23 Storage Ideas For Your Home Office

It's just as important to keep your home office free of clutter as it is to keep the rest of your home organized and clutter free. Here are 23 easy storage ideas that will have your home office looking great.

Working from home is becoming the new normal not only because many people can’t go outside but also because of digitalization. There’s no need to travel for conference meetings when you can hold a zoom call at the comfort of your home.

Your home office needs functionality and space to accommodate you and your office supplies. You need a space that motivates you to wake up every morning and be productive. Having the best storage solutions for your home office will make your space appear tidy, organized, and inspiring.

You need to consider home office storage ideas that’ll make your space both functional and stylish. You want to tidy up space as well as your mind. The least you want is to have tons of papers filling up your desk and your supplies at every corner. An organized home office space ensures everything is in its space, and you can reach what you need. Cabinets, shelves, boxes, drawers, and paper files all work well with a touch of creativity.

So, how do you organize your home office and skyrocket your productivity? Here are 23 storage ideas for your home office that you need to give a try.

1.  Have a Paper Filing System

Even though the technology is trying its best to get rid of paper, it’s still an essential item in the office. As long as your office still uses papers, you’re going to have a hard time organizing things with tones of papers lying everywhere. You don’t want to imagine rampaging through a block of papers trying to find an important document.

The only solution you have to this problem is to ensure a correct paper filing system. With a good filing system, you can trace your paper records and find those receipts you’re looking for. Consider using paper filing systems such as expandable folders, file organizers, or portable file boxes.

2.  Go Paperless

We’ll know that papers occupy a lot of space and can make it difficult for you to keep the office tidy. All those piles lying around not only fill up space but also take away most of your time trying to organize. Keeping physical documents is also tedious and risky. Why not get away from all the trouble by going paperless?

Minimize the use of papers by taking and sharing notes in your laptop.

You can start taking and sharing notes on your laptop. Make use of cloud storage for important office documents. If you must use paper, go through them every day and keep away or dispose of the ones you no longer need. Free space will not only keep the office neat but also motivate you and skyrocket your productivity.

3.  Get a Desk with Storage Compartments

One of the best ways to maximize a small home office room is to ensure your desk serves a dual purpose. Buy a desk that meets your need for a working desk and a storage space. Having a desk that also acts as storage for the things you need is an excellent way of ensuring everything is within your reach.

Many desks come with drawers and shelving systems. They not only look beautiful but are also tidy and organized. Shop for such a desk and add some functionality to your small space. With this kind of desk, you are many steps to coming up with the most productive workspace.

4.  Keep the Home Office Storage Flexible

When you’re starting your work from home, it’s going to be small and enough for you. But you’re not going to stay stuck in one place for decades to come. You need a home office storage space that can grow with you. Therefore, flexibility is an essential feature that you should never ignore.

You need a storage unit that can grow, and you can alter it to fit your changing needs. You don’t need to move to a bigger house or rent a storage space simply because your current system can’t fit you anymore. Consider going for adjustable shelves. Whatever you get, make sure you can maximize them as much as possible.

5.  Opt for Space Saving Storage Idea

Because your home was never meant to serve as an office, you’re going to have to be creative to turn it into one. One of the ways to do so is to try and save as much space as possible. To do so, anything you put in there should help you fulfill your goal of saving the space.

Consider getting a foldaway desk or chair to provide enough space in the room when you’re not sitting at your desk. If you choose to turn a small corner in your bedroom into an office, you should be able to fold away everything once you’re done. There are many ways to save the small space; you have to be extra creative.

6.  Utilize that Space in the Wall

When the space is minimal, you can’t allow anything to go to waste. The walls and the ceiling can provide a fantastic storage space if only you know how to use them. One of the ways of utilizing the walls is through the use of a corkboard.

Get a corkboard and store some of your documents or to-do lists right on your wall.

The board provides wonderful storage for your documents and in a place where you can see what you need. This is a creative way of storing to-do lists, notes, and invitations. The board works as a reminder, so you don’t forget an important meeting or activity. There are many ways to utilize that space on the wall and still keep it neat.

7.  Differentiate the Work Area

As far as you want to utilize your small office space, you also don’t want to risk things getting in your way. Separating your workspace with the storage space ensures you don’t get any kinds of distractions. This also helps you maintain a clean office that can inspire creativity and productivity. With a designated space for your documents and supplies, you can allocate everything in their own space.

8.  A Peg Board Will Never Disappoint

A pegboard may look tiny and unimportant, but it does a great job keeping your office area organized. It provides extra storage space for your items and keeps your office in perfect shape. It’s a wonderful way to save room for drawers and shelves. You can put it in a place where it’s easy to reach. This can be right in front of your desk, where you can display the items you often use for easier access. A pegboard works well for keeping notes, memos, calendars, and the daily to-do list.

9.  Reuse Your Household Items

You don’t have to go to the shop and spend a lot of money finding organizers for your home office desk when you have many reusable items at home. Those cans, jars, yogurt tins, and all kinds of containers can work well as your home office storage items. You can use them to store office utensils in an organized and easy to access way.

Consider using an old mug to store some of your stamps, pens, pencils, scissors, or other items you need in your home office.

If you don’t have tins to spare, you can even borrow some rarely used mugs from the kitchen. Use the mugs to store small office items like stamps, paper clips, scissors, and pens. Place the cups in a beautiful tray, so they give you an easy time clearing the desk for dusting and organizing.

10. Use Tumblers

Tumblers provide perfect storage solutions that keep your home office organized and neat. They’re perfect for storing all your stationery. They help you get those messy pens and other accessories off your desk. Choose tumblers that fit your style and needs.

11. Make Use of Shelving

Shelves have never been disappointed when it comes to office organization. They have a wonderful way of making even the smallest of spaces seem large enough, and they can accommodate lots of items. An exemplary storage idea when it comes to shelving is the use of open shelves. They’ll work well in ensuring the empty wall space is adequately utilized. You can also use some decors on the shelves to make the space beautiful.

Use minimalistic open shelves to make the most of your wall space and store even more items.

12. Use Cubbies to Organize Items

Like the shelves, cubby systems also go a long way in helping you organize the home office and store lots of inventory. Good cubby bookshelves will not only work for books but lots of other office accessories. The cubbies came with their natural neatness that gives your office a perfectly proportioned look. 

You can use the cubbies to display the items you might want your guests to see. For those that you want to hide away, make use of small decorative baskets to slide inside the cubbies and make the space look neat.

13. Try Floating Shelves

Instead of using bookshelves, you can try floating shelves instead. These shelves provide the needed storage and bring out that appealing look that you very much desire. It’s a unique way of utilizing the vertical space.

To make this storage idea look appealing and tidy, group the items that look alike together. Use baskets or boxes for those items that have irregular shapes and are hard to store. This storage idea makes the space look uniformed and tidy.

14. Sort out Things

If you take a lot of time rampaging through your stuff to find an item you need to use, your organization system needs some reworking. Why don’t you sort everything out and return some sanity into that tiny office? Sorting things out keeps clutter off your desk and makes it easy for you to find whatever you’re looking for.

Avoid that chaos in your drawer by putting your desktop accessories, baskets, trays, and tabs into their spaces. Take at least two hours off your day once per week to put things in order if you’ve disorganized stuff throughout the week.

15. Make it Personal

No one is going to crucify you for personalizing your home office. You need to use some organizational ideas that define your personality and display those items that you very much cherish. Your desk can do more than just being a reading space or storing supplies. How about you decorate the office with some curated collections that bring out your style?

Decorate your home office with items that make you feel better to be motivated and full of energy at all times.

Don’t be afraid to put in there anything that you find appealing. Turn that home office space into an eclectic, arty environment by mixing colors and patterns that define your personality. With a good décor and personalization, you’ll always look forward to getting to work. The environment gives you the energy you need to get started and be productive.

16. Beautiful Storage Boxes make it Stylish

If you know how to make use of storage boxes, they’ll bring in more than storage to your home office. Beautiful storage boxes can blend perfectly with the rest of your décor and provide a perfect storage solution in the space. To make this practical, consider using storage trunks, wooden crates, and trinket boxes.

The boxes beautify the office and also hide away any signs of papers and office accessories. Their space-saving nature is impressive. You can push these boxes under your desk and maximize the space you have there.

17. Get a Bin Organization System

When organizing your office storage space, don’t neglect the bin. Everything counts if you’re looking to make the space neat and inspiring. How about you use matching bins to make the space orderly? Try labeling everything, so all your accessories go to their rightful spaces, and you also have an easy time getting whatever you need. You don’t have to make everything identical. Ensure everything blends in and brings some functionality into your home office.

18. Save Space with Built-In Furniture

Built-in furniture provides long-term storage space for your home office. It elevates your office space to make it look tidy, sleek, and permanent. The storage idea comes in the form of a foldaway desk or built-in bookshelves. Use bespoke desks to bring in functionality and perfect fit. They perfectly fit in different dimensions, and you can make them part of your room’s design and décor.

19. Use Compartments

Consider utilizing the spaces that come with different workstations. This home office storage idea will work well for you if you’re not the only one using the office. Maybe another family member also needs to work from home, or you have employees coming in now and then.

Go for desk designs with different workspaces. This way, you can give everyone their workspace and still not compromise on storage. You can also use corner desks to accommodate different work areas. Make sure everyone is comfortable in their workspace.

20. Don’t let the Space under the Desk Go to Waste

There are many other ways to utilize the space under your desk and maximize the space.  You can push in small boxes or storage cabinets full of office accessories. This is a wise way of ensuring no single space goes to waste, and your space looks neat and organized. Don’t forget to leave enough room for your leg. You don’t want to fill up space so much that you have no room for stretching your legs.

Instead of leaving the space under your desk empty, utilize it to store even more items right in your home office.

21. Use the Space Under the Stairs

What are you doing with that space under the stairs? It can be your balcony, bedroom corner, or space next to the kitchen. There are many ways to turn that space into home office storage and a working area. Add storage cabinets or wall shelves into space. That valuable space looks perfect when neatly organized and can make your small office look appealing and practical. Get a professional to come to help you turn that space into an office and storage area.

22. Go Wireless

There are a lot of tech devices needed in modern offices. All the tech devices need to be connected to each other or have a power source. But all the wires passing through your office desk and winding in that small space can make it look untidy. But you don’t have to use all those wires because modern printing devices, keyboards, headset, and mouse are made wireless. Consider going for these wireless devices and keep your working space entanglement-free. Make the space tidy and free up enough room for storage.

Consider getting wireless devices for your home office to save up some space on and under your desk.

23. Wall to Wall Shelving

This storage idea is a perfect way to get enough storage space to accommodate all your needs for the longest time possible. A wooden shelving system works well for any home, and you’ll never regret it. Having an entire wall filled with a shelf gives you more than enough storage space in your home office. You can make different storage compartments to neatly organize the space and make it easy for you to find what you’re looking for. Make sure everything is kept separate and well-organized.


You can’t imagine how many things an organized and planned home office space can accommodate. A well-organized space is not only about the number of items it can accommodate but also how appealing it looks. Figure out the things you often use and keep them where you can easily have access. Make sure you come up with an ergonomic home office design that features your space-saving ambition. Don’t forget to incorporate décor and your personality.

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