7 Best Places To Keep Your Cat’s Litter Box

Litter boxes can be kept in many different places. Many owners feel that they need to hide the litter box in order to keep their house clean. Just because you can fit a litter box in a discreet location, does not mean you should do it. Litter boxes should not be such a big secret in your house if you have cats. Here are some tips for great places to put the litter box and why.

One of the nightmares of every cat owner is where to keep the litter box, especially if you live in a tiny apartment. Owning a cat is an awesome experience, but that also comes with the responsibility of dealing with the disgusting litter box.

Where to keep the litter box is always the dilemma of many apartment renting cat owners. Of course, you want to keep it out of the way, but at the same time, ensure your cat can reach it. This means you have to make the litter box part of your home.  Your cat must get it when it’s time to pooh, and you must access it when it’s time for cleaning. But don’t forget that it needs to be out of sight and out of smell.

But where exactly should you keep it? Should you keep it in the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, or living room? Here are some considerations to put in mind when storing the litter box.

1.  The Bathroom

Before you even think of an appropriate place to keep the litter box, you must first think about privacy. Your cat needs to have its litter where there’s not much attention and distraction. The ideal place for a litter box, which many people prefer, is next to the toilet. The best place is between the toilet and the tub. Under the sink can also make an ideal location.

While in the bathroom, there are still many ways you can conceal the litter box and ensure it’s not too obvious. There’s litter box furniture designed to conceal the box and make it blend perfectly with your bathroom’s décor and style.

A bathroom.
The area under the sink can be an excellent location for your cat’s litter box.

If your cat is still not used to the box and you’re worried about litter tracking, placing a mat under the box can do the trick. This will ensure you can track all the stray litter. The mat will also allow your kitty to clean their paws after littering, so they don’t spread dirt all over the house.

Keeping the litter box next to the toilet if you live in a studio apartment is a perfect way to save space. This will keep clutter off the rest of the house and keep the odor from escaping into the living room. 

The bathroom provides the quietness and the privacy that your cat needs when doing its thing. But you must give your cat an easy time accessing the toilet. You should always keep the door open or install a cat door, so your cat can find an easy entry.

2.  The Living Room

The thought of keeping the litter box in the living room may seem absurd; believe it or not, that’s one of the best places. The living room provides the most open area in your home for cats that will rather see who and what’s coming while using the litter box. But this only works for homes with large spaces. That corner in your living room can make a perfect location for your litter box.

A living room.
As your living room offers the most open area, it can be the best room to place your cat’s litter box.

When you decide to place the litter box in the living room, make sure it doesn’t sit where there’s high traffic. For instance, there’s a lot of traffic between the kitchen and the living room or near the coffee table. 

If you place it in a quiet corner in the living room, ensure it’s not too dark. A dark place will make your cat feel unsafe and will not use it. If you’re bothered by how the litter box looks in your living area, you can get it designed in a way that it looks like a chair or even a vase. Just make sure your cat can still access it easily.

3.  The Bedroom

If you haven’t noticed, cats love to sleep a lot, and they prefer very comfy places like the bedroom. Your cat will spend most of the time in the bedroom taking a nap and might only come out when they’re hungry. How about you take that litter box close to the place they like to spend most of their time?

A bed room.
If your cat loves spending time in your bedroom, consider placing the litter box there.

The bedroom is cozy, calm, and easily accessible for your cat. If your bedroom is not spacious enough, there are still ways you can customize the litter box or use litter box holders designed to look like a piece of furniture. Make sure it blends well with the décor and style of your bedroom, so it doesn’t end up looking out of place. You can get functional furniture that comes with a built-in container to be used as a litter box.

You can also purchase a side table to act as additional bedroom storage space and a litter box. Keeping the litter box in the bedroom can only work if you have an easy-to-access bedroom and enough space. If your bedroom is upstairs or you’re not comfortable with the litter box there, look for a different location.

4.  The Guest Room

If you have a spare room in your house, it can serve you well for keeping the litter box. You can even turn that spare bedroom into your cut room by keeping in there everything that belongs to your cat. The cat post, toys, and the litter box can fit well in that space. Make sure you make the room cozy and calm enough that your cat will feel very comfortable spending their time in there.

Ensure you designate a special corner in the guest room just for your cat. Don’t keep the guest room locked all the time because your cat needs to get in and out as they wish. If you can’t leave the door open, you can consider installing a cat door.

5.  The Laundry Area

Do you have a laundry room in your apartment? That’s a perfect place to place the litter box if you want to give your cat easy access and some privacy. Besides, the laundry room is the place you don’t access more often and might be spacious enough to fit the litter box. Choose a quieter corner in the laundry room for your cat’s litter box. Another good thing about placing the litter box in the laundry room is that it’s easier to clean.

A laudnry room.
You can place your cat’s litter box in the laundry room as long as the washer and dryer operate quietly.

However, if your washer and dryer don’t operate more quietly, the laundry room may not be an ideal place for your cat’s litter box. Remember, cats hate loud noises and can easily get startled. You can only compromise if you know your cat’s litter schedule, so you don’t work on your laundry machines around that time.

6.  The Closet

The closet is another place your cat likes to spend their time, and you’ll find them chilling there most of the time. Your closet probably has a small rectangular space on the floor that can create a good space for keeping your litter boxes. For this to work well, you can consider removing the floor or keeping it open all the time. This will ensure you don’t lock out your cat when it needs to poop or lock them in a while enjoying their potty time.

But how do you keep your clothes and shoes inside the closet from getting perfumed with the stench from your furry baby’s urine and poop? Well, you can still keep the clean clothes smelling nice by using an absorbent microfiber mat or rug around the litter box. This will absorb all the smell and keep the messes off the mats and the carpet. You should also take care of emptying the litter box often, so the smell doesn’t linger around too much.

7.  Modified Cabinet

If all the above spaces for keeping your litter box don’t seem to work, you can try being creative. There are many options for furniture pieces that can double up as a litter box and serve your cat well. You can purchase a litter box cabinet or litter box enclosure and use it to hide away your cat’s litter. Make sure you choose from a variety of colors, sizes, and styles to suit your preference.

A cat look out at the closet.
There are many options for furniture pieces that can double up as a litter box and serve your cat well.

If you want to be more creative, you can pass the one that comes ready to use and modify your piece of furniture to make a beautiful door. The idea here is to ensure your cat can easily access its litter. That box enclosure can also become more functional by doubling up as a washstand, buffets, nightstands, boot box, or a kitchen cart. Just make sure its main function remains a litter box hideout.


It takes time and effort to find the right location for your litter box. You want to think about the place where your cat can easily locate it as well as where you’re comfortable with it. You need to please both you and your cat without any of you making sacrifices.

The best way to determine if your chosen location pleases your cat is to pay attention to their behavior. Ensure the cat can access it easily and gets the peace it deserves during its potty time. Remember, you can’t keep changing the litter box’s location often, as that might even make your furry friend reject it. Also, don’t forget that cats love a clean place, even if it’s for the litter.

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