This way, you don’t need to buy expensive shelving units or bookcases but make them yourself.

If you’re looking for more ways to maximize that little space you have, check out these 22 great dorm room organization ideas.

1. Maximize Your College Dorm Room Space with Multi-Use Furniture

You’ll find most dorm rooms with beds, dressers, and desks. But if you want to bring in extra furniture, maximize your small space by using multi-use furniture to create makeshift shelves and places for storage. You can go for ottomans to provide seating and double as hidden storage instead of adding chairs to your dorm room.

2. Place Your Clothes in the Space Under Your Bed

One of the biggest problems that college students face is finding a place to properly store their clothing. You don’t have enough space in your dressers, so where do you put them?  Place your clothing under your bed.  You’ll be surprised at how much room you’ve created by doing this.

Store your clothes under your bed to maximize space in the dorm room.

3. Put Baskets Under Your Bed

Another way that you can save some room is to place baskets or storage bins in your dorm under the bed. This will help keep your things organized and within easy reach when you’re getting ready in the morning.

4. Maximize Your Vertical Space

Another important dorm room organization idea is utilizing vertical space. Since you’re living in a small room, items such as over-the-door-rack, over-the-door-towel, and hanging baskets are great ways to save space. You can store anything in these items, ranging from accessories to cleaning supplies. You can use hanging wire caddies with command hooks to store your pens, notebooks and stationery, and other items next to your desk.

5. Utilize Above the Bed Storage

To maximize your storage space, utilize above the bed storage. Add shelves above your bed to keep everything up and out of the way. You can also add the over-the-bed shelves specifically designed for twin beds. If you add extra shelving units, use baskets and boxes to store everything from your socks to your sweaters. This dorm room organization hack is great in freeing up your floor space.

6. Consider Shoe Storage Boxes

If you have a lot of shoes, consider using shoe storage boxes. If your dorm room doesn’t have a closet, getting a large shoe organizer that hangs from the back of your door can be an effective way to store all your shoes. Even if you do have a closet, hanging shoe organizers are great for maximizing space. Hang one from your closet rod, and you’ll free up the floor of your closet for other things.

Shoe storage boxes are ideal for keeping shoes organized in a small dorm room.

7. Purchase a Pocket Shower Tote

Most college dorms have shared bathroom space, which means that there’s no dedicated space for storing your shower and bath supplies. So, if you like walking to and from the bathroom when bathing or washing, it’s good to have a plan for where you’ll put all your shower stuff. One great purchase to help solve this problem is a pocket shower tote.

In this shower caddy, you can put smaller items such as toothbrushes, scrubs, hairbrushes, shampoo, and shower shoes. It has long straps to enable you to hang it on the door.

8. Use Square Bed Risers

Consider getting square bed risers if you have a low bed but want to use the space underneath. You can use them to store anything. You can either stack boxes on top of each other or place things in between the riser slats. Square bed risers are versatile; you can place your favorite books in between or stack knickknacks up.

9. Bring in Desktop Organizer Shelf

Keep your books, homework essentials, and decorative pieces on a desktop organizer shelf. You can buy one or build your own, they’re really easy to make. It’s a great way to store things on top of the desk, and it keeps the space organized.

10. Use Foldable Storage Organizer

A foldable storage organizer is a great way of maximizing space in your dorm room. You can fold them up when you’re not using them, like when you’re out for a break or during storage periods.

11. Use Command Hooks

Command hooks are great for hanging up pictures and wall calendars; they can also be used to hang up your towels in the bathroom. You can place them on any hard surface (not on walls with wallpaper or paint). You can also use them to hold up your shower caddy.

12. Use Over the Door Organizer

An over-the-door organizer is an excellent way of maximizing space in your closet during storage periods. You can use it for shoes or other clothes that are taking too much room in your closet. When not used for storage, you can hang things on it, such as your towels or robes.

13. Invest in Foldable Cloth Storage Box Set

Organize your dresser or closet further by bringing in a foldable cloth storage box set. These fabric boxes can help you divide up your drawers and keep things separate. This can be very important, especially when you only have two dresser drawers and don’t want your socks to get mixed up with t-shirts.

14. Go with Door Mounted Mirror Storage or Leni Leaning Mirror

If you’re buying a full-length mirror for your dorm room, don’t go any mirror. If it takes up space in your small room, then make it work by adding storage. There are tons of ways you can use a mirror to your advantage. You can opt for a leaning mirror with hooks for hanging your bags, scarves, and other accessories.

15. Use Stacking Bins for Toiletry Storage

If your tiny room has its bathroom, make sure you get creative with your storage since your roommate will also need space. You can achieve this by fitting stacking bins under the sink and small cabinets. This way, you’ll have a space to store your toiletries such as toothpaste, soap, deodorant, styling products, and medications.

If your dorm room has a small bathroom, place stackable bins under the sink for extra storage space.

16. Maximize Dresser Space by Rolling Your Clothes

Can’t find any more space for your clothes and shoes? Rolling them and stacking them neatly on top of the dresser will guarantee that everything stays in place. Place tops, bottoms, dresses, and casual wear on various shelves. You can also get cool boxes to store accessories such as scarves, hats, gloves, and sunglasses.

17. Organize Your Items Using Magazine Boxes

If you find it hard to get ready in the community bathroom, then try to get ready in your room. Keep your brushes, curling irons, hair straighteners, and other styling products in a magazine box that you can easily carry to the bathroom with a handle. You can also store water bottles, binders, and notebooks in a magazine box.

18. Store Your Make-Up on DIY Magnetic Board

Make-up can be very useful, especially when you’re rushing to get ready. Of course, it’s also part of your style and image that you want to portray. To store your make-up items such as lipsticks, mascaras, eye shadows, blushes, and concealers in one place, buy a narrow magnetic board with sticky tape and magnets. Hang the board on the wall near your mirror to keep your countertop space open for other things.

19. Save Space with Clip Lights and Lamps

If you have limited space in your room for lighting, take advantage of using clip lights or lamps. You can buy these from the dollar store or any major local department store. Just attach them to the wall where you need light and turn it on to use without leaving your bed!

20. Display Your Jewelry with a Hanging Organizer

By employing a few tools and little creativity, you can turn your jewelry collection into a beautiful decoration for your room. Hang an organizer made of mesh or plastic near your mirror so you can see your jewelry better and admire it each day. These versatile organizers can hold a variety of pieces and make it easy to keep all your jewelry in one spot.

Adding a hanging organizer for your jewelry will help you keep things organized while decorating the dorm room.

21. Add in Collapsible Laundry Basket

Hanging a collapsible laundry basket from inside your cabinet door is a simple and easy way to make organizing the dirty clothes in the bathroom much more efficient. This type of basket can help you keep your dirty clothes off from chairs, beds, and the floor. The basket has two handles on the side to help you carry it from your dorm to the laundry room. The collapsible feature also makes it easy to bring back and forth from the laundry room.

22. Add in a Waste Paper Basket

To make it easy for you to throw away your trash, add a waste paper basket into your bathroom. It is important to have a place to put your trash so that it won’t spread all over the ground and make your dorm bathroom stink. The ideal size of a wastepaper basket is a 13-gallon size.


As you can see, getting more space in your dorm room doesn’t mean that you have to spend more. There are simple ways on how you can create more storage space in your tiny dorm room. All you have to do is follow the 22 ideas outlined above.

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