8 Under the Bed Storage Ideas

If you live in a small apartment or have lots of stuff lying around, then it's time to get savvy with storage. Here are some useful tips to store your items under the bed that it can be a great solution for small bedroom interior design

Your bed may be one of the most underutilized storage spaces in your room. It often takes up the most space in a bedroom, yet many people leave it empty underneath. The space under your bed can easily be transformed into a prime storage space for a variety of items. 

There are many techniques and products that you can use to create accessible under the bed storage. Keep reading for eight of our top under the bed storage ideas. 

Try a Storage Bed Frame

One of the most obvious solutions for under-the-bed storage is the storage bed frame. With a storage bed frame, you get built-in storage solutions from the get-go. The bed frame looks neat while also offering easily accessible options for items you may use frequently. 

There are several different types of storage bed frames. 


A bed frame with drawers is the most common type of storage bed frame. It takes advantage of the full amount of space underneath the bed while also making for easy access. The one downside to drawers is that they require a fair amount of space around the bed in order to pull the drawers in and out. 

Some beds feature under-the-bed drawers, allowing you to store various items right in your bedroom.


An excellent option for tight spaces, a storage frame that lifts the bed provides optimal storage space without needing to pull anything out from the sides. It also allows you to view everything all at once without having to dig underneath the bed for your items. A downside is that some bed-lifting frames can be difficult to lift; for this reason, this type of storage wouldn’t be great for the elderly or anyone with a back issue. 

Open Shelves

Bed frames with open shelves can be a great decorative option. They are eye-pleasing and can be utilized in many different ways, such as: 

  • Baskets
  • Décor
  • Boxes

A possible downside to these bedframes is that they limit deeper storage options. You are limited to the storage that is built into the frame.

Use a Rolling Box or Cart

A rolling box or cart can effortlessly slide in and out from underneath your bed, making it perfect for items you need quick access to. If you have hard floors, a rolling box or carton might be best for you. You can place these boxes behind or next to each other for more storage.

Make sure to measure the space beneath your bed frame ahead of time, so you get a cart that fits! Many are created to fit into a narrow space, but you’ll want to make sure the size is right for your particular bed frame. 

Have Fun with Colorful Storage

For an extra pop of color, you can add some colorful storage boxes. These little boxes are perfect for stacking and add a layer of fun to your space.

Keep kids’ toys and books sorted and organized by using different colors to represent specific categories of items. You could even use boxes that come with chalkboard labels! That way, when the kids want to grab a toy, it’s easy to find under the bed. 

Instead of using boring cardboard boxes, consider getting colorful containers to add a bit of fun to your bedroom.

Basket Storage is Great for Carpeted Floors

Carpeted floors call for something more structured. A metal basket provides that structure, making it easier to slide in and out from underneath the bed. 

To make the best of the space, you might consider storing items that you don’t need as often, like:

  • Memorabilia
  • Out of season clothing
  • Shoes
  • Extra Towels 
  • Blankets

These items need a place to stay but won’t require you to pull them in and out as often as more frequently used items. 

Shoe Storage is Essential

For shoe lovers, under-the-bed storage is key! There are so many great options when it comes to storing your shoes under the bed. Try something with a clear top for easy access and viewing. Make sure to find a storage container with a cover, either mesh or clear plastic, to ward off insects and keep your shoes in good condition.

Under-the-bed space can fit shoe storage containers and will enable you to keep your footwear organized.

Shoe storage containers are great for stacking and can even be used for other items like memorabilia and out-of-season clothing. The extra sections allow for easy organization and the ability to keep similar items separate and easily accessible.

Consider a Freestanding Storage Drawer

When committing to a storage bed frame feels like too much of an investment, but you love the idea of a drawer, a freestanding storage drawer might be the perfect option for you. Storage drawers offer easy in-and-out options for your items, making them great for items you use every day. They also allow you to use the full space underneath your bed without having to dig or search for your items in the back.

There are different options for freestanding drawers. Some have a similar look and feel to storage bed frames and are meant to be more decorative, while others are meant for purely practical storage purposes. Make sure to measure your space before you buy so that your drawers will fit without any hassle.

Bags Are a Viable Under the Bed Storage Option

Don’t be afraid of using bags for storage under the bed! While they aren’t always the most easily accessible, they can be great for making the most of your storage space and keeping things separated and organized. 

If you are seeking a budget-friendly storage idea, use regular bags to store various items under the bed.

For children’s toys, especially small pieces, a playmat that rolls into a storage bag is perfect for easy cleanup and storage. These can fit seamlessly under the bed and can be put side-to-side for optimal storage. You can also use zipper bags with mesh for easy viewing. 

And don’t forget about space-saving vacuum bags! While they are not the most pleasing to the eye, vacuum bags can be amazing for fitting a lot into a small space. Put all of your seasonal clothing, extra towels, and blankets in the vacuum bags for longer-term storage. 

Save Money with Budget Storage Options

It can be overwhelming to look at storage options on a budget. Many of the drawers and bed frames are a financial investment that people aren’t prepared to make. Don’t let a lack of budget stop you from creating great under-the-bed storage, though! 

How Do I Make Storage Under My Bed?

Large cloth storage containers are perfect for contained storage that’s stackable and still accessible. You can find budget-friendly storage containers that are open or segmented for easier organization. You could also use your own suitcases or purchase used suitcases. They have lids, zippers, and pockets and make for excellent, contained storage.

To save money on under the bed storage, you can take a trip to the thrift store or used goods store. Often these stores will have extra containers or baskets that could be perfect for under-the-bed storage needs. The possibilities are endless and don’t have to be pricey to work well. 


A little creativity can go a long way when it comes to under-the-bed storage. Whether you buy a frame meant for storage or decide to go the DIY route, it’s possible to create the space you need for all of your items. As long as you measure your space before you decide, you can be confident that your storage of choice will work seamlessly for you! 

For storage that is going to be longer-term, containers like vacuum bags, mesh-topped boxes, and baskets are optimal. For more frequent use, you can use under-the-bed drawers, rolling boxes, or open shelves. It offers a wealth of space that is perfect for storing both out of sight and in decorative ways. Regardless of your storage needs, under-the-bed is the way to go.

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