5 Things To Consider When Buying A Storage Bench

When it comes to storage, you have a lot of options. But benches can offer the best of both worlds: They can store a lot of stuff while also making a great place to sit. Here are five things to consider when buying a storage bench

Are you looking to add some extra sitting area to your house without consuming too much space? A storage bench has always come in handy to bring both style and functionality to homes. The benches act as both seating space and extra storage area. A storage bench keeps your space more organized and decluttered.

If you’re looking to buy a storage bench, you’ll need to get one that perfectly suits your needs. You have to look at the space you have in your home, the storage capacity of the bench, and how it’s going to add style and elegance to your house. You have to choose something that matches your home’s décor without leaving functionality behind. Storage benches come in different styles, materials, and types that you must consider before making your choice.

So, if you’re out there shopping for a perfect storage bench to add to your home, here are five different things you must keep in mind.

1.  Consider the Location

Before you carry your new storage bench home, you must first decide where you’re going to put it. Different storage benches are made specifically for certain areas in the house. Are you going to keep your storage bench outdoors, or will you bring it inside the home? If you intend to use the bench inside the house, then consider the specific room. Here is a detailed description of ideal places to put a storage bench.

  • The Bedroom

The bedroom can work pretty well with your storage bench if you need additional furniture to sit on and store some items. In the bedroom, the storage bench can take the form of a huge ottoman with cushions on top or a backless couch. The perfect place to put it is at the foot of the bed for comfort.

A bedroom.
Adding a storage bench to your bedroom will give you some extra space to sit or store items.
  • The Kitchen

Is your dining room furniture occupying too much space? Now it’s time to replace them with a storage bench that will provide plenty of sitting area without taking too much of your space. You can use storage benches for sitting at the dining table. Consider getting the models that come with upright backs for added comfort.

  • The Entryway

Your bench will add some style to your house to put it in that space in the entryway. Here, they provide extra sitting when you don’t want to enter the house and perfect storage for shoes. Make sure they get that hardy and solid surface. You can also choose benches made of hardwood as they can withstand the high traffic in the entryways.

  • Patio Area

If you love enjoying the morning sun while appreciating the wonderful work of nature, then the patio must be your favorite spot. While there, you need for comfortable sitting. Besides sitting, a good bench will offer the built-in space for storage of items such as cushions. If you have a good eye for style, then you can go for plastic or wicker models for your patio.

A patio with furnitures.
You can use storage benches for your patio area to have some extra seating place and store cushions or other items.

Consider the Types of Storage Benches

When it comes to storage benches, no type fits it all. Storage benches come in different types to suit the individual choices of homeowners. Here are different styles that you can choose from when shopping for one, depending on your needs.

  • Foldable Benches

If you live in a small apartment, it’s a good idea to get a storage bench that you can fold and unfold as you wish. This means you can pull them out when you need extra seats or storage and stack them away when not in use. They also come in lightweight options, so you can even carry them with you when moving for a short time.

  • Truck-Style Benches

These benches come in elegant and sturdy designs perfectly made to ensure they serve you well. The benches come in different models, mostly featuring leather, metal, or wood finishing. These benches not only give you plenty of storage space but also ensure you get a comfortable seat.

A soft storage bench with 3 storage basket.
The benches come in different models, mostly featuring leather, metal, or wood finishing.
  • Shoe Storage Benches

Shoe storage benches are perfect for the entryway. If you’re coming in with shoes full of dust and mud, you can leave them on the bench until you’re ready to clean them. These benches come designed in compartments, so they provide enough shoe storage spaces like shoe racks. The top of the benches is a comfortable seat where you can relax while taking off or wearing your shoes.

  • Storage Benches with Legs

The addition of the legs in these kinds of storage benches ensures you get the elegance that your house deserves. These benches provide the perfect addition to the living room, thanks to their stunning look. They also feature less bulky designs to enable you to move them from one point to another.

A man smiling on her laptop while sitting.
Storage benches with legs are often not as bulky as other styles and can be easily carried around.

The Materials

Another thing you should never overlook when buying a storage bench is the material. The build material has a lot to do with where you’ll place your bench as some won’t survive in the outdoor conditions. If you have plastic and wicker storage benches, they’ll do well outdoors. However, those made from wood will work well if you put them in your bedroom or family room.

Here are Different Materials to Consider

  • Wood

Wood is a popular material for making storage benches. The best woods come with wonderful materials and look traditional. They also feature a wide range of styles and shapes.

  • Plastic

The benches made of plastic are usually suitable for the outdoors, thanks to their high resistance to weather changes. Plastic is lightweight; hence you can easily move them from one space to another. Plastic benches offer perfect protection of items like cushions from the bad weather.

  • Wicker

Wicker furniture is very stylish and elegant. They make perfect storage and seating for the outdoor area. Some come combined with a plush pillow to give you the added comfort. Wicker furniture is made with weather resistance in mind because they mostly sit in the patio area.

  • Metal

There are also storage benches made of metal that you can comfortably add to your furniture collection. Metal comes in different designs and styles and sometimes is combined with wood and other materials. Get one that suits your aesthetic appeal and functionality.

Consider the Size and Storage Capacity of Your Bench

If you want your storage bench to be functional and stylish, you must be very careful with your size choice. The size you choose will depend on the capacity of the storage you need and the space you have in your house. You don’t want to get a bench that will end up squeezing your space.

You should also think of the space inside your bench where you’re going to store your items. Keep in mind the specific items you’re going to store there. If it’s a bedroom bench, you need a space big enough to put away some winter clothing or extra bedding. Carry out some measurements while at the store, so you’re completely sure of the dimensions.

There are different ways you can maximize the storage space of your bench to meet your specific needs. If you’re getting a bench for storing shoes, consider going for one with various compartments like a shoe rack. You can also go for models with shelves and drawers to give you a much easier time. The more compartments, drawers, or shelves you get, the more functional your storage bench will be.

Check the Style

The style you choose for your storage bench should reflect much of the entire style in your home. You don’t want to get additional furniture only for it to end up looking out of place. You don’t want to ruin the stunning design and decors you’ve made too much effort to put together. A good style will determine how well your bench will fit into your space. Here are different styles to consider.

  • Traditional Style

Traditional comes in wooden models with backs, arms, and carved details. This is a timeless and common style that can blend in well with any home décor.

  • Industrial Style

This bench gives your home the feel and the look of a factory. They usually come purpose-built and are utilitarian when it comes to aesthetics.

  • Cottage Style

Cottage style is more of a semi-rustic appeal that doesn’t leave behind the natural look. The desk made of this style will add some worth and inviting utility to your home.

  • Contemporary

Benches made in contemporary styles look bold with novel details. These styles add a perfectly stunning look to your home without leaving behind the functionality part of it.

A contemporary style storage benches on a living room.
Contemporary-style storage benches will add a touch of elegance to any of your rooms.
  • Modern

Finally, you have benches that feature modern styles. The styles are simple and fused with perfect aesthetics and utility. The pieces stand out in any room and provide much-needed comfort.


Buying a perfect storage bench for your home is as simple as that. You have to know where you’re going to place it, the perfect type, suitable material, and a deserving style. If you wish, you can look for additional features and accessories when making your bench choice. If you take your time to pick the correct bench, nothing will stop you from adding style and convenience to your living space.

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