16 Great Ideas For Small Bathroom Storage

Want to know how to get a small bathroom unstuck? Start with these 16 easy-to-achieve storage ideas. That's right, you can free up more space in your small bathroom without resorting to weird contraptions or costly renovations. It just takes a little creativity.

Bathrooms are always that part of your home that never comes with enough space, even if it’s a mansion.  But the limited space could be because of the many functions that the bathroom serves. This is the place for your morning routine, makeup space, shower room, and storage. It indeed will feel squeezed, especially if it’s a tiny apartment.

Well, you don’t need to scramble for space in the bathroom if you can adopt some fantastic storage ideas. Think about what you can add there to give you extra storage space. Is it some shelves, baskets, storage boxes, or cabinets? There are quick bathroom storage hacks that can save you the cost of remodeling.

If you’re looking for some quick storage ideas for the bathroom, we’ve got you covered. Here are 16 storage ideas that can make your tiny bathroom look spacious and feel luxurious.

1.  Basket Shelves

You can never go wrong with baskets when it comes to storage. If you want to have additional storage in your bathroom, all you have to do is mount a set of baskets on the wall, and you’ll be good to go. The baskets can provide great storage for all your bathroom pleasantries, including small towels, lotions, and all your makeup products.

These baskets come with open tops to make it easy for you to access whatever is inside. They’re also easy to install on the walls as all you have to do is stick some nails on the basket’s weave and hammer on your wall. If done well, you can use them to add those items that are not too pretty.

2.  Have a Wooden Background Shelve

What’s that space over your toilet bowl doing? That can make a good storage space for your bathroom items if you can install a small wooden shelf. Don’t forget to make that shelf lovely and stylish to blend well with your bathroom décor.  You can also add a simple light to make it look modern. If done well, that shelf can be a functional storage space for your toiletries and add a touch of aesthetics to your bathroom.

3.  Use Carts

If you can’t add permanent shelves and cabinets to your bathroom, you can bring portable shelves. And you don’t have to carry the shelves too and from the bathroom. Your cart will come with wheels that make it easy to move it in and out of the bathroom as you wish. This is perfect for a small bathroom as you can move the cart out of the way when you’re not using it.

A cart provides wonderful storage for bathroom essentials like all your lotions, towels, and toilet paper. When you don’t need to use any of these items but want extra space, you can roll the cat away.

4.  Install Hooks on the Wall

Use hooks on the walls where you can hang some items. Hooks on the walls can provide perfect storage for towels and robes. If you want to make this storage much livelier, go for hooks with metal hues, as they add an outstanding sparkle to any space.

Attach hooks to your bathroom wall to store towels, robes, brushes, or other tools.

You can also attach adhesive hooks behind the door for hanging hair tools, brushes, and other things you need to keep out of the way. This will help you keep all the items you need to use most at a convenient spot.

5.  Under the Sink Drawers

There’s a huge space under the sink that you can use to stash drawers. To make it easier for you to access whatever you’re looking for, you should label the drawers. If all your items fit in and you have no more to store, you can still have some empty if you need more storage. You can also re-label the drawers whenever you have more items to store. Keep things updated to make your life easier.

Install some storage drawers under the sink to make the most of your bathroom space.

6.  Use Ladder Towel Rack

You can hang a ladder on the wall and use it to hang a towel. Don’t worry if you’re squeezed of space because the ladder will not occupy much of your space. It also adds an incredible element to your house. Make sure you find a style that fits over your toilet. This will save you much space on your floor without compromising on your visual element.

7.  Consider Storage Cubbies

Cubbies also work well for bathrooms if you use them well. They make good storage for bath toys, expensive perfumes, and lotions. Cubes will make your bathroom look organized and clean. They also add great aesthetics to your bathroom space, making it look clutter-free and organized.

8.  Use Hidden Bins

Get inexpensive bins that you can hang at the back of the cabinet door. Use command strips to hang the bins. Make this temporary, so you don’t damage your cabinet.

9.  Use Vertical Storage

You can never go wrong with vertical storage in any part of your house. They can work well in your bathroom for storing your towels, toilet paper, and all those essentials. You can also add some house plants in this space to give your bathroom some life.

10. Make Use of Unusual Storage Spaces

You need to take advantage of every storage space you have in your bathroom so nothing goes to waste. Awkward spaces like that area under the sink shouldn’t go to waste. You can have your plumber come up with some fixes that can make that complicated space useful. Come up with a clever drawer that can hold toilet products such as paper and soap.

Instead of leaving awkward spaces under the sink empty, use them to store extra items, such as toilet paper or soap.

11. Use Trays

You’ll not make a mistake if you choose trays to keep your small bathroom items and keep them in one place. Trays are perfect for organizing your small space and keeping things you need within reach. You can use them to store makeup, perfumes, and other skincare products. They also add style to your bathroom and make it easy for you to access.

12. Built-in Storage Bench

Storage benches don’t only work outdoors and in your dining area. They can also make wonderful storage for your small bathroom. You can play around with that bathroom bench to make it look fun, modern, and still feature a traditional style. Get a contractor to help you build a storage bench hidden away in a corner. You can disguise it with custom upholstery so it doesn’t look out of space.

While storage benches are commonly used in dining areas and living rooms, they also offer extra storage space in bathrooms.

13. Over the Door Organizer

If you live in a small apartment with limited storage, you have to be creative in utilizing your bathroom storage. Do you have some space on your bathroom door? Of course, you do, and an over-the-door organizer can work well there. You’ll have a lot of items to store over the door and declutter your storage area. You can get an organizer with different pockets where you can separate all your items as you wish. This will make a lot of difference by getting all the clutter off your counter.

14. Toilet Paper Holder

One of the things that consume your bathroom space is toilet paper. That doesn’t have to be a problem anymore because you can get a toilet paper organizer installed on your bathroom wall. With this, you not only get enough room to store all your rolls but also get to add some rolls to your bathroom. It’s a wonderful way to add something practical and unique to that useless space in your bathroom.

15. Apothecary Jars

Apothecary jars add wonderful storage to your puffs, swabs, and pads and organize them neatly on your bathroom counter. The jars add not only wonderful storage but also make fantastic displays in your storage.

The shine and sparkle that come with these jars are just another décors in their own way. They also work better than glass jars as they don’t break if they happen to fall. If you can’t afford these jars, you can get some used containers from your kitchen and use them in their place. Just make sure they don’t look out of place.

16. Over the Toilet Shelf

You’re not done with shelves yet if that space over your toilet is still lying empty. That air space needs to find use, and an over-the-toilet shelf can do that perfectly. Well, this bathroom storage idea only works for those who don’t mind things on top of the toilet.

If you get a good shelf for this, you can get that needed space in your bathroom without compromising the number of items you can put in there. The area behind the toilet has a lot of space, and using this shelf can be an incredible space saver.


There are countless ways to customize your small bathroom and get all the storage space that you need. You don’t need to feel squeezed while in your bathroom or feel like you need to let go of some items to create room. With good storage ideas, you can save as much space as you can and store all the items that can fit in there. Make sure you make this creative enough so you get the style and design that suits your bathroom.

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