9 Small Mudroom Storage Ideas To Clean Out The Chaos

We love the idea of making every square inch count when it comes to storage in small spaces. These mudroom storage ideas are perfect for mudrooms, entryways, and even hall closets.

Last Updated on June 30, 2022 by Jude Robert Caratao

A mudroom can serve different purposes in different homes. In most cases, it is a room dedicated purely to the mess generated by your outdoor activities, but it may take on a wide range of other domestic functions as a utility or general storage room. Therefore, thinking about mudroom storage ideas can be quite messy. Dealing with coats, boots, pieces of de-mucking equipment, power tools, and other stuff can be challenging. Fortunately, there are many mudroom storage ideas that can help you stay organized.

What are some of the small room storage ideas? Well, there are many things you can do to keep your mudroom well organized. Consider keeping the mess behind the door, combine seating and storage in your boot bench, be strategic with furniture, combine laundry and mudroom spaces, use woven baskets to create more storage, and embrace floor-to-ceiling storage. You can also use simple storage hooks for grab-and-go convenience, pull-out drawers for shoe storage, and see-through lockers to easily retrieve stored items.

This article discusses a wide range of simple mudroom storage ideas you can implement to keep your small mudroom organized. Read on to discover amazing tips and tricks.

1. Use an All-In-One Unit

With a mall mudroom, you have to be creative to ensure everything you want to store fits in the available space. One of the easiest ways of creating extra storage space in your small mudroom is by using furniture that provides multiple storage options in one.

Feel free to take inspiration from your hallway ideas when it comes to purchasing practical pieces of furniture and storage units. Tables, chairs, and benches that can be used for more than one purpose can be a great addition to your mudroom.

Think of a simple bench that can be used as a boot bench, but it can also open up at the lid to create space for shoe storage. The same bench can have several hooks installed for coat and hat storage.

A drawer under the bench.
Think of a simple bench that can be used as a boot bench, but it can also open up at the lid to create space for shoe storage.

If you want a simple piece of furniture that you can sit on while changing shoes, then you can go for simple ottoman storage that will serve as a seating area and still provide you with extra storage space.

Everything here is about creativity and what you want to achieve with your units. With a relatively small mudroom, you must think outside the box before purchasing anything to add to it.

2. Use Pipe Dreams as Shoe Organizer

Do you have some PVC pipes lying idle somewhere in your home? What if we told you that you could use it to create a beautiful shoe storage system for your mudroom? The process is simple, and all you need is some contact paper or wallpaper to get started.

Take the PVC pipes and wash them thoroughly. Once they are clean, sand all the rough edges and paint them brown to make them look like a piece of log. Cover the pipes with wallpaper or contact paper and glue them together to create an excellent shoe organizer.

What is amazing with this simple DIY shoe organizer is that you can add as many pieces of PVC pipes as you like depending on your family size or your shoe obsession level.

With the shoe organizer made of plastic pipes, it is relatively easy to clean it whenever it accumulates dirt. If you are handy, consider purchasing relatively larger pipe pieces to use as shelves on the wall for your backpacks or other bags.

3. Keep Most of Your Stuff Hooked Up

One of the biggest challenges in keeping a small mudroom organized is ensuring nothing is hitting the ground unnecessarily. Coats, backpacks, and other bags hung on the wall tend to look neater and more organized than those piled on the floor haphazardly.

A simple solution is to have as many hooks on your mudroom wall as possible. In addition to your shelf space, the hooks can instantly create a neat, organized, and easy-to-maintain entryway.

A bag hang on the hook.
The hooks can instantly create a neat, organized, and easy-to-maintain entryway.

Feel free to use the shelves above for decoration or to hold your purses and other items you would like to keep out of reach of your children.

4. Install Built-in Storage Benches

Built-in mudroom storage can make for a seamless organization in your small mudroom. They allow you to conceal your less decorative items with an elegant piece of furniture that adds design interest to your mudroom space.

You can either talk to an experienced carpenter to construct one for you or DIY to your own liking. However, you should only take the DIY route if you are good with construction projects.

A wooden box under the bench.
They allow you to conceal your less decorative items with an elegant piece of furniture.

You can combine the bench with a shelf for a more versatile approach to mudroom storage or go for a standalone unit if you are running on a tight budget. The standalone unit is also easy to move around.

Mudroom storage benches are versatile and specially designed with lots of storage space for accommodating much of your stuff. So, if you have not installed one yet, do so today and see how your mudroom storage will be revolutionized.

5. Add Woven Storage Baskets

If your existing bench seat has a little bit more open storage, feel free to add storage baskets or bins to the open shelves to increase your storage options. Go for decorative storage baskets that will complement your existing style. These baskets will not only keep things organized and contained but also add a creative touch to your mudroom.

In fact, small mudroom storage experts say that having a traditional bench with inbuilt storage is a must. It serves as the best place to remove your muddy shoes and organize everything you need to kickstart your day.

A wooven basket with clothes,
These baskets will not only keep things organized and contained but also add a creative touch to your mudroom.

You can choose between a relatively thick natural wood seat that you can easily wipe down and a painted wood finish with removable seat cushions for comfort. Some storage baskets are designed with pull-out drawers to help maximize every inch of available storage space.

6. Go for Built-In Cubbies Under the Stairs

Two of the most common types of modern homes in most urban centers are one-and-a-half-story houses and split-level houses. If you own one of these houses, you should actively explore the idea of creating more storage under the staircase to save more storage space in your mudroom.

You can easily use the space under the stairs to store some of the items you don’t use regularly or your out-of-season clothes. This is a perfect way to create extra storage space without building a bank of cabinets or locker cubbies into an already cramped mudroom space.

The storage space under the stairs also saves you valuable walking room while increasing easy access to hang up coats, hats, purses, backpacks, and other bags.

7. Give Each Family Member Their Own Space

Sometimes, keeping the mudroom well organized and neat depends on “who” manages the space other than “what” you have stored in the space.

So, if you have a small size family, consider allocating each family member their own space in the mudroom where they can store their stuff.

A mudrrom.
Consider allocating each family member their own space in the mudroom where they can store their stuff.

If the other family members are primarily children, teach them how to stay responsible for their own mess and be accountable for their actions. This will instill discipline in your children and make it easy for everyone to locate their items when in a rush.

Ensure every family member has their own hooks in the mudroom and nobody is interfering with other people’s stuff. You should also ensure everyone has their own section of the open shelving where they keep their jumpers, boots, hats, backpacks, and so much more.

8. Embrace Floor to Ceiling Storage

Floor-to-ceiling storage solutions are an excellent option for small mudrooms. The top part of these storage solutions can hold bulky seasonal outdoor items that aren’t used so often.

You can even incorporate baskets and shelves into the relatively tall cupboards for holding boots, bags, and other stuff. You can even personalize these storage spaces and allocate each family member their own section.

Feel free to add little paint or spare contact paper to make each family member’s space unique and fill every inch of the available space with appropriate items.

You can store all kinds of items in the cupboard, including spare toys, shoes, and clothes. Your primary objective should be to maximize the available storage space while keeping everything organized.

9. Use See-Through Lockers

Lockers remain one of the best ways to store books, backpacks, and a wide range of other must-have items. The only problem with lockers is that you have to remember which locker holds what.

However, you can easily overcome such a challenge by using see-through lockers. Classic see-through lockers feature a wire-meshed front that allows you to see through so that you can easily find your items and retrieve them.

In fact, the wire-meshed front of these lockers not only aid fast retrieval of stored items but also adds a welcome texture to your space.

Final Thoughts

A mudroom provides you with an excellent place to store all the items you don’t want in your main house, but it can also be used as the main entryway to your home, reflecting your home’s unique style.

From dog leashes to umbrellas to shoes and boots, your mudroom is that place you will drop everything and anything.

Although your mudroom might be a little bit tiny, you can still explore creative ways of ensuring you maximize every inch of storage space available.

We hope you have learned a few tricks that will help you store more items in the mudroom.

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