15 Tiny House Storage Furniture Ideas

Tiny houses are often built with less than ideal storage solutions, resulting in clutter and general discomfort. Here are a few tips for organizing your space and storing your belongings in a way that will maximize space.

Arranging a tiny house can be a nightmare if you don’t want to get rid of some of your items. Most of the time, your home will look cluttered, and your living space may be limited. But there are still ways you can improve this space and declutter your home; buying the right furniture.

There are several furniture types that are perfect for your tiny home and can also work as storage spaces. The best way to go about it is by buying multifunctional furniture. These kinds of furniture give you both style and storage. Some multifunctional storage furniture includes an ottoman, storage bench, convertible furniture, etc.

Let’s look at some of the storage furniture ideas that work for small spaces.

1. Living Room Dresser

To most people, a dresser is meant for the bedroom. But for those with tiny homes, a dresser can still work well in the living room. It can easily fit in the corner of your room, ready to house all your living room needs.

Choose a dresser that has some sort of storage space on top where you can keep DVDs or any kind of display items. You can also use the drawers for storing some books or other knickknacks.

2. Fold-Down Desk

When a full desk tends to take up too much space, it’s time to consider a fold-down desk. There are many types of fold-down desks in the market. But a simple drop-down desk that can be stored under your bed or couch will do the job fine, too.

3. Peg Board Wall

A pegboard wall is an excellent addition to your storage space if you want to introduce a DIY project of your own. You can use it for storing and organizing tools, utensils, or whatever you want to hang on it.

A pegboard on a study or office area.
You can use it for storing and organizing tools or whatever you want to hang on it.

Another great idea is using pegboard as a background and pinning art with inspirational quotes. If you know how to use this storage furniture, it will create plenty of additional space for your home.

4. Over the Door Rack

This space-saving solution is ideal if you only have a small room and a lot of clothes. Just be sure to choose the rack that goes all the way down so it will be able to hold heavy fabrics.

It’s also a good idea to use this storage furniture in your office if you have an issue with space, too. You can even turn over-the-door racks into office storage by hanging file folders on them. However, this will only work if you have enough hangers. You can install a shelf or small table under them so you’ll be able to work comfortably.

5. Storage Hutch

A storage hutch offers plenty of storage spaces that your tiny house will appreciate. You can put it in the corner of your tiny home, so it will take less room. This is a great storage piece of furniture to use if you have a lot of books and don’t want them scattered around. It’s also a good idea to hide all your entertainment stuff inside this hutch – otherwise, it will take a lot of space.

6. A Storage Bench

A storage bench is multifunctional furniture that works well for people who are keen on saving space. You can use it as a bench, but also as storage space. If you like to sit by the window and enjoy nature, this is a great addition to your tiny house.

You can even add a cushion on top to provide you with a much more comfortable seat. The cubbies below the seat will serve you perfectly to store books, toys, and other supplies.

7. An Ottoman

When it comes to multifunctional furniture, you can never go wrong with an ottoman. This piece of furniture works perfectly when you need extra storage or seating. An ottoman can provide you with extra seating when your guests are over and also act as a great storage space if the cubbies aren’t enough for you.

A ottoman furniture.
This piece of furniture works perfectly when you need extra storage or seating.

Many people keep their blankets in it, so they don’t have to store them away every day. They also serve as additional storage for seasonal outfits such as winter coats. You could even get a small ottoman to place next to your bed for extra storage, especially if the floor is hard to reach.

8. Convertible Furniture

Don’t buy single-use furniture if you are short of space. Get a piece you can use for more than one function. Convertible furniture is a great investment. Now you won’t need to buy separate pieces of furniture for different functions, and since they tend to be more expensive than usual.

A convertable furniture.
You can find ottomans that double as storage bins and chairs fold into beds.

It’s always better to get convertible furniture if space is your biggest issue. You can find ottomans that double as storage bins and chairs fold into beds. Look around the house for furniture that can be re-purposed into new pieces.

9. Use Baskets

Baskets offer plenty of storage for homes, and the good thing about them is that they occupy a very tiny space. You can store things under the bed and in this way, you will free up floor space. You can tuck away almost anything in these baskets and get your items out of your way.

10. Under the Stairs Storage

The space under the stairs is always underutilized because many people don’t know what they can store there. But if you have a tiny house, you have no option but to be creative. Use this space to store books, linens, out-of-season clothing, and anything else you don’t want to be visible in your home. You can also install some built-in drawers under the stairs.

Under the stairs storage.
Use this space to store books, linens, out-of-season clothing, and anything else you don’t want to be visible in your home.

11. Built-in Shelves

A built-in shelf in your sitting room provides you with a place to display your favorite collectibles and knick-knacks. If you want, you can even use the space under the stairs to build some shelves or cabinets for storage purposes.

12. Bar Cart

A bar cart is wonderful and unique storage furniture to add to your home. If you have a lot of glassware that you keep under the stairs, this is the perfect solution. You can also incorporate closed storage on the shelves, so you conceal the items from sight. The good news is that you can always push away the cart and get it out of the way whenever you feel like it.

13. Laundry Basket Storage

Here’s a unique idea for your under the stairs storage that most people never thought about. If you have a small laundry room, the under-stairs space is usually wasted. To utilize this hidden space, why not add a large laundry basket to fit in there perfectly? It will be an easy way to tuck the dirty clothes away, yet it will be within reach whenever you need them.

A laundry  basket.
It will be an easy way to tuck the dirty clothes away.

14. Tiered Coffee Table

There’s a lot of space on top of your coffee table that works well for storage. If you choose a tiered coffee table model, you’ll get even more space to put stuff on. For example, you can have a tier for books, one for magazines, another for remotes,, or other things usually lying around. If you want to beautify your house and make it more stylish, reserve the top of your coffee table for decorative pieces such as vases or plant pots.

15. Under-Bed Drawers

This is probably the most popular under-the-bed storage space idea. There are so many ways to utilize this place with drawers so that you can get extra storage for your home. Here you can store things such as: – Clothes, especially winter clothes and shoes if your bedroom is not too big. Your old books or document boxes can also go into under-the-bed drawers.

Related Questions

How do you maximize storage in a small apartment?

The best way to maximize storage in your small apartment is to buy multifunctional furniture. Single units are not only expensive but occupy too much space. Multifunctional furniture will save you space while saving you money at the same time.

How to make an under stair storage unit?

If you have space under the stairs, you can customize it in many ways to make additional storage. One of the ways to do so is to add a storage unit underneath the stairs. That way, it will be out of sight from people who simply pass by your home.

Are there any storage renovations I can do myself?

Yes, you can make your own storage spaces without spending much. Before you think of any storage renovations, think of your space and how much storage you need. Then, try to use as many storage spaces as possible within that space.


Having a small space doesn’t limit you to things you can buy for the house. All you have to do is be creative enough with the furniture you get for your house. Ditch that single-use furniture for multifunctional ones. You can also look around for your furniture at home that can be reused as storage spaces. With the above ideas, you’ll no doubt save a lot of space in your home.

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