6 Things To Consider When Buying Shoe Storage

As a shoe owner, you already know that they are just as much a part of your closet as your clothes. With a good pair of shoes, an outfit can be pulled together and make a statement. However, the problem with having a lot of shoes is the lack of sufficient storage space. Before you go out looking for shoe storage products, here are six things to consider when choosing the right product

Imagine this: You are walking in a shopping mall, and you suddenly come across a pair of lovely shoes. They are cute and fit perfectly. You decide to purchase them because you believe they were made just for you.

Upon reaching home, you realize that it is the 50th pair of shoes you have bought. Slowly, your shoes have started filling up the empty spaces in your house and messing with everything.  You can no longer keep your footwear safe and organized.

Things get even worse if you are married because you now have to add to the mess already created by your partner’s and kids’ shoes.  The truth is that leaving your shoes all over the place can damage them in the long run.

Fortunately, there is a simple solution to your problem. Choosing a shoe storage cabinet will play a critical role in keeping your lovely shoes under control, easy to find, and free from dust and moisture.

So, how do you find a good shoe storage unit? Read on to find out some of the critical factors you need to consider.

Why Is It Essential to Have a Shoe Storage Cabinet?

Everyone needs a shoe storage cabinet because it is the best way to store your footwear and ensure they are safe. Keep in mind that your shoes earn you so much respect and appreciation. Therefore, you need to show them love and care as well.

There is another interesting reason why you need to acquire a shoe storage cabinet.  Most people without a shoe storage unit tend to store their shoes close to the entryway in their homes.

It means that the first thing that visitors see when entering your house is shoes. Therefore, the way you have organized your shoes can significantly impact how your guests feel about you.

Shoe storage cabinets allow you to safely store your footwear and keep them organized.

And it is not just about your shoe collection because your family members will also have their shoe collection in the same spot.

So, as you purchase more pairs of shoes, think about the storage and how they will fit in your house.

What Types of Shoe Storage Should You Consider?

Shoe storage units are extremely versatile and practical pieces of furniture.

Most of them come in varying designs, styles, and sizes that can fit in different spaces. The three main options you need to choose from are:

1. Shelves

Shoe shelves are often hidden behind doors or cupboards.

They are a more advanced version of conventional shoe racks and can fit more pairs since you are not tied to a limited number of cubby holes and can rearrange your shoes in different ways to maximize space usage.

Shelves are the best option if you have different types of boots or shoes since the lower shelf offers more height.

They are also a good option for chic hallways where a collection of several trainers may not be a desirable decoration.

2. Cubby holes

Cubby holes are square or rectangular shoe storage slots that are more popular with individuals who love to have an overview of each pair of shoes they own.

However, it can be difficult to fit boots or slightly bigger types of shoes since all cabinets have cubby holes of the same size.

Cubby holes are the best option for storing kid’s shoes and school backpacks.

3. Drop-down inclined shelves

Drop-down inclined shelves are the true space-saving game-changers. They can easily be positioned behind doors and other cabinets to save space and have relatively low depth.

They can also accommodate different types of shoes, and you can have several of them next to each other.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Shoe Storage

Now that you understand the importance of having a shoe storage unitt and the different types of shoe storage available, let us discuss some of the critical factors you need to consider while purchasing a shoe storage cabinet.

1. Capacity

One of the most critical things you need to consider is the size of the shoe storage. You want something that will hold all your shoes.

When shopping, you will come across shoe storage cabinets with different capacities.

Determine the capacity of the desired storage cabinet based on the number of pairs you own.

It is even better to go for a cabinet with a slightly higher storage capacity than the exact number of pairs you presently own. The extra space may help you in the future when you acquire more pairs.

For instance, you may find some storage cabinets that can accommodate more than 40 pairs of shoes. The other options you may come across are 21-30, 31-40 and smaller variants that can only accommodate less than 20 pairs of shoes.

2. Form and function

Form and function are two critical factors that run on a parallel note. Typically, the storage capacity of the cabinet is determined by how strong the storage unit is. The quality of the material used to make the storage unit will also determine its appearance.

Some storage units may be slightly expensive but have an excellent appearance which makes them more attractive. However, some units have a lesser price tag but feature a thin profile that may not match existing visuals in your room.

Metallic storage units look stylish and suit a wide range of décor but are slightly heavier. Most of them are affordable and durable.

3. Consider the material

Another essential consideration is the material used in the manufacture of the shoe storage unit. These units can be made of wood, plastic, fabric, or metal.

Wood is widely used because it is a versatile material and cost-effective compared to the other options.  It will also rightly meet the specific application without difficulties.

However, wood is not suitable for exterior use since it is prone to water damage. It must also be polished to achieve desired looks. The adhesive used for connecting the different pieces in the cabinet may also be toxic.

Plastic cabinets are relatively easy to handle and available in different colors. They are also easy to clean, waterproof, economical, and easy to clean.

Unfortunately, plastic units are less durable; their shelves can’t hold much weight and are less customizable.

Fabric shoe storage units are becoming common because they are relatively easy to maintain and available in varied color options. When you choose a machine-washable shoe cabinet, you can easily wash it since it has removable shelves.

The only disadvantage of fabric shoe storage units is that they are prone to fading, and the material can attract sunlight.

If you are looking for something more contemporary, then you should consider buying metallic cabinets. These units are highly resistant to temperature changes and can add a sleek appearance to your space. They are also easy to clean and rarely need repainting.

The only downside of metallic shoe storage units is that they are not water-resistant, making them prone to rusting.  You will need repainting whenever your unit shows signs of rusting.

4. Consider dimensions

Considering the dimension of any piece of furniture before you purchase is critical.  Unfortunately, most of us tend to forget this fact when we are actively shopping for a shoe storage unit.

Take accurate measurements to ensure that the shoe storage cabinet matches the dimensions of your space.

If you want to acquire the best shoe storage cabinet, don’t forget to consider the dimension. In this case, the dimension includes the length, width, and height of the unit.

Ensure the external measurement of the unit tallies with the space where you have planned to place it in your home. If it is too big for the space, it will hinder free movement in the entryway.

5. Budget considerations

Don’t start shopping without knowing how much money you are willing to spend on the unit. Some shoe storage units are more expensive than others.

However, don’t compromise on quality for the sake of saving money. Sometimes, it makes sense to spend a little more on something that will serve you for many years.

Before purchasing a shoe storage cabinet, determine the exact amount of money you are willing to spend.

If you are trying to find a shoe storage unit that will only serve you for a couple of years before you dispose of it, go for the relatively cheap options.

Typically, wooden shoe storage units are more costly than metallic and plastic ones because they last longer and are more attractive. They  also add to the beauty of your room décor.

6. Open vs. closed shoe storage units

Shoe storage units can be open or closed. Open units allow you to have immediate access to your shoes and are suitable for entryways where you easily store shows that you wear almost every day.

Open units are well-ventilated, which allows your shoes to breathe.

However, open units can’t protect your footwear from dust and dirt. They can also compromise the overall look of your entryway if the shoes are not well organized because everything is visible.

On the other hand, closed shoe storage units are designed to keep your shoes out of sight, giving a tidier look to your space. These units are a great option if you want to safeguard your shoes from sunlight and dust.

Unfortunately, keeping your footwear in closed spaces increases the chances of mold growth. The lack of air supply to the shoes can also affect their longevity.


Your shoes play a critical role in defining your personality. Therefore, it pays to take good care of them and ensure they are stored properly.

With a good shoe storage unit, you can be sure that your shoes will remain in excellent condition and serve you for many years. It will also help you keep your spaces tidier and protect your investment.

The tips outlined above will help you choose the best shoe storage unit ideal for your needs.

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