16 Storage Tips For Small Bedroom

Whether you live in a small apartment or have a tiny space tucked under the stairs, there are ways to maximize your room for storage. By making smart choices about what you keep in your bedroom, you can reduce clutter while still being able to find your stuff. Here are 16 tips for making the most of your small bedroom's limited storage space.

Are you looking for a way to make your small bedroom more functional? Well, storage solutions are the way to go. Tidying and arranging a small bedroom can be tricky, especially when you have too many things to store and a small space. But thankfully, there’re a lot of storage ideas that can turn your limited space into more functional space.

Storage options for small bedrooms come in different sizes, styles, and budgets. But if you’re creative enough, you can turn even the smallest storage into a viable one. You can use everything from walls, floor, ceiling, under the bed, drawers, to anything useful. Your small room can become good storage for all your essentials, ranging from clothing, jewelry, beddings, furniture to shoes.

Ready to give it a try some storage tips for a small bedroom? Here are some tips to put into practice.

1.  Start by Decluttering Your Tiny Space

Before you think of purchasing storage solutions for your small bedroom, get rid of unwanted items. Make sure you clear out clothes and items that you are not using. There are so many places where you can send those unwanted items, including charity shops.

You can also make extra cash out of them by reselling them online to potential buyers. Remember, the goal is to get storage space for your small bedroom, so take heed of the phrase less is more to get that storage space you deserve. Drop that habit of holding on to things you no longer need.

Before purchasing storage solutions, declutter your bedroom and get rid of unwanted stuff.

2.  Take Advantage of Your Bedroom Walls

If your bedroom makeover involves structural changes, then take advantage and add some cleverly recessed shelves in your tiny space. You can talk to a carpenter or your constructor to install these shelves when building your stud walls.

Ensure the builders can design the shelves to fit what you intend to store comfortably. Whether you’re going to keep jewelry, ornaments, or books, they should exactly fit in. The builders can finish with plaster. You can also consider adding a wooden sill if you need something more hardening.

Get a few wall-mounted shelves for extra wall storage. These shelves provide an excellent way to declutter your floors and take up your hard wall space. The best part is that you can turn these shelves into a decorative display for your objects and art.

3.  Go For a Fitted Wardrobe to Get Plenty of Bedroom Storage

Opt for a fitted wardrobe to maximize the storage space in your tiny room. You can decide to fit them in your main bedroom, dressing room, or walk-in wardrobe. These bedroom storage solutions are great for storing your clothes. They also store other miscellaneous items, thanks to their no end of design options.

A fitted wardrobe will help you store your clothes, shoes, and other miscellaneous items.

Some fitted wardrobes come with a fold-out ironing station for last-minute de-creasing. Before you reach out to your furniture designer, ensure you know the space you need for hanging. After that, install a combination of drawers, shelves, and shoe racks in the remaining space. You can also use boxes and baskets on your shelves to store corral items such as hats and handbags.

Also, pick a design that relates well with your home’s architecture. Try to choose a streamlined design for contemporary homes with clean lines.

4.  Practical Small Bedroom Storage with a Window Seat

By all means possible, ensure you maximize every space in your bedroom space, even if it means customizing your window. Window seats with storage beneath them offer more space that you can use to do many things. With your unpopulated window space, you can have somewhere to sit and read. You can also keep your neatly folded throws on top of the window.

To complement other fitted furniture in your tiny space, consider a made-to-measure fitted option. You can also go for a suitable bedroom storage bench that fits in your small space.  Swap long curtains for blinds for everything to fit in your storage bench.

Create a window seat in your bedroom and use a storage bench to maximize space.

5.  Clean Up Your Bedroom Floor

A simple act of cleaning up your small bedroom floor can add storage spaces in your small room. Keep your floor clear by mounting cubbies on your wall for bedside storage. This can also make your small room look larger. Use a decorative box to enclose items that you will use frequently.

You can also combine a few different-sized storage cubes to make your storage space larger. Also, use under-bed storage with an open-faced basket that you can easily slide in and out from under your bed frame as an added advantage.

6.  Use Drawer Organizers to Keep Your Drawers in Order

Use a selection of boxes and trays to ensure everything stays in its appropriate space. To achieve a great level of tidiness in your bedroom, you need to incorporate some discipline like dividing your socks by color or by an event.

However, messy drawers cannot allow having such organization. A drawer organizer can help you sort your jewelry, sunglasses, and belts in an orderly manner. Look for dividers to get things right.

You can go for any small box that can fit in your drawers. Shoe boxes and gift boxes that come with toiletries also help organize your drawer, so do not throw them away.

Drawer organizers and trays are ideal for sorting various items, such as belts or jewelry.

7.  Try Out a Tallboy as a Storage Idea

If space is what you need in your small bedroom, then try out a tallboy. With its great slimming feature, a tallboy can fit into the tightest corner of your bedroom. They also come with different depth drawers, which make them perfect for small bedroom storage.

If you like to organize your clothes into different categories, go for smaller drawers. This is because many smaller drawers are more valuable than a few larger drawers. You can store your frequently used items such as underwear and accessories for easy access.

8.  Build Bedroom Storage into Your Side Table

The list of small bedroom storage ideas won’t be complete without a humble bedside table. You can look for one with drawers, cupboards, and some storage that can help you hide away your items. With drawers, you can store chargers, your phone, watch, and glasses as well.

As for books and medication, keep them in cupboards to ensure their upright storage. If storage space is at a premium in your small room, then your drawers should multitask as a bedside table. Do not choose anything too tall on your bedside table unless you are ready to struggle to reach it from your bed.

9.  Pay Close Attention to Surfaces

If you have kids around, then take care of their small bedroom as well. Ensure you deal with any clutter before it becomes a headache. Small bedrooms, especially for kids, double up as a workspace and at the same time as a homework spot. These kids’ rooms can accumulate a lot of supplies within a short time.

In that case, knickknacks can take up the entire surface if you don’t react quickly. Ensure you incorporate a simple solution to keep this clutter at bay. To do that, start by dividing different types of items-erasers and paper clips. For instance, place items into separate smaller dishes and then use one large tray to keep them together.

This small bedroom storage idea also works well for jewelry, makeup, and any other grooming supplies in your tiny space.

10.   Consider Under-Bed Storage

There are many unused spots in your small bedroom. Spaces such as under the bed can greatly store some of your items and keep your small room tidy. All you have to do is remain organized while transforming the space underneath your bed into a fully-fledged storage unit.

You can use shallow but long containers and baskets that can easily fit underneath your bed to store your possessions. Store your seasoned clothing and extra bedding in these shallow and long containers. You can also easily reach out to your stored items only if you attach your own set of wheels to a store-bought basket.

Use space under your bed as an additional storage area.

As for your closet floor, get yourself tiered shelving. You’ll be able to create a little more space for things such as your shoes and handbags. Instead of going for a second pull out mattress, look for drawers that can accommodate extra under the bed storage. Instead of using traditional dressers to store your folded clothes, turn to these under-the-bed drawers.

11.   Use Floating Shelves Instead of Cumbersome Bedside Table

When it comes to storage ideas for your small sleeping space, you can never run out of options. You don’t have to worry if you don’t have that extra space to put a bedside table. Also, that cumbersome bedside table should not take up your precious floor space. Instead, turn some floating shelves into your bedside storage and save yourself from running out of storage options in your tiny room.

You can also DIY floating shelves in your small room if you need that extra storage space. All you need is some wooden planks, then saw them to size, and then use some stylish shelf brackets to mount them next to your bed. If you can’t DIY them yourself, contact a professional to help you get that extra space in your small bedroom.

Floating shelves can add extra storage space to your small bedroom.

12.   Optimize Your Wardrobe Storage

There are many things you can add to your wardrobe, just like shelves and rails. So don’t run out of space in your small bedroom yet you have a wardrobe in there. A wardrobe looks more organized when you stuff in more things.  For your scarves and ties, use racks. Use shallow drawers to store your watches and jewelry. These will help streamline your storage.

Both racks and shallow drawers can speed up your morning routine by keeping everything you need in one place. A new wardrobe might come with racks and shallow drawers as optional add-on. There are also other DIY outlets where you can get options that fit you.

You can also ditch the wardrobe and settle for a streamlined small sleeping space. Although a wardrobe is a must-have, it can be bulky. They can end up taking large space, which is detrimental to small bedroom storage. So why not look for other means? Your small bedroom shouldn’t be messy, especially if you don’t have many clothes. You can store your most-worn clothes in a cute clothing rail.

13.   Make Use of Unexpected Places

Every square inch in your space should count if you have a tiny bedroom. You need to put every unused space into good use. You should turn places such as the back of your closet into everyday use just like your wardrobe planning. The best way to make use of these unused spaces is to install one pole and one over-the-door hook to the backside of your door.

A pole will help you plan your outfits for the next couple of days. You can also put accessories that you wear more often and other dressing items in this easy-to-reach storage. Narrow hooks and plastic holders will do this job pretty well. Just ensure that every inch of space in your small bedroom counts, even if it looks awkward. However, this idea can be tricky, especially if you’re dealing with slanting walls. But don’t ignore it.

14.   Maximize on What You Have

For the most effective use of your small bedroom, you need to be strategic when choosing your small bedroom furniture. The only way you can create more storage space in your small bedroom is to take advantage of the little space you have. Go for beds with in-built drawers to get that valuable storage space in your smaller sleeping room.

You can also go for wall-mounted bedside sconces instead of going for table lamps. Wall-mounted sconces can’t take up any surface area if you place them on a nightstand. Instead of installing a bedside table, consider dual-purpose pieces such as a desk to use the available space. In addition, opt for a stool that you can easily tuck under the desk and out of the way when not in use.

15.   Make Use of Your Bedroom Ceiling

You can make your small bedroom more stylish by installing shelves around your bedroom ceiling. This is a small bedroom storage idea that you should turn to if you feel like you are out of storage ideas. Don’t ignore that final foot of your wall up to your ceiling. That space is very important for your storage needs.

With the high up and out-of-the-way freestanding bedroom furniture, you can incorporate shelves around the perimeter of your small room. You can store books, photo albums, and other things that you won’t regularly need up there. You can put it on the wall behind your bedhead where you can barely see it.

16.   Establish Zones in Your Small Bedroom

Being that you have a small space in your bedroom, the bed typically takes a lot of space. You need to divide your remaining bedroom spaces. Ensure your small bedroom’s limited footprint is more effective. And you can only do that by dividing your space into specific zones for different activities.

Designate every activity, ranging from dressing, reading, and relaxing, by using scaled-down pieces. This will help you ensure that your furniture doesn’t encroach on your traffic floor too much. You can incorporate a slim dressing table with a few drawers and a chair to help you prepare in the morning.

Divide your bedroom into different zones and assign specific activities to them.


What is an appropriate small bedroom storage budget?

Before you start shopping for your storage solutions, ensure you have a realistic budget beforehand. Break down your budget into three parts: available savings that can help you make immediate big purchases. The next part is the monthly amount you can set aside to make future big purchases, and lastly, the monthly amount you can use for smaller things. Remember, the budget varies from household to household.

How can I measure my bedroom space?

Before stepping out for a storage option, use a tape measure and create a floor plan for your small bedroom. Ensure you measure every space in your room, starting from the length and the height of your walls to the size and placement of your windows and doors. Do not ignore the measurements of the location and quantity of any lighting fixtures and power outlets. Knowing the exact size will help you choose appropriate storage options.

What items must be there in a small bedroom?

This is very important, especially if you’re setting up your home from scratch. You need to prepare a long list as you focus more on items that you need and want. Base your priority on important things that your room must have-for example, the bed. This will help you avoid too much clutter.


Maximizing storage in your small bedroom can be tricky. You have to work hard to ensure you get the most out of all your bedroom storage solutions, such as furniture and wall mounting. You also have to include a case in point, shelves, boxes, and bins to help you fill up your possessions. It takes time and effort, but everything will work out just fine with high creativity.

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