18 Creative Ideas For Small Basement Storage

A stylish, organized basement is a great place to entertain, relax and store your belongings. Keep clutter out of sight with these simple and effective tricks for small basement storage ideas.

You’ve just moved into a new house and the basement is full of boxes. You don’t know where to start to get it organized.  It’s so frustrating when you can’t find what you’re looking for and your basement is cluttered with random things. Not only is it difficult to find anything, but it also makes the space feel smaller and more cluttered.

Small basement storage ideas can help you take control of the clutter and create a designated space for everything. You use shelves, cabinets, baskets, wall storage, under the stairs storage, or ceiling space to organize the small space. You can also decide to be creative with the space such as turning it into a gym, baby room, an art center, or a laundry center.

Lead through to learn plenty of basement storage ideas that work for this small space.

1. Consider Wall-to-Wall Basement Storage

Building wall-to-wall storage in your basement is a great way to save space and keep everything organized.​ You can make any room in your home more functional with the right storage system. If you have a bare wall, customize the space by adding shelving to hold books, games, shoes, clothes, or anything that could use a dry, dark place to call home.

2. Create a Dedicated Laundry Area

Laundry rooms are fantastic spaces to keep organized, especially when you consider all the storage areas and compartments in a typical machine. A stackable washer and dryer is a great place to store cleaning products or laundry supplies like soap and fabric softener. For smaller items, add in-cabinet baskets for easy reach and access while the laundry’s going. If you have a larger family, a folding station is a great addition too.

A laundry area on the basement.
A stackable washer and dryer is a great place to store cleaning products or supplies.

You can even add some shelving on the walls to hold folded clothes or towels. Keep extra boxes of detergent and dryer sheets on hand for when the company arrives, and stack your ironing board against the wall when it’s not in use.

3. Turn Your Basement Into a Gym Area

Basements can be ideal workout areas, but not if they’re cluttered with weights, skipping ropes, and other equipment. You only need to be organized to create your workout area. Use two wire drawer sets to frame the metal shelving unit.

Store all the equipment you infrequently use in the drawers, while the weights can go on the heavy-duty shelf for support. And just like that, you’ll have a home workout area.

4. Organize Your Existing Shelves

You may have a lot of items lying around your house. Some are in plain sight whilst others are hidden away on the shelves. These items can be very useful, but it is difficult to see what you have if they’re scattered everywhere.

For an instant solution, organize all the cables and wires by screwing small hooks on the side panel. This way, the cables will be hidden from sight and out of the way.

5. Use the Space Under Your Stairs

If your house has stairs, you are lucky enough to have space underneath. You can use this to place weights or mount a pull-up bar. The key to under stairs storage is using stackable containers. This way, you can customize how high or how low your storage goes without needing to break down an entire piece of furniture.

Office under the stairs.
you are lucky enough to have space underneath the stairs.

Install hooks along the staircase’s base to provide hanging rooms for backpacks, grocery bags, and more.

6. Opt for Your Kid’s Playroom

Basement storage has never looked so good. With the right bins and baskets, your kid’s playroom will become more than just a space for toys. Use hanging clothes storage containers to organize stuffed animals or clothes they are not currently wearing.

For many parents, the basement provides the perfect space in which their kids can play. It’s big, open, and can stand to get a little messier than most of the other living spaces. However, this space also needs cleanup.

7. Combine Garage and Pantry Storage

Tackle the clutter in your garage by combining it with your pantry storage. If you have a set of shelves on wheels, you can quickly move them back and forth between the two spaces so that things like pet food and gardening tools are not taking up permanent residence in either space.

Use wall-anchored cubic shelves to store weapons in your basement. Strong, durable, and open to the basement, you’ll be able to see what you have while keeping the two rooms items separated.

8. Turn Your Basement Into an Art Center

Many basements have a large open space that is ideal for an art center. You can use pegboards and wire cubes to store supplies so they are not cluttering up your work area, and put a ceiling track system on the walls to hang all of your artwork for easy access.

9. Label Everything in Your Basement

Supply labels can be just as helpful in a basement as they are in a garage or pantry. A label maker with sturdy, waterproof labels is an inexpensive investment that will lead to organized chaos.

A woman labeling the boxes.
Supply labels can be just as helpful in a basement.

Labeling wire racks saves you from rummaging through boxes to find the right one when you’re looking for something specific. You can also create a label for paint color swatches, so you know what to mix when you need a certain shade.

10. Divide Your Hobbies and Toys

Pare down the clutter in your basement by creating different stations for each of your hobbies. Put a ping pong or pool table in one section, a crafts area in another, and entertainment space with televisions and bean bag chairs elsewhere.

Label each station so that everyone knows where things go after you’re done using them. For example, you could label your crafts section with a sign for Crafts – Art Supplies Only.

11. Use the Walls as Hanging Space

If you have a lot of wall space, use it as hanging space for your tools. Keep your buckets and toilet plungers separate by labeling them with their signs.

Coats and bags hangging on the wall.
If you have a lot of wall space, use it as hanging space for your tools.

Use bins or crates to keep things organized inside the shelves. Label one crate Tools Only so you know where to put everything back when you’re done using them.

12. Lighten and Brighten Your Basement

Thanks to their position beneath the ground, basements are typically thought of as dark, dank places. Therefore, keeping them organized is a real headache, although there’s a way to change that. Set aside your weekend to revamp your basement.

Begin by organizing your various belongings into a hideaway closet, out of sight, out of your mind. After that, paint the wall and ceiling a lovely white or cream. This color will automatically brighten the room, making it feel like a room in your home and less like a dark space where you can throw away all the things that you don’t need.

13. Always Store Things in Airtight Containers

You may not know that you need airtight containers to keep your goods fresh and dry, but after a while of using Ziploc bags or Tupperware, there comes a time when you realize that none of these things do the trick. Plastic bags aren’t meant to hold anything in place and they don’t protect against moisture as you might want them to.

Pasta, herbs and nuts on a airtight conatiner.
This ensures that your items never mold, smell, or get ruined by the forces of nature.

Airtight containers do all of these things and more since they are completely airtight and water-tight. This ensures that your items never mold, smell, or get ruined by the forces of nature while you’re storing them for longer periods.

14. Add-In Clothes Rails

Hang clothes rails in your room and store your clothes on them. This way you’ll be able to see all of your clothes and quickly choose what you want to wear. This is very important, especially if you need to store bulky clothes like winter jackets, which will take up an entire box.

Make sure you keep any clothes you want to hang in clothes covers to protect them from any moisture or dust. You can also hang extra storage from your clothes rail to stash away any small items.

15. Use Ceiling Space for Storage

Use the ceiling space to store anything you can spare. Keep in mind that this will only be useful if your attic is accessed through a pull-down ladder or an open hatch. You can also pick up some stretchy netting at any climbing or outdoor store and string it across the room so you have more storage space for smaller things like shoes.

Use heavy-duty hooks and overhead racks to use the ceiling space. You can store lighter items, including planks of wood, Christmas trees, spare piping, ladders, and surfboards.

16. Get Some Smart Bike Storage

These days, bike racks are available for many different surfaces. You can install it on an outside wall or even in the corner of your garage to get them out of the way when you’re not using them. Bikes can be one of the bulkiest in your basement, so save some space by mounting your bikes on hanging racks or hooks instead. Make sure you hang it at a height that you can safely get your bike down.

17. Stash Your Shoes in Your Basement

Is your family always removing their shoes before coming into the house? Keep them organized by using baskets, shelves, or cabinets. Ditch the front shoe rack and save yourself some steps. Always opt for closed storage to protect shoes from any dampness or dust.

18. Go for Built-In Storage

If you have a spare bedroom or even an empty corner in the basement, consider building up. Vertical storage creates space for flooring and makes rooms feel roomier. You can use open racks or cabinets to keep things organized or hanging containers for extra storage space. Pull-out couch beds are also great for inviting guests over without sacrificing your living space.

A woman organizing clothes on the built-in cabinet.
You can use open racks or cabinets to keep things organized or hanging containers for extra storage space.

FAQs on Basement Storage Ideas

How do you store things in an unfinished basement?

Don’t leave items unprotected. Make sure you store your items in a sealed, air-tight tub or bin. Not only will this seal out moisture, but it can prevent unwanted pests from chewing and nesting in your supplies.

Can you store clothes in your basement?

Well, the best place to store clothes is cool, dark and dry. Depending on your climate, your attic or garage may not be suitable for clothing storage. In this case, your best option for minimal pests and humidity is a plastic tub or storage bin in your basement.

Final Thought on Small Basement Storage Ideas

There you have it. Basement storage ideas for small spaces. Now, get out there and start organizing your finished basement or storage room. Your basement will give you enough space to store anything you want as long as you stay organized.

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