15 Great Ways to Organize Your Kitchen Bins

The kitchen can be a hard place to keep organized. With everything from grooming products and cleaning tools to dried foods and cooking tools, your storage bins should have multiple uses. Here are 15 great ways to organize some common kitchen bins!

The kitchen is the most loved part of the house because here’s where you prepare delicious meals for your family. But with all the fun and delicacies that come with this space, keeping it organized can be the hardest task, especially if it’s a tiny space. While you might have storage bins where every item goes, organizing these bins is another nightmare. But it doesn’t have to be completely impossible.

There are many ways to organize your kitchen bins. You can start by clearing the space to ensure everything fits perfectly, buying bigger bins, investing in bins that come with dividers, and the best yet, looking for ways to hang your bins. You can even go one step further by adding kitchen storage hacks like having a spice rack and using mason jars as holders for cutlery and more kitchen stuff.

Let’s begin with how you can organize your kitchen bins.

1. Start by Decluttering

Perhaps you can’t have an organization in your kitchen because you have too much clutter. Maybe you have so many storage bins that you’re not even using, hence ending up occupying too much space. 

A woman checking the kitchen.
You don’t have to display all your items in the pantry.

What if you start by decluttering and creating space for more useful bins? You don’t have to display all your items in the pantry. You’ll feel much better if you create a clean and spacious kitchen cabinet. Try this, and you’ll see your kitchen looking well-organized and stunning.

2.  Buy Bigger Storage Bins

Just like decluttering, you can reduce the number of kitchen bins by ditching the smaller ones to bigger ones. You can buy a huge storage cabinet and fit so many items in there without filling up the space.  You don’t have to store one item in two different bins if everything can fit in one single bin. You can then invest in smaller storage bins that you can stack up easily. Always remember that minimalism is always the way to go for a much-organized kitchen.

3.  Don’t Be Afraid Of Color

In most homes, kitchen bins are purely white. What if you experiment with color? You’ll be surprised at how beautiful a brightly colored cabinet looks in your space. There are so many vibrant colors that you can choose from depending on your preferences. With the array of colors at your disposal, you can comfortably say goodbye to the boring kitchen space and embrace the vibrant look.

A colorful set of plates and utensils.
With the array of colors at your disposal, you can comfortably say goodbye to the boring kitchen space and embrace the vibrant look.

4. Label Everything

It can be frustrating to try and find something in a cluttered space. This is why you should label everything in your storage cabinet. This will help you quickly find what you need without having to search through everything. You can use a labeling system that works for you, whether a label maker or just a marker on masking tape. Labeling your bins will also make it easy for anyone new to your kitchen to find what they’re looking for without rifling through everything.

A labeled kitchen ingredients.
This will help you quickly find what you need without having to search through everything.

 5. Get Creative with Your Storage

Creativity can help you get the most out of your storage while avoiding clutter. You should think about stacking things vertically instead of just laying them flat on a shelf. Not only does this look better than items just strewn willy-nilly, but it also saves you a lot of space. 

6. Hang Your Kitchen Bins

Hanging kitchen storage bins saves a lot of floor space, and they can be easily accessed when you need to get something out. You can have a few hanging baskets in your kitchen that hold things like potatoes, onions, and garlic. This is a great way to keep those items organized and easy to grab when you’re cooking. You can also use hanging storage bins for things like coffee filters, tea bags, and sugar.

7. Use a Shelf over the Sink

If you don’t have a lot of counter space in your kitchen, consider using a shelf over the sink. This is a great way to store pots, pans, and other cooking utensils. You can also use it to store dishware and other items that instead take a lot of space in your cabinets. Have a shelf over your kitchen sink area, and it will be one of your favorite things to organize with.

8. Use under the Sink Bins

The space under the sink can work well for you when storing your kitchen bins. Under the sink, bins can be used to store things like silverware, dishwashing supplies, and other items that you need easy access to. This is a great way to keep your counters clutter-free. Just make sure there’s no moisture under the sink that can damage some of the items stored down there.

9. Make Use of Bin Dividers

You can make use of bin dividers to separate groceries in your refrigerator. It’s best that you separate items like raw meat, raw eggs, and dairy products. Dividers will help prevent cross-contamination when it comes to these items. Ensure you wash the dividers regularly, so they don’t get gross with all the food residue.

10. Invest in Pull Drawers as Storage Bins

You can supplement them with some pull drawers if you already have storage cabinets. This is a great way to store small items that can easily get lost in the cabinet. You can also use it to store seasonal items like Christmas decorations or Halloween costumes. Make sure you label each drawer, so you know what’s inside.

11. Utilize Space Above the Cabinets

There is a lot of wasted space above your kitchen storage cabinets that can accommodate many items. If you have many items to store, consider adding some shelves or hooks to the top of your cabinets. This will give you more storage space and make it easier to access the items you need. This space can also make good space for those bulky items that you don’t use often but are on your way.

12. Make Use of Hooks

Some people have the notion that hooks only work for clothes and shoes. Well, it’s time to try them in your kitchen as they can also make very good storage. You can hang the hooks on the underside of your shelves and use them to store your knives, utensils, and other cooking supplies. This will free up counter space and keep the necessary items within reach.

An organized kitchen tools.
You can hang the hooks on the underside of your shelves and use them to store your knives, utensils, and other cooking supplies.

13. Turn Pegboard into Pantry

The pegboard pantry scheme is another wonderful way to keep your kitchen organized. You can use the pegboard on one of your walls to store all the small spices and seasonings you have and any other ingredients you need for cooking. You can also use a pegboard pantry in your bathroom to organize beauty products and other items you might have lying around the house.

14. Keep Heavy Items at the Bottom

While every item in your kitchen is precious, some are more important than others. If you have a few heavy items in your kitchen, like a blender or a stand mixer, make sure to store them at the bottom of your cabinets. This will help keep your cabinets from tipping over and ruining all of your belongings.

15. Consider Getting a Spice Rack

A spice rack will do wonders for your kitchen organization. Not only will it help you keep your spices in order, but it will also help you find the spice you need quickly and easily. Plus, it can be a great piece of decor for your kitchen if you know how to make good use of it.

A Spice rack.
It will also help you find the spice you need quickly and easily.

Related Questions

What are kitchen bins?

Kitchen bins are plastic or metal storage containers that come in a wide variety of styles and colors. They’re designed to help you keep your kitchen cabinets, pantry shelves, and drawers neat and organized. Kitchen bins can hold various items, from foodstuffs to cleaning supplies.

What material is best for kitchen bins?

Kitchen bins are mostly made of plastic or metal. Plastic is the less expensive option, but it’s also lighter, so not as strong for heavier items. Metal can be more heavy-duty, though you should care for them, so they don’t rust.

Do I need kitchen bins if I have enough shelves and cabinets?

No, you don’t have to get kitchen bins. But if your cabinets all look like they’re overflowing and disorganized, it might be nice to consolidate some of the items. And putting certain things in specific containers can help make them easier to find. For example, all baking supplies could be put in one container for quick access.

Bottom Line

Having an organized kitchen starts with taking care of the bins and shelves. If you don’t have enough, get some. And if you do, use them to your advantage by filling them with specific items.

You need to be creative with how you organize your kitchen. Also, don’t forget to keep your bins clean and germ-free. This can be done by buying disinfecting wipes or replacing your bin liner more often. If you do these things, you’ll be organized in no time!

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