Amazing 11 Ideas How to Organize Your Car Trunk

If you are a car lover, you would hate an intimidating look of your car's trunk. That is why you have to maintain the neatness of your car. There are many ways that can help you maintain the appearance of your car's trunk.

Organizing a car trunk is one of the toughest jobs, and if you’re not careful, the cargo area can turn into a mess within no time. But you don’t want to have all the clutter lying around in your car and occupying too much space, right? Well, that’s where you need to be smart.

Organizing your car starts with keeping the clutter away, choosing appropriate containers, and buying simple tools such as bucket hooks. You have to be flexible and take things easy, and the task won’t be as hectic as it seems.

Here are some great ideas that will help you organize your car trunk, especially those with low-hanging cargo boxes on their cars.

1.  Use Bucket Hooks

For most modern people, one of the easiest ways to achieve organization is by making use of bucket hooks. You can find bucket hooks in all sizes at virtually every hardware store. They are designed to handle large toolboxes and big buckets, but if you use them sparingly, they can easily help you organize standard car contents like sports equipment, groceries, or even camping gear.

The best way is to simply hang the bucket hooks on the side of the cargo box to hold your items. You can easily use these hooks for holding almost everything, but make sure that the hook is not bigger than the item it holds.

2.  Keep Everything Contained

Crucial objects can be easily contained by using containers. If you have to store something bulky like a toolbox, the best way is to use a storage box. Not only will it keep everything organized but also prevent any scratches or dents from occurring on your car’s cargo box.

3.  Use a Cargo Net or a Bungee Cord

Cargo nets and bungee cords are some of the cheapest ways to keep things organized in your car. They’re highly useful for keeping all kinds of items in place while traveling on bumpy roads, especially if you have a sunroof. Simply attach the net to the cargo area and then secure all your objects with the bungee cord. You can even use multiple bungee cords to hold large items like tents, camping gear, etc.

A trailer that has a cargo net.
It is one of the cheapest ways to keep things organized in your car.

The best thing about these nets and cords is that you can easily detach them once you’re done traveling with them. These are very efficient in keeping things like boxes or bags out of sight until you need them next.

4.  Use a Cargo Cover

For more security and to keep away dust, bugs, etc., you can use a cargo cover on your car’s cargo box. Although it may not look very pleasing to the eyes, these covers are highly useful in keeping everything looking spick and span. They’re perfect for keeping out thieves or curious bystanders who are leaning in to take a look at your stuff.

You can simply purchase them online, install them within minutes, and they’re really simple to use. Just make sure that you use the cargo cover whenever you’re not transporting anything in the trunk. Otherwise, if someone sees what’s inside, they’ll be tempted to take a look.

5.  Use an Under Seat Tray

Nothing works better than using an under-seat tray for storing items for keeping small things like your cell phone, wallet, water bottle, etc. These trays are cheap and can be bought from most hardware stores or even Walmart stores. They come in different shapes and sizes so you need to choose one that will be perfect for your car.

You can also customize them with some bare metal spray paint and make them look like a part of the car’s interior. Just find out how thick you want to make these trays before ordering any online. And then, place them somewhere in between or below the backseat, so it’s easy to reach while you’re inside the car.

6.  Use a Magnetic Knife Rack

A great and efficient way to keep your knife and all kinds of other metal tools organized. A magnetic knife rack is another cheap way that we highly recommend for organizing your car trunk. You can easily attach these racks with screws or glue and then use them to keep all your knives, screwdrivers, hammers, and other tools in place.

A magnetic knife rack.
It is a great and efficient way to keep your knife and all kinds of other metal tools organized.

These knife racks can easily handle a lot of weight, so they’re going to be helpful for you with keeping your stuff organized. You can attach these racks near the backseat area or even on the side of your cargo box – the choice is yours.

7.  Use a Car Boot Liner

If you want to keep dirt off your car’s cargo box, then a boot liner is going to be one of the best ways to make everything look neat and cozy. Just make sure that you choose a good quality liner with a soft material, so it doesn’t hurt any surface when you’re carrying items in and out of the trunk.

Boot liners come in different designs and colors, so you need to choose one that will enhance the look of your car and keep it looking pretty neat and clean even after transporting a lot of stuff.

8.  Organize Different Items into Separate Boxes or Bags

Much like organizing things inside cabinets, you can also organize different items inside separate boxes or bags. This not only makes it easier to find things whenever you need them, but it also prevents different items from damaging each other. For example, if you’re carrying some flammable liquids in one box, then store all the batteries and electronic parts into another closed bag that’s far away from these flammable liquids.

A set of organized tools.
You can also organize different items inside separate boxes or bags.

9.  Use a Spare Tire Cover

If you’re always traveling with your spare tire, make sure to use a spare tire cover. These are great for keeping the spare tire clean and making it look good even after transporting heavy items in the trunk. You can easily buy these online or at Walmart stores if you don’t know much about car accessories.

10. Give your Car a Customized Look

If you want to give your car a completely customized look, then find out the best ways to add various customizations to make it unique and more stylish than others. For example, using new taillight trims is one of the easiest things that you can do to make your car look different from others.

11. Clear All the Junk In the Trunk

Keep the trunk is fully empty at all times. For this, you should clear everything from it and wipe off any dust so you can use it for carrying other items safely.

A clean car trunk.
You can easily find out how to decorate and organize your car trunk in no time.

Using a car trunk isn’t always easy, especially when trying to carry heavy wood or other large items inside it. But with these simple ways, c

Reasons to Keep Your Car Trunk Organize

So, why do you need to go through all the trouble to keep your trunk organized? Well, there are many reasons why you should organize your trunk. Let’s check them out.

Have an Organized Head

Having an organized car trunk helps you eliminate distractions and think rationally. This, in turn, allows you to focus on what’s important – like making the most of your opportunities and covering up weaknesses.

Organized Life

Admit it: adults’ lives can be pretty chaotic. All we need is one more thing to deal with in our already full schedules. That’s why you should keep your car trunk organized at all times to make life easier for yourself and to deliver the best results on whatever you do.

Maintain Good Time Management Skills

An organized car trunk allows you to maintain good time management skills. You won’t have to waste a lot of time organizing your trunk or trying to fit in things when you should be doing other important things. In other words, an organized car trunk saves you time. 

A alarm clock with a wooden figure.
An organized car trunk allows you to maintain good time management skills.

FAQs on Car Organization

Can pests invade a car trunk?

Yes, they can. Most often than not, pests like moths and other insects make their way inside the trunk to create nests there. Keeping the trunk organized and clean all the time can keep them away.

How can I maximize the trunk space?

You can maximize the trunk space by folding down the back seats of your car. Doing so will allow you to keep more items inside the trunk.

How do I keep things from rolling in my trunk?

You can keep things from rolling in the trunk by arranging them properly with a good storage system. You can also use special features like cargo nets and hooks to keep your belongings from moving around while driving.


You can use one or more of these tips to organize your car trunk in no time. Choose the ones that work for you, and don’t hesitate to add some other ideas if you have any.                                                

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