16 Extraordinary Ideas to Use the Space Underneath Your Stairs

The space under the stairs is often overlooked or just used for storage. If you have only a small amount of space, try these practical ideas and trendy solutions.

The space under the stairs is often unused and can be difficult to decorate or utilize. This small and often-overlooked space can be used for a variety of purposes, which most people haven’t realized yet. It can be tough to figure out what to do with this often unused space, but it’s worth taking the time to explore all of your options. 

You can turn your unused space under the stairs into a cozy home office or even a bathroom. You can also create a hidden playroom for your kids under the stairs. What about installing some cabinets for an extra storage area or even making it a laundry center?

Check out these ideas for using the space under your stairs and see which one would work best for you. This awkward area can become a valuable addition to your home with a little creativity. Read on!

1. Turn it Into Home Office

One of the most obvious options for your under-the-stairs area is to turn it into a home office. This can be done by simply creating a desk within the space and adding lighting. This option will also give you more storage since you’ll have an entire wall at your disposal.

Under the stairs office.
This can be done by simply creating a desk within the space and adding lighting.

2. Create a Playroom

Children love having their own special space, and making a playroom under the stairs is sure to thrill them. This room will not only allow your kids to have fun, but it will also allow you some privacy when you need it.

3. Bring in Kitchen Pantry

Transform your staircase space into a quaint pantry for storing food and dishes. You can add a few shelves on the wall leading to the stairs and some baskets on the lower level for an extra storage boost. If you do not have room for a pantry, this is also a great option for storing away your holiday decorations or old clothes.

Organized spices.
You can add a few shelves on the wall leading to the stairs.

4. Build Under Stair Bookshelves

Build under stair bookshelves to store your child’s favorite books and toys. This is a great idea for storing the sports equipment they do not use as often, but it comes in handy when needed.

Installing shelves and cabinets will give you space for your favorite novels and turn that awkward space under the stairs into a gorgeous small home library. You won’t have to add extra furniture to other rooms to store your magazines, photo albums, and board games.

5. Install Under Stairs Storage Drawers

Build under stairs storage drawers to keep everyday items you use regularly. Keep items such as tissues, paper towels, and other supplies within easy reach. These are great for organizing the home office too. You can roll a drawer into your study or library to create a convenient workspace, so you don’t have to go searching for this item or that.

Under the stairs drawers.
These are great for organizing the home office too.

Build under stairs storage drawers with the same materials you use to build any other shelving units. Start with a frame, add shelving boards, and top with plywood for the tops and drawer fronts. If you want to make them fancy, add false fronts or attach decorative molding around the front edges of all the pieces.

6. Display a Cozy Reading Nook in Your Unused Staircase

If you can’t fit a reading nook into your living room or bedroom, consider building one in your unused under the stairs. Add comfy cushions and good lighting, and you’ll have a cozy place where you can enjoy your favorite books.

If you want to go even further, consider building a small drawer to hold all of your different bookmarks and other reading paraphernalia. A small lip between the bookshelves will keep everything in its proper place.

7. Create a Phone Booth and Charging Station

Are you looking for a private space to take phone calls in your home? Well, that area under the stairs that you thought was just an empty storage space could be your very own phone booth. Transform that unused area into a quiet place where you can chat on the phone with closed doors and no distractions.

Use the same idea to create a small charging station for your cell phone, laptop, tablet, and other gadgets. All it takes is some shelving on the walls, a small table, and a power strip. Instant charging station!

8. Turn Under Stairs into Laundry Center

We all know that under the stairs is usually designated as an area for storage, but instead of using that space to store your extra stuff, how about turning it into a laundry center? Add some shelves to hold your detergents and a drying rack in the center. Or you could add a washer and dryer to save your time doing laundry.

9. Turn that Unused Under Stair Space into a Wine Room

Many people have a wine room in their house, but did you know that you can add a wine rack to your staircase space? There are so many ways to use this small area. And if you don’t have the space for your wine cellar, try getting a tabletop corking machine instead. There are also several ways you can style up your home wine room, from upcycled crates to glass walls and custom cabinets.

A wine and grapes.
if you don’t have the space for your wine cellar, try getting a tabletop corking machine instead.

10. Build a Wet Bar in Your Unused Space

You can do many different things with an unused space under your stairs. But whatever you choose to do, make sure it is functional and stylish. One of the most popular options for this area is a wet bar. You can build one yourself if you have some carpentry skills or hire someone to do it for you.

All you need for your under the stairs bar is a countertop for mixing and serving drinks, cabinet space for storing spirits, and a mini-fridge. Plus, you can also hook up plumbing under your stairs for a sink.

11. Consider Under Stairs Bathroom

When thinking about space under your stairs, do not forget to consider a bathroom. It is a great idea if you have the space and need an extra bathroom for guests or even yourselves. You can use a simple toilet and sink or go all out with shower stalls and more luxurious bath accessories.

This can be a great addition to the first level of your home, especially if you entertain a lot of guests. If that’s not your option, you can opt for a less expensive route and create a small powder room.

12. Pet Kennel

Keep your pets out of trouble by putting them under your stairs. A pet kennel could be the perfect space for a puppy, and if you have cats, they could easily find a cozy little corner to call their own. You can keep all their food, water bowls, and supplies in this small area. If you’re not home very often, it’s also possible this is where your furry friends will sleep at night.

13. Shelving Unit

Space under the stairs can be used for additional shelving units. You could purchase some on wheels, which makes it easy to move. Use each shelf for different items like books, electronics, and even decorative vases with flowers. This is also a great place to store your luggage if you’re tight on space in your bedroom.

13. Design a Linen Closet

If you’re lucky enough to have this option available, you can turn the extra space into a linen closet. This is especially useful if your bedroom is small. Buy some over-the-door hangers and then use these as storage for towels and sheets.

With this extra space under your stairs, you can store your additional sheets, blankets, and pillowcases. You can also store beach towels, washcloths, and guest towels, so you don’t have to sacrifice any of your bedroom closet space or bathroom cabinet space.

14. Build a DIY Mudroom

We all know the struggle of trying to get out the door with shoes on. There’s always that one person who doesn’t take their shoes off before entering the house, and then you’re stuck in a small pile of snow or mud. Don’t let your entryway get cluttered like this.

Mudroom unde stairs.
You can use this extra space to store your backpacks, coats, and umbrellas.

Instead, build yourself a DIY mudroom or shoe rack to accommodate your shoes while entering your home. Other than storing shoes, you can use this extra space to store your backpacks, coats, and umbrellas.

15. Set Up a Custom Storage Room

With its awkward shape, the area under your stairs can be challenging to fully maximize. But with some creative organization and with the help of containers, you can create a storage place to store everything from holiday decorations, sporting equipment, and seasonal clothing.

The best part about using this space is that it hides away all of the clutter, so they don’t have an effect on your carefully decorated rooms.

16. Create a Seating Area

With the help of built-in storage benches, you can transform your under-the-stairs space into a comfortable seating area. This is especially true if you’re tight on space in other rooms.

If the bench isn’t long enough to seat two or three people, you can always purchase cushions and toss them onto the floor for added seating. You can use this area to host guests and relax with friends.

FAQs on the Best Way to Use the Space Under the Stairs

Can you build toilets under stairs?

No, toilets shouldn’t be placed under the stairs because they’re not all good in the central area of the building structure.

Which direction is good for the staircase?

It’s recommended that the staircase in your house must always be in a clockwise direction, either from north to south or from east to west. A staircase with an anti-clockwise orientation is known to cause struggles with growth in one’s career.


As you can see, the space under the stairs is very important. You can’t just put whatever you want under there because it’s going to affect your life. Make sure you’re creative with whatever you choose to do with that unused space, you don’t want to interfere with your home’s curb appeal in the process.

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