9 Tips To Organizing Your Teenager’s Bedroom

Your teenager’s bedroom is a place to recharge, relax, and get homework done. How should you organize the space they spend hours in? Here are simple tips that will help keep your teenage bedroom organized and tidy.

Let us face it; most teenagers are nothing but total slobs. Their bedrooms are usually characterized by clothes scattered all over the floor, empty water bottles below the bed, clothes hanging out of the closets, empty cereal bowls all over, and so on. But the big question is; can you organize your teenager’s bedroom and keep everything in order? The simple answer is yes, and we are here to provide you with some useful tips to get you started.

So, how do I organize my teenager’s bedroom? The first thing you need to do is declutter the bedroom. Carefully sort out everything and determine what you can keep, donate, or toss. From there, find ways of creating more storage in the bedroom if possible. Provide your teenager with plenty of easy solutions to keep things in order, organize the room into different zones, and set rules that must be followed. You will achieve great results if you make it a team effort and take everything step-by-step.

If you are tired of stumbling into a mess every time you enter your teenager’s bedroom, then you have come to the right place. This post discusses some tips and strategies to help whip your teen’s bedroom back into shape.

1. Start by Decluttering

Decluttering is the first and most critical step in organizing your teen’s bedroom. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to declutter because most teens are always keen on creating a more sophisticated bedroom that reflects their growing maturity.

Most of them will want to cling to some aspects of their childhood, which can only make things worse.

To make things a little bit easier for both of you, start by creating decluttering categories. You can organize all the stuff in your teenager’s bedroom into three main categories: trash, sell, and donate. From there, start sorting and purging.

A woman decluttering her clothes.
Your teen might get excited about decluttering if it means a little extra cash in their pocket.

Anything that has missing parts or is broken should go into the trash category. Resist the urge of trying to hold onto certain things with the hope of fixing them one day because it may never happen.

If you really intend to repair an item, be sure to place it in a separate box or container in another space away from the bedroom. Set a deadline for fixing these items. Anything that remains unfixed after the deadline must be trashed.

Once you are through with the trash category, go through what is left and determine what items are good enough for sale. Some items you should consider for selling include clothes, collectibles, toys, and other accessories.

In fact, your teen might get excited about decluttering if it means a little extra cash in their pocket. Capitalize on their anxiety and get rid of as much stuff as possible.

Everything that your teen has outgrown can be donated to family, friends, or even charities. The bottom line is to ensure you only keep what is necessary.

2. Make It a Team Effort

Even before you start decluttering and cleaning your teenager’s bedroom, ensure you discuss what needs to be done with them. Most teens are willing to help with the process as long as they are assured of parental guidance and help.

Use a light tone and highlight the many benefits of keeping their bedroom organized. Don’t sound authoritative because their attitude could change in a minute. Listen to their ideas and remain respectful to them.

Keep in mind that this is your child’s bedroom, and if you don’t act accordingly, they will feel like whatever you are trying to do amounts to an invasion of privacy.

Mother and daughter talking happily.
Listen to their ideas and remain respectful to them.

Set up a time to declutter, clean, and organize everything when you know you will both be relaxed and ready to accomplish the task ahead. Set aside ample time to finish the job.

3. Create Zones

One of the best ways of creating a highly structured environment in your teen’s bedroom is by adding zones.

For instance, you can designate one corner of the bedroom for studying to provide an organized space where they can do their homework. Be sure to add a study desk, comfortable chair, reading lamp, and desk organizer to create an orderly and more productive environment for your little one.

Since your teen’s home computer, paper, pens, notebooks, and all the other study materials will be located in one spot, it becomes relatively easy for them to keep the other things in order not to cause chaos in their study area.

A simple teenager room.
It is all about creativity and understanding the different activities that your teenager likes.

The other organized zones in your teenager’s bedroom may include a space for lounging with their friends, a zone for practicing their musical instrument, and another area for talking on their phone.

It is all about creativity and understanding the different activities that your teenager likes to be involved in while at home.

4. Add More Storage Space If Possible

Almost all teenagers have a unique way of attracting clutter to their rooms. Therefore, if you want to keep their rooms neat and well organized, you need to start by giving them a designated space for everything.

Try as much as possible to provide them with plenty of functional storage space such as wall-mounted shelves, a bookcase, or a study table with drawers where they can store their books, trophies, and other personal stuff.

To maximize your space, consider choosing highly multi-functional items, such as an ottoman or bench with plenty of built-in storage.

A modern teenager room with additional storage.
Try as much as possible to provide them with plenty of functional storage space.

Give your teen’s bedroom personality by adding some items such as fun, colorful canvas baskets, and refurbished lockers. You should also consider using stackable bins that are great for bulky items such as sweatshirts and sweaters.

If you still have plenty of space in your teen’s bedroom, consider adding a desk with drawers to add more storage space and zone the room further.

5. Organize the Closet

A disorganized closet can quickly turn into a dumping ground for all the clothes your teen has outgrown. In some cases, it can be difficult to tell what is clean and what is dirty when you don’t have an organized closet.

The best way to keep your teenager’s closet in check is by ensuring everything has its designated place. For instance, hang clothes of the same color together and organize them by types, such as pants, skirts, blouses, and dresses.

You can also use storage bins or boxes to store items like belts, scarves, and socks. Be sure to label each bin accordingly to make it easy for your teen to find what they are looking for.

6. Add a Clothes Hamper for Dirty Laundry

Dirty clothes scattered on the floor of your teen’s bedroom can be a huge mess. In fact, this is one of the contributing factors for a perpetual messy bedroom.

To deal with this issue, add clothes hamper to your teen’s bedroom and let them know that all dirty clothes must strictly be put in the hamper. This will ensure all the dirty laundry is conveniently collected in the right place, keeping it off the floor.

You should also develop strict rules with your child regarding foods and drinks in her room. Partially eaten snacks, half-full soft drink cans, and dirty dishes scattered all over the place can create an optimal environment for mold growth which is dangerous to their health.

Creating daily food and drink rules such as your child emptying her trash can every day, returning all used utensils to the kitchen immediately, and proper disposal of soft drink cans can play a critical role in keeping your teen’s bedroom neat and organized.

7. Install a Clothing Rack

If your teenager likes to hang a lot of their clothes, consider installing a clothing rack in their bedroom. This will help to declutter the floor and create more storage space.

A clothing rack is also great for air-drying clothes, and it can be used to hang belts, hats, and other accessories.

You should also encourage your teen to donate or sell the clothes they don’t wear anymore to create more space in their closet.

8. Let Them Decorate Their Own Way

Teenagers want to feel like they’re in control of their lives, and letting them decorate their bedroom in their own way is a great way to do that.

A teenager room with a minimalist design.
Give them some freedom to choose what they want to hang on the walls.

Give them some freedom to choose what they want to hang on the walls, what kind of furniture they want, and which colors they prefer.

9. Set Rules and Consequences

One of the best ways to ensure your teenager’s bedroom remains organized is by setting rules and consequences. For instance, you can require them to make their bed every morning before they leave for school.

If they don’t comply, you can remove some of their privileges, such as not letting them go out with their friends on the weekend.

You can also require them to put everything back in its place after they are finished using it. This will help to keep their bedroom organized and tidy.


A cluttered and messy bedroom can make it difficult for your teenager to focus on their studies and get a good night’s sleep. By decluttering and organizing their bedroom, you can help create a functional and stylish space. Use the tips above to help you get started on decluttering your teenager’s bedroom today.

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