9 Places to Use Cubes For Storage At Home

Whether you're trying to clear out a whole room or add a little more space to fill with stuff, there are plenty of ways you can use cubes for storage at home. Cubes can also provide a number of other functions that will make your life easier. Here are 9 places to use storage cubes in your home.

When you have a small space at home, it can be hard to organize all of your things. You may think that the only way to get organized is by buying storage furniture or building custom shelves.  But that’s not true because something as simple as a storage cube can work.

Storage cubes are an affordable and easy way to store items in your home. They’re great for any room or closet where you need extra organization. These cubes are stackable and come in different sizes, which makes them perfect for any sized space. The cubes work as TV, and nightstands, home bar organization, bathroom storage, kitchenware storage, and more.

You can find these cubes anywhere, and they come in many creative ways that can make your home space more efficient. Here are the stylish ideas that you can make your home more organized with cube boxes:

1.  Use Cubes as Nightstands and TV Stands

You can create a lovely nightstand if you stack a few open cubes on either side of your bed. Fill them with books, framed photos, and other decorative items you want to display near your bed. Cube storage shelves are versatile enough to serve double duty as a TV stand, too.

You can use a storage bin as an alternative to a nightstand.

These cubes are not as bulky as regular nightstands. They make good option for displaying your accessories and holding your TV, DVD player, and other electronics. They can also be stacked if you need more space for your devices and accessories such as a few games, CDs or DVDs, video game controllers, and so on. They’re perfect for corners where there’s barely any space.

You can hold extra sheets and blankets on the cube shelves as well. Also, use its top space to put things such as reading glasses and a night lamp. Storage cubes come with modern displays with hidden storage options.

2.  Organize Your Home Bar with Storage Cubes

Cube storage shelves can greatly help organize your home. Even if you have little space at home, you can still find a way to get a cozy bar at home with cube storage shelves. After turning your cube storage shelf into a home bar, fill it with alcohol bottles, glasses, mugs, and wines. This way, you can keep different types of alcohol all in one place. If space permits, add more storage cubes to serve as a seating area or another bar surface.

With storage cubes getting popular nowadays, this is also an exciting way to impress your guests when they see the setup that you have for your home bar. You can also decorate your home bar by adding vases, candleholders, plants, mirrors, and artwork. Let your home mini bar represent who you are.

3.  Use Storage Cubes in Your Bathroom

If you have a bathroom with limited space, you can use storage cubes to store your bath essentials. It’s also possible to place the storage cubes in different areas of the bathroom and make it look like there are multiple cabinets available.

If you want to maximize every inch of space in your bathroom, you can even put together the storage cubes to form a built-in storage cabinet. Use decorative towels and linens to make it look like the entire storage unit is one large cabinet. Save up your bathroom space by holding a considerable amount of toiletries using storage cube shelves. These cubes help to keep your bathroom clean and organized.

Storage cubes will help you maximize your small bathroom space.

4.  Store Your Kitchen Wares and Utensils in Cubes

Kitchen storage units help to keep your kitchen clean, organized, and clutter-free. To maximize the usage of space in your kitchen drawers, you can use a floating drawer system. Using this method means that each drawer is movable from the main drawer frame. The floating drawers are perfect for storing all the small utensils.

Using these drawers, you can move the utensils up or down to make more space for other items. It’s true that kitchen storage can be tricky, but cube storage shelves can help you make a lot of space for the stuff in your kitchen. The small baskets are best for storing foods like tea, coffee, and sugar that you use every day. You can keep these items in these cubes, so there is no need to open the cupboard each time you want to use them.

Storage bins come in handy when you want to store your kitchenware and utensils.

5.  Living Room and Blanket Storage Cubes

Cubes are also a great way of storing your living room items neatly. You could use these cubes to store cushions and blankets. They provide you with a convenient way of putting away items without cluttering your room. They also make it easier for you to find the item that you are looking for.

Blankets and pillows are bulky items. They can be difficult to store, especially if you have limited space for storing them. If you use blanket storage cubes, you can keep all your blankets well organized in one place. These cubes make a good solution for storing seasonal bedding too. You can access these cubes easily when they are stacked one over the other since the blanket on top will be accessible through a side door.

6.  Laundry Room Storage Cubes

With new laundry room storage on laundry day, there is more space in your home and less clutter on the floor. You can fit all of your laundry supplies into these cubes so there will be no clothes on your surface. So if you have too much laundry and little time to organize them, use storage cubes to keep them organized.

Some well-placed storage cubes can keep the flow of your laundry quick and smooth. Freeing up laundry room floor space is easier with these cubes because they allow you to set aside your boxes of detergent and keep them from falling over in the process.

The thing about laundry rooms that most people don’t know is that they can be cleaned just as easily as any other room in the house. All it takes are a few tips and tricks to help you along the way. They contain a few basic household items like detergent, dryer sheets, bleach, and stain remover that will make your laundry room easier to maintain with each use.

7.  Organize Your Clothes and Accessories Using Storage Cubes

Seeing your clothes shoved all over your drawers can be frustrating. You will never know how to pick the right clothes with your other items mixed up together. Clothes organized in their storage cube can be easily accessed, and it is easy to find what you need.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on costly cabinet organizers. Instead, use cheap but highly functional storage cubes. They are available in many colors and sizes. Sometimes, it can be hard to find your perfect accessory or shirt when you store them in a closed space like cabinets. But storage cubes with open shelves take off that burden by easily accessing whatever you are looking for. Storage cubes can make room for anything, be it your jacket, shirt, pants, hats, scarves, and gloves.

8.  Keep Your Kid’s Playroom Organized with Storage Cubes

No one likes to spend hours looking for a toy they want to play in their kids’ playroom. But easy-to-access storage cubes can help even the most disorganized family keep your kid’s toys organized and put away properly. Storage cubes are available in many sizes, designs, and colors now that you can find them easily and match one with the design of your kid’s playroom.

Storage cubes will keep your kids’ toys neatly organized.

Make sure everything in your newborn baby’s nursery and kid’s room is kept properly with storage cubes. Storage cubes offer a neat and clean way to organize your kid’s drawings, pictures, books, toys, clothes, and accessories.

Beautiful storage cubes for the baby’s room can be placed in various locations according to your kid’s interest, but it is recommended that the storage cubes should be out of reach for kids. It will also provide easy access to you and any other person taking care of them. You can also use small storage cubes to create a play area for your kids.

9.  Organize Your Small Bedroom with Storage Cubes

If you have a small bedroom, you’ll need to utilize every inch of floor space to make your room look big. This can be achieved by stacking up storage cubes and using them to store anything possible. You can get more creative with a baseboard in your small sleeping room by stacking your storage cubes in a way that makes your room appear spacious and bigger.

You can also turn your bedroom into a much-organized room by placing cubes under the bed. Not only will the cubes store items, but they’ll also create another level for storage. With this arrangement, you can save a lot of floor space and add to your bedroom’s aesthetic appeal.

FAQ On Places to Use Cubes In Your Home

Which is the best cube storage?

The best cube storage depends on your needs. If you want to turn narrow places into storage space, then the best option for you is a vertical stackable cube. These cubes are anywhere from 5-14 inches wide, and they are designed to fit in small spaces like closets or hallways.

How can you repurpose cube storage?

You can turn any cube into a storage unit. By drilling holes in the top and bottom of your cube, you can add casters or baskets to create a rolling storage unit for your pantry. If you’re looking for a cheap way to add some seating to your living room, consider stacking cubes with a table on top of one another.

How can you style your cube organizer?

Whenever you use a cube organizer, keep in mind that all cubes will be out on display. Make sure to consider your space when styling your cube organizer. A great way to add dimension and style is with hanging baskets or other light fixtures.


As you can see, cubes play a very important role in keeping an area clean and tidy. They’re versatile storage solutions you can use in any room of your house. Cube shelves are the perfect solution to function as additional seating, an area for plants, or even acting as a whole room divider. You can also add them as home decor by thinking outside the box and getting creative to transform your home into a modern look.  

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