20 Amazing Creative Storage Ideas For Tiny House

Tiny houses can be a little challenging when it comes to storage solutions. After all, every square inch of space counts. If your tiny house has limited floor and wall space for storage, 20 creative storage ideas will help you get the most out of the available space you have.

Have you visited those friends of yours who live in very tiny homes but are pretty organized? Have you wondered how those people organize themselves while living in such small places?

Well, the secret is twofold: first of all, you need to know how to live with less. The second part is that you must get creative when it comes to finding ways to organize yourself into really not that much space. Find those unused crevices in your home and turn them into storage spaces. Also, get rid of those things you no longer need to create more storage space.

Sometimes, it can be hard because we tend to collect just so many things, and we don’t want to get rid of any of them. But, if you can make a few sacrifices and organize your living space, it will result in a much happier and less stressed-out version of you. Here are some of the creative tiny house storage ideas to consider.

1. Open Overhead Shelves For Kitchen

Shelves are a good thing. They add to the charm of your store, and you can use them to store anything from food to books. However, if you have closets in your house, then shelves will only work well in a tiny space where there’s no room for a closet. The overhead shelves allow you to see right through them, thanks to their open nature. This creates a sense of space that would otherwise not be there.

2. Open Shelving Option For Bathroom

Another thing we can use in our tiny homes is open shelving. They help us go green by utilizing space better than closets and cabinets. They also free up wall space that you can then use to mount the mirror or a painting. If you have so many bathroom essentials making your space fill up quickly, then open bathroom shelving is perfect for you.

3. Reclaimed Wood Shelves

Reclaimed wood shelves are all the rage right now, and it is easy to see why. They’re sturdy, rustic, less expensive than other types of shelves (and more stylish). The best part about them is how unique they look when done right.

4. Glass Shelf Storage

I love glass shelves for several reasons. First of all, I love glass, and secondly, they are great to look at from any angle if done right. You have to put them up at the correct height according to the wall color. They’re a great way to show off your unique style in your home.

5. Consider Under the Stairs Storage

The space under the stairs is a great place to build storage, as it’s usually not in everyone’s way, and you can hide away all those unsightly boxes without eyesore. Another advantage of this feature is that it adds a feeling of depth to a space or room.

Under the bed storage.
It adds a feeling of depth to a space or room.

6. Add an Industrial Feel with Wire Shelving

You’ll love wire shelving due to different reasons. They’re easy to “customize” as you can move them around and play with the layout, plus it’s a material that is not used too often.

7. Under Seating Storage

Many people don’t utilize the space under the seats, but they provide an excellent storage area. Even more interesting, they can be used in any part of the house. You might consider one under the kitchen sink to hold cleaning products or for towels and other items in the bathroom.

8. Use Wood Pallets as Wall Storage

Pallets are not only good for storing your firewood outside, but they also work well as additional storage in a tiny house. The good news is they are easy to paint or decorate with some vinyl decals so you can make them fit your theme.

9. DIY Built-in Desk

Another great idea for using the space in a tiny house is building a desk that will work for your needs. This one includes storage in the center of the desk and a lamp.

10. Use the Walls as Storage Areas

Do you need even more storage? You can place storage along the walls by installing sturdy shelves attached to the wall studs. These are hidden from view, so they don’t take away from your décor or theme for your tiny house.

11. Hang Items From the Ceiling

The ceiling of a tiny house is an area that you can use to hang various items for storage. You can hang shelves and other things from the ceiling by using hooks.

12. Use Pegboard

Pegboard is one of those items that has been popular for years and will probably continue as such because it’s a wonderful storage area. The pegs with which you hang items are great for storing items that don’t need to be hang.

A Pegboard on the kitchen.
The pegs with which you hang items are great for storing items that don’t need to be hang.

13. Hanging Closet

Hanging closet space is another idea for tiny house storage that doesn’t take up any floor space. It’s perfect if you’re not into having a lot of furniture and your clothes are filling up too much space in the house. The closest is probably the least functional, but it’s stylish and where you can put your individuality into a display.

14. Hang the Kitchen Utensils

To free up space in your kitchen, you should consider hanging some of your utensils. That may mean a wall pot rack if you have a good space for one. Or, some of your tools are better off being hung from nails or pegboard hooks to free up drawer space.

Untensils hanging.
You should consider hanging some of your utensils.

15. Go for Fold-Down Beds

Is your regular bed taking up too much space? Consider ditching it for a fold-down bed to create more space. Similarly, you can use a trundle for extra sleeping space to accommodate overnight guests.

16. Check out the Space Under the Bed

We’ve all seen movies where an intruder can hide under a child’s bed and wait there until their victims fall asleep before making their move. As ridiculous as this may seem, it proves that there’s too much space under the bed that you can use for other purposes

A organized bed room.
There’s too much space under the bed that you can use for other purposes.

17. Place Your Desk Under a Window

If you’re working on projects with plenty of natural light, consider placing your desk directly under a window. This will eliminate the need for an artificial lighting source and bring more natural light into your workspace. Or, if your home or apartment has limited windows, find another place in your apartment to place your desk, like another corner of the room.

18. Raise Your Bed

Raising your bed off the ground is a quick and easy way to instantly give yourself additional storage or just more space in general. You can find wood planks at any hardware store that are the exact length of your bed frame, and you can use those to make your bed flush with the ground. This is a great way to increase storage or just more space you can walk around when getting dressed or whatever else.

19. Make Use of Baskets and Bins

You can use baskets and bins to store anything from your shoes to your laundry. We especially like them for storing items that would otherwise clutter up our nightstands. If you’re someone who has a hard time placing things back where they belong, then this is definitely the way to go. It will be very obvious where your items go, and you won’t have to worry about them getting lost.

A basket with laundry clothes.
You can use baskets and bins to store anything from your shoes to your laundry.

20. Store Your Makeup in a Glass Container

This is pretty smart because not only does it keep your counter clear of clutter, but it also makes everything very easy to find and put away. You can buy one at any store, but you can also make one by using a jar if you prefer.


How do you organize a tiny house on a budget?

Organizing a tiny house on a budget can be tough because most are very minimalistic, but it is definitely possible. In fact, one of the key components to making it work is to not get rid of anything until you’re absolutely sure that you don’t need it. 

How do you declutter a home but still keep everything?

The first step to decluttering a home is to try not to get rid of anything. If you aren’t sure whether or not you still need something, keep it until you’re 100% sure that you don’t. Then, go around the house and pick out at least 20 things that will contribute positively to your life. At this point, you’ll have no choice but to donate those items that don’t add value to your life.

Should you throw away items that you no longer use?

You should only throw away your unused items if they are completely valueless. However, if you feel that you no longer need them but are still sure they’re valuable, you can sell or donate them. This is usually the noble thing to do.


Storing things in a tiny house can be a nightmare, but if you’re creative enough, you can always find a way to work things out. Make sure you find those spaces that you’re not using and make use of them.

Stick to the motto: ‘Buy once, use often and buy for life.’

The less you acquire, the happier and wealthier you’ll become. Don’t hoard your valuables because you never know when disaster will strike. Instead, always have a backup plan in case something goes wrong.

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