6 Tips For Buying The Perfect Storage Ottoman

The storage ottoman is a must-have piece of furniture in any home that has limited space. With so many options in different shapes and colors available, it can be hard to decide what type of ottoman to get. Below are some great tips to help you choose the perfect storage ottoman for your room.

An ottoman is one type of furniture that can serve several functions and provide pretty looks around your home. If you’re looking for furniture with more aesthetic value plus a comfortable footrest, an ottoman is a way to go. Ottomans are fun and provide functional pieces to your living room.

If you’re looking to add an Ottoman to your room, there are several factors you must consider. Things like its function, size, shape, style, and color should play an essential role in your choice. If you choose the right ottoman, it will serve various functions, including storage, decoration, and a comfortable footrest.

To get all the features above, you’ll have to take your time, do your research, and only buy an ottoman once you’re convinced it suits your taste and needs. Here are some tips you should consider to ensure you get a suitable ottoman for your living room.

1.  Consider the Function of Your Ottoman

Of course, the main goal of an ottoman is to provide a place where you can rest your feet comfortably. What else do you need after a long day of hard work if not relaxing? You need to feel more indulgent by placing your feet on an ottoman after a tiresome day.

While ottomans are typically used as an extra seat, they can also serve as a coffee table.

But an ottoman does not only provide a place where you can put your feet after a hard day. This aesthetic furniture offers more than that. You can use it as an extra seat when you run out of seats in your living space. Also, depending on its size, an ottoman can serve as a coffee table as well. Therefore, when choosing an ottoman that fits your living room furniture, also consider these other uses.

2.  Factor in Ottoman Shapes

When picking the right shaped ottoman for your living room, you have to figure out certain factors. These factors include what you want to use your ottoman for, and then look for an ottoman shape that would suit your room. Various ottomans come in shapes that make them look comfortable and presentable in your home.

For example, it’s best to put square and cube shaped ottomans in your living room. You can use them as a central feature to help you plan for your home space layout. Square ottomans, in particular, are good in supplementing the look of the upholstered furniture around them.

Square and cube-shaped ottomans are among the best options for living rooms.

When moving square and cube ottomans together, you have to use a table runner to unify them. You can also distribute them in your living room chairs if you’re looking for more personalized comfort. For your bedroom and hallway, use rectangular ottomans, given that they have the perfect length to go at the end of a double bed.

Round ottomans are also available. With the comfort and versatility these round ottomans provide, you can use them for packing in a small frame. If you have a room that’s in danger of succumbing to a grid pattern, a round ottoman can be a perfect solution. This is because a round ottoman adds depth and dimension to such a room.

You can create that communal focal point by placing a round ottoman in your small conversation nook. You can also combine one round ottoman with your round couch to bring out that unique and contemporary look.

3.  Consider the Right Ottoman Materials

Choosing the right ottoman material for your space is very important. Remember that your ottoman’s texture and tone will define how it will look and fit you.

Given that ottomans are versatile pieces of furniture, it’s important to choose a fabric that can withstand all your home uses. You can go for darker colors to prevent it from getting dirty easily. If your living room already has fabric furniture, you have many fabric ottoman options you can choose from.


Choose a microfiber ottoman that’s bright in color to create attention to the center of your room. The assortment of inexpensive fabric ottoman provides more attractive slipcovers that help to coordinate your ottoman by season.


You can also consider leather ottomans if you’re looking for an ottoman that can serve you longer. Leather ottomans are stronger and more resistant to tearing, bunching, and even staining. Leather also has a soft, responsive quality, making it a comfortable cover for any furniture.

So if you’re looking to fill a large space, pick a black-leather ottoman to provide you with a stand-out piece. For final touches in your small room, choose a beige leather cocktail ottoman. Remember that choosing the right upholstery will positively impact your living space. Also, cleaning a leather ottoman is quite easy. But if you have pets around, it won’t serve you for long because simple scratches can lead to permanent damage.


Suede is a luxurious ottoman material. It has a unique texture and feels that no material can match. Its tone is always alive and fresh, especially when you brush it. On the other hand, acrylic materials are excellent for covering your fabric if you have kids and pets at home.

4.  Get a Pop of Color to Your Living Space

Don’t worry if you don’t have a huge amount of money to purchase that gorgeous velvet sofa you’ve desired for a long time. You can get a similar vibe to that velvet sofa with a brightly colored ottoman. Ottomans are relatively cheaper and smaller than a sofa. So you can use them to explore the world of color as you remain loyal to all neutral things.

Choose a contrasting color for your ottoman to add a sleek look to your room.

Your ottoman doesn’t have to match the color of your furniture. You can choose a contrasting color for your ottoman. Consider getting a bold primary color. You can also create a great impression by using less fabric and more frame showing. Use a wooden frame piece in your ottoman to bring some sense of real warmth to your interior space.

Just like other furniture, your choice of color, shape, and style will come together to create a great piece. So it’s essential to experiment with different combinations to get to your intended look.

5.  Buy an Ottoman for Extra Bedroom Storage

Place an ottoman at the end of your bed, and just like that, you’ll have extra storage space in your bedroom. Don’t let items overcrowd your wardrobe when you have an ottoman option. Dealing with overcrowded storage units, especially when you’re heading out, can be very difficult.

A storage ottoman that opens also acts as a great space to store your magazines and remote controls. Ottomans are the king of multitasking in the living room, thanks to their multipurpose nature. So if you need some extra space in your room, turn ottoman to save some space in your interior.

By putting an ottoman in your bedroom, you will get extra storage space to store pillows, blankets, and other items.

An ottoman not only offers a relaxing point for your feet but is also a place for your fleece throws and cashmere blankets. Finding a place to throw your pillows and blankets in your bedroom can be one of the nightmares in your living room. Ottoman comes to ease such burden.

When it comes to storage, you should consider an ottoman that will suit your storage needs. If you’re looking for a space to store your blankets and board games, choose a bench ottoman with storage to spare.

6.  Consider the Size and Number of Ottomans

Ottomans come in various sizes. The most common one is a longer rectangular, which is a good fit for an L-shaped sectional. This rectangular shaped ottoman requires a lot of space. That makes it so overwhelming in some flooring plans.

It’s wise to go for two or more rectangular-shaped ottomans, depending on your flooring needs. Having two or more will solve your problem, unlike putting one L-shaped sectional, taking up much of your space.

Two L-shaped ottomans will free up more space than a single rectangular one. You can push the two pieces together to get that extra space if you need a larger seating space. You also have to consider style while determining the number of ottomans in your living space.

A single ottoman will make your room more appealing, while two or more rectangular pieces will bring casual into your home. On that note, two rectangular ottomans offer excellent solutions, especially if you have kids at home who like fighting over who gets it. You can also place an L-shaped ottoman in a sectional center to act as a coffee table makeshift.

You can also use them as footrests and occasional chairs. For an L-shaped ottoman to act as a coffee table, you’ll need ample space to make them more practical. You can opt for 30 to 45cm of space between your sofa and occasional chair. This will enable you to avoid making it feel cramped and cluttered. You should also place it at the same height as your seating for optimal comfort.

Ottoman FAQ

Can you purchase an ottoman that’s also a bed?

Since you know that ottomans are versatile, you can turn them into a spare bed if you don’t have room to place your full sofa bed. A bed in the box will offer you the perfect solution. Make sure you choose the one that suits your space. You also need to choose various fabrics to cover it in.

Can you sit on an Ottoman?

An ottoman provides a great sitting space for your home. They can replace your sofa if you have a small room or serve as an extra sitting area.

What can you do with an extra ottoman?

If you believe you have an ottoman taking up too much space in your home, you can find it another use. You can move it to the bedroom, office, or dining area. Ottoman is a versatile piece of furniture that can fit anywhere.


Given their versatility, no one can underestimate an ottoman. An ottoman can take on various tasks in your living space, ranging from footrests, makeshift coffee tables to extra storage. This unique accent piece also has the potential to offer you an opportunity to create something special in your home.

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