17 Essential Storage Ideas for Your Mudroom

A mudroom serves as a major entryway for a home and acts as a transitional space from the outside elements to the inside of a house. In this post, we share 17 essential storage ideas for your mudroom.

When you hear about a mudroom, the first thing that comes to mind is a small room for storing shoes, jackets,  backpacks, and other outdoor equipment. You can store several things in the mudroom, including sports gear, work equipment,  outerwear, and more.

However, mudrooms can be much more than just a storage room in modern homes. Today Mudroom Furniture is one of the most popular trends in home design with practical functions. You still need to look beautiful and functional no matter what you store in your mudroom. 

There are several mudroom storage ideas that you can use to create a functional yet aesthetically pleasing area for storing your essentials. Read on.

1. Consider Using All the Wall Space

When it comes to your mudroom storage, no space should remain untouched. You have to use up the space down from the floor all the way to the ceiling.  

A bag hanging in the mudroom.
You have to use up the space down from the floor all the way to the ceiling.  

But it’s difficult to use all the high space when you have a low ceiling. In this case, you can consider using shelves instead. Shelves are great for storage because they offer easy visibility and access to your things without making a mess out of your mudroom area.

2. Consider a Blend of the Outdoor and the Indoor

When it comes to bringing the outdoor into your mudroom,  you can do it by incorporating things like:

There are lots of ways to implement the outdoor elements into your mudroom, so you really should consider using one that works for you. For the indoor part,  you can simply incorporate open shelves to store your things, like the shoes you take off.

For extra convenience, you should put out-of-reach storage where your small items are so they don’t clutter up your mudroom floor. This way, you’ll have more space to walk through and enjoy while getting everyone ready in the morning.

3. Consider Closed Storage

Since most mudrooms are used to store things that can be a little unsightly, you have to creatively hide them from view.  Closed storage is a good solution since it won’t require you to do a lot of cleaning.

Small boxes under the bench.
Store them in beautiful baskets or bins that still look stylish without taking too much space.

You can hide your smaller items in boxes with lids and put them on the lower shelves. Or, if you don’t want it hidden, store them in beautiful baskets or bins that still look stylish without taking too much space.

4. Find Creative Uses of Corner Space

Don’t think you only have space in the middle of the room. Make good use of every corner space possible by transforming it into a small storage area. Boxes are the best option to store things in corners. Just stack them up, and they’ll be out of the way without taking too much area.

5. Decorate Your Room with Plants

If you have a green thumb, use it to your advantage by decorating your room with plants on shelves or tables. This will bring freshness into your space and make your room look more vivid without taking too much space.

6. Hang Pictures on the Ceiling

Remember that you have to think vertically when decorating a small room. So instead of hanging pictures horizontally, hang them up on the ceiling. They will make your walls look thicker, and they’ll also bring more color into your space. If you can’t put them on the ceiling, try hanging pictures in a way that they create an interesting arrangement.

7. Change Your Point of View

You might think that there is too little space for you to change your point of view in a small room and thus avoid having something there like a desk. However, if you think about it, there are many ways to solve this problem. 

If your bed is against the wall and you want to use a desk, for instance, instead of placing it normally where the bed was (against that same wall), try changing its position by 90 degrees. That way, you will free up space at the foot of the bed to place a desk.

8. Create a Mudroom Under the Stairs

You probably have the common problem of trying to find a place in the house for everything. However, sometimes there are just too many things that don’t have any other space in your home. Well, if that is the case with you, then you might want to think about adding a mudroom under the stairs.

A mudroom under the stairs.
You might want to think about adding a mudroom under the stairs.

9. Scale Back

You don’t need a very big space to have a functional and stylish home office. In fact, it can be as small as the interior of your study room’s closet. All you have to do is install a custom-designed folding door so you can close it when you don’t need the space to operate as an office anymore.

10. Abandon the Furniture

While many people like having some sort of furniture in the mudroom, it’s not necessary if it’s just going to consume space.  Besides, the furniture will just clog the hallway and interfere with the visual appeal. You’ll be better off without any. Just make sure you put storage bins inside the room to make it more functional.

11.  Get Some Cabinets

If you have some spare space under the stairs, why not use them as cabinets? You can put anything related to home improvements like gardening tools or winter clothing. Just install sliding doors if your under-the-stairs storage space is cramped and narrow.

12. Install a Peg Board

Pegboards can fit under your stairs while maximizing the area’s storage potential, which is why some homeowners like to use them for mudrooms. Simply nail some boards on the side of the wall, and you can hang coats or bags on top of it. You can even add some pretty baskets on the wall to make your new “mudroom” more aesthetically pleasing.

13. Customize the Mudroom into Pet Area

A mudroom can be designed to accommodate pets. Put doggie doors on the outside of the mudroom door. This will allow your dogs to come in and out as they please while keeping them contained in one area of the house.

14. Buy Ready-Made Mudroom Furniture Sets

Ready-made furniture sets can transform an average mudroom into a perfect place for the entire family to enjoy. Mudroom furniture sets are available in different shapes, colors, and styles. You can choose one that would work well with your interiors.

Mudroom ready-made furnitures.
Mudroom furniture sets are available in different shapes, colors, and styles.

15. Create Some Flow Into Your Mudroom

If your mudroom is located at the corner of your house, it would be helpful to use some glass panes or glass doors to create a flow into the room. This arrangement will help open up the space, so it doesn’t feel cramped even though you are keeping shoes or other items inside.

16. Bring In the Fun

Bringing some fun and vibe into the mudroom will make it a more interesting place to be. This space doesn’t have to be boring. You can display your collection of interesting books, vintage items, and even some funky art pieces. You can also add wallpaper on the wall to enhance the look.

17. Keep it Minimalist

To give more real estate to the mudroom’s other functions, you need to keep it as minimalist as possible. Pick one bold color that will serve as the primary scheme of the room. You can use fun patterns or abstract art to decorate if you want but make sure that you don’t overdo it.

Minimalist Mudroom.
Pick one bold color that will serve as the primary scheme of the room.

FAQs About Mudroom Storage

What is a mudroom? 

A mudroom is an area where you can take off your shoes before entering the house. Generally, it’s located near the house’s entrance door and has built-in storage space for coats, jackets, hats, bags, etc.

What are the benefits of mudroom furniture sets? 

Ready-made furniture sets can transform an average mudroom into a perfect place for the entire family to enjoy. Mudroom furniture sets are available in different shapes, colors, and styles. You can choose one that would work well with your interiors.

What are the types of mudroom furniture sets available in the market? 

There are four types of mudroom furniture sets available in the market: bench, storage locker, coat rack, and cabinet. Each set comes with different components for better functionality (shelves, hooks) and design (material, finish).


Your mudroom is not only for storing shoes, jackets, and all your outdoor accessories. You can transform this space into a more functional and practical space that will turn out to be the focal point of your home. All you have to do is be creative enough and know how to design this wonderful space.

After you have decided on designing a mudroom, it is very important to stick with the design as much as possible. You don’t want to go through all the trouble of building one and then change your mind.

These ideas will help you to make the most out of a mudroom! Good luck! 

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