28 Secret Best Ways To Organize A Closet

Disorganization in the closet is a sad reality for many people. If you're one of them, it's time to do something about it! The closet is one of the most commonly disorganized spaces in home. Clothing piles, stacks of books and papers, everything you don't need is crammed into tiny spaces. Here are 28 organized closet ideas that will help you get started on your way to having your own model-like closet space!

An organized closet has a unique way of making your morning routine easier and enhancing your mood. You don’t have to rummage through piles of clothes trying to find your socks or even your vest. If your closet is well-organized, you can see everything you’re looking for and will save a lot of time.

If you haven’t had the luxury of having an organized closet, then you should check some unique ideas for closet organization. One thing you must understand is that keeping your closet organized is an ongoing process. There are times when you feel like you have too many clothes you’re not using anymore and need to declutter. There are also times you have so much space that you don’t feel guilty if you go shopping for more clothing.

If your closet is well-organized, you won’t have to spend more than 20 minutes arranging things or decluttering. So, if you want an easier life and a wonderful feeling every time you’re picking your outfit for the day, here are closet organization ideas you have to put into practice.

1.  Start by Emptying the Closet

If you’re starting with your closet organization, then you have to remove everything. Empty the entire closet, so you have an easier time seeing its size. You will easily figure out where to put which clothes and how much will fit in if you’re looking at it while it’s empty.

You have to start organizing your closet from scratch to come up with a better outcome. This is also an opportunity to deep clean and keep your clothes in a fresh-looking space.

2.  Declutter the Closet

Once you remove everything from the closet, sort them out one by one as you figure out the ones you no longer use. Get rid of those clothes, feeling up space in your closet, yet you no longer wear them. You can give out those clothes to charity or sell them. There are various online platforms where you can sell your secondhand clothes and make good money.

3.  Store by Frequently Used

As you start returning your clothes to the closet, make sure you sort them by frequently used. This will ensure you don’t have to dig deep into your clothing searching for a specific outfit. If you have those clothes, you only wear them for particular occasions which are not so frequent, tuck them in the furthest corner. This will ensure they don’t always get in your way.

Those Halloween costumes you only wear once a year should be out of your sight until you need to use them. This will also ensure you don’t disorganized your clothes while looking for the ones you frequently used. You’ll also save a lot of time in the process.

4.  Make Use of Organizers

If you can’t seem to have an organized closet, you have to figure out a different way to organize things. Closet organizers save you space and make your closet neat. There are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to closet organizers, and these include the use of closet systems. Invest some money on closet organizers and make your home a desirable place to live in.

5.  Rotate Your Clothes

If you’re among the people who can’t get enough of the clothes and tend to have plenty of them in your closet, you can consider rotating. Start by rotating your clothes with the season. When it’s winter, only put warm clothes within your reach and store away the ones for summer.

You can also rotate your clothes by size.  There are those times when you gain a lot of weight, and some clothes tend not to fit. These could be periods when you’re either pregnant nursing. Rotate the clothes according to what fits and feels comfortable.

You can also decide to put away a certain percentage of your clothing and only use a specific type. You can treat this as a style change. After wearing a specific style for some time, consider changing your outfit by storing the current ones and bringing out a new set. This clothes rotation helps you keep your closet neat and creates space.

6.  Store by Category

Storing your clothes according to different categories will make a huge difference when it’s time to locate whatever you want to wear. Keep like items together. Have the belts, socks, sundresses in one location. Keep those clothes you wear to the office separate from those you wear to parties or your weekend pajamas.

Take time to group your wardrobe according to type. Gather everything, including shirts, t-shirts, jeans, belts, sweat pants, and shorts. Once you’ve grouped everything, decide where to store them so you can reach them easily whenever you need to wear something. Grouping also saves space and will help you know how much space you still have.

7.  Color Code your Closet

Apart from storing your clothes by category, you can also store them by color. Organizing your wardrobe by color will take a lot of time, but in the end, you’ll achieve what you’ve long desired; an organized closet. Arranging your clothes by color makes it easy for you to pick whatever you’re looking for as long as you’re a visual person.

Color coding your closet will make it much easier for you to access clothes you are looking for.

8.  Embrace Uniformity

If you want to make your closet more visually appealing, you should embrace uniformity. Make sure you buy matching hangers, shoe boxes, and storage containers so everything looks uniform and neatly organized. You should also ensure you have extra hangers and containers, so you have something to store the new clothes you just bought. Keeping everything in a uniform manner will ensure you eliminate the visual clutter and make space look neater and spacious.

9.  Expand Your Closet

Don’t let your small closet bar you from buying more clothes and other outfits because you’re worried about where you’ll store them. There are many ways to expand the closet area to fit everything you want to store. If you can see a wall space nearby or a nook, utilize it appropriately.

You can also set up a dressing area with a small table and a dressing mirror. If you happen to have items that can’t fit inside the closet, under the bed can still provide good storage space.

10. Buy Closet Supplies

The best way to organize your closet and make it neater is to use various supplies. Supplies come in many forms, including hangers, plastic containers, baskets, and more. But don’t rush into buying supplies before knowing what you need them for and where they’ll fit in the closet.

Get some hangers and other storage supplies to organize your closet.

11. Monitor the Season

Another way to organize your closet and give yourself an easy time is to consider the season. If you have to switch from blouses to bottoms according to the time of the year, then you’ll have to rearrange accordingly. If it’s summer, you have to put summer-friendly clothing within your reach and stack away those meant for winter. You have to bring those clothes that you need in front of the entire pack so you can grab them and go easily.

12. Label the Closet

If you’re sharing the closet with someone else in the family, labeling will help keep it organized. Have some sticker labels and markers to help you out. Label those shoe boxes and baskets to make it easy for you to pick the specific item you’re looking for.

13. Fill Up the Luggage

Do you have suitcases and other types of luggage stack away in the closet? If that luggage bag is empty, then they’re just going to occupy a big space for nothing. Save up as much space as possible by filling up the luggage. They can make suitable storage spaces for off-season clothes or extra linen. To make your work easier, use packing cubes. This way, you can remove them easily when you want to use the luggage for a trip.

Fill up the luggage with off-season clothes to clear some space in the closet.

14. Use the Top Shelf

That space between the top of your closet and the ceiling is still a viable space for extra storage. While this place is one of the hardest areas to reach, you can’t just let it go to waste. You can put on those clothes you don’t often wear, so you don’t always have to reach them. The lightweight bins and some sweatshirts can fit well in the space. The bins will be easy to grab when you need to take something out and return when done.

15. Keep Shoes off the Floor

It’s important to keep not only shoes but most of your items off the floor as much as possible. Keeping things off the floor makes everything neater. It keeps your floor free of dust and grime and gives you an easy time cleaning. Keeping shoes off the floor also protects them from damage as they won’t be in contact with the cold floor. Use shoe organizers to store away your shoes and keep them out of the way.

To make your closet look neater, always keep the shoes and other clothes off the floor.

16. Make Use of Over the Door Storage

Is your closet door empty? You can utilize it as well for extra storage space. Install some shelves on your closet door and get an additional area to store extra items like jewelry, toys, accessories, towels, and toiletries. Anything that the door can hold should fit there. Make sure you’re creative enough with this closet organization idea, so you don’t end up overwhelming the door.

17. Invest in a Closet System

Installing a closet system is a wonderful way to create more space and get organized. You can even start with simple wire shelving and get plenty of unused space.

A good closet system will allow you to use up space in your closet more wisely. Well, there’s no denying that a closet system is a big investment. But they can save you from a lot of frustration and hassle. You easily allocate every piece of clothing in their spot and make your life much easier.

18. Maintain Cleanliness and Repair

You have to keep your wardrobe clean and repaired to keep it in good condition. Even a well-organized closet can still attract pests and mold if you neglect it. Make sure you always clean and air your wardrobe. If you have the time, once a month can do. You should also do some repairs often, so your closet is always in good condition.

19. Make Use of the Vertical Space

Don’t leave space above or below the closet space because they can store more products. Vertical spaces have a fantastic way of changing the layout of your space and making it look neat. You can install shelves in your closet to create room for more storage. You can also make use of containers and boxes to store extra items in the vertical spaces.

That space over the door makes a perfect space for hanging a shoe rack. You can also install DIY shelves to hold handbags and jewelry boxes.

20. Hang the Delicate Items

You might not have enough room in your closet to hang everything, but the small space can accommodate the delicate ones. Hang delicate items like skirts, dresses, and lingerie. Also, hang the fancy ones and the sturdy pieces such as blazers and coats.

Always hang delicate and fancy items, such as skirts, dresses, lingerie, blazers, and coats.

To make the closet look neater and well organized, hang the clothes facing the same direction. Arrange the longer ones on the left and the shorter ones on the right. This way, your clothes will create an upward sloping line and make the whole space appear more organized.

21. Fold and Stack Things like Denim and Sweaters

Those stiff denim jeans and bulky winter sweaters can still occupy a very small space if you fold them properly. Their sturdy nature makes them perfect for stacking away in that space on your shelf. They don’t clump or crinkle when you stack them. Stacking also makes it easy for you to pick whatever you’re looking for because they’re visible

22. Hang the Accessories

Your closet is not only made up of clothes. You also have those smaller items like bags, hats, and necklaces. These are the hardest items to organize, but you can do it. Hooks work well for such accessories, especially if you have enough wall space.  Use hooks to hang them on the wall to double up as décor if you group them in rows. You can also hang small pockets for things like earrings, bracelets, baubles, and necklaces.

To organize your jewelry and other accessories, consider hanging them in the closet.

23. Make it Clear

If you’re going to put small items inside your closet, you got to make the space clear enough so you can easily spot what you’re looking for. Glass or acrylic shelves can serve you well for this purpose. This makes a perfect option for storage spaces where you have accessories like jewelry and sunglasses. With this organization, you’ll quickly pick what you’re looking for and match it with the outfit you chose for the day without wasting time.

24. Don’t Let Any Space Go Unused

When you have so many items to store and minimal space in your closet, you have to utilize everything. Not even a single space should go to waste. Stash the small items such as hats, scarves, belts, ties, and necklaces in those crevices. Don’t store the belts, scarves, and other accessories in boxes when you can use that space on the wall. Install some hooks or towel bars to create an excellent display of your collection.

25. Light It Up

How will you choose the right dress color for a night out if there’s no light in your closet? Make sure you light up your cabinet using recessed lighting. LED lights on the shelves are perfect for creating a well-lit room.

Get some LED lights to light up your closet and make it easier for you to access your clothes and accessories.

26. Paint the Closet or Install Wallpaper

Don’t forget to paint or wallpaper your closet to add a touch of color and aesthetics. Add some style and glam into that small space by choosing beautiful wallpaper. Fun wallpaper paired with a beautiful light fixture can brighten up space and make it look glamorous.  If you do it well, you can turn your closet area into your favorite space in the house.

27. Make It a Family Effort

If the whole household can’t organize their closets, they’ll make life even harder for the few people who do it. Ensure your hubby and kids take part in keeping the closet tidy and organized. Take your time to teach them how to organize their clothes, shoes, and other accessories in the closet. Everyone should take charge of organizing their closets and keeping things neat. If everyone participates, you’ll cut the cleaning time and make organization a family culture.

28. Reward Yourself

Organizing your closet and keeping up with the excellent work is not easy. Finding the time to arrange things or even getting the guts to dispose of the clothes you no longer use is a sacrifice. If you manage to do it and maintain that organization for many months ahead, then it’s time to pat yourself on the back. Recognize every effort you’ve made and reward yourself. You can treat yourself to that expensive shoe you’ve been eying as a reward.


Organizing your closet is not all about achieving aesthetics. An organized closet has both physical and emotional benefits. Imagine how convenient and fulfilling it feels to wake up in the morning and only use a minute picking your outfit for the day.

Staying organized reduces stress, anxiety, and depression. This can save you a lot of time and reduce anxiety. Keep your closet well-organized and save time, effort, and your emotional well-being.

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