15 Essential Space Saving Tips for Tiny Homes

Too often tiny house living is pictured as 'roughing it'. But living small doesn't have to mean you have to give up all the comforts of home. Follow my 15 essential space saving tips and your tiny house will come alive.

If you live in a small home, one of the experiences you’re probably familiar with is the tiny space. To fit everything in your tiny home, you have to maximize every storage space that you have. But many people don’t know how to do this.

Well, saving space in your tiny home doesn’t have to be an uphill task. One of the ways to do so is by using the space between your wall studs. You can use the space to hang lightweight items like clothes or blankets, but there are other objects that you can use to fill up empty spaces inside your tiny home.

Here are some tips on how to maximize the space inside your tiny home:

1) Use Under-Bed Storage Boxes

Most people have a lot of unused space under their beds that they can utilize for storage.  Bed storage boxes come in various sizes and designs, so it’s best to buy one that fits your bed frame. It can also help add a touch of color to an otherwise boring bedroom. To make access to the boxes easy, you can consider labeling them.

2) Use the Space Near the Ceiling

If you have a room not very high up from the ground, you should consider using space near the ceiling. Apart from the floor space, the ceiling space is also wonderful to store your items. For instance, you can install a shelf above your bed for additional storage space. Just make sure the things you store there don’t fall. Otherwise, you’ll have to deal with injuries.

3) Utilize Every Nook and Cranny

Even if it’s a small area, the key is to use every nook and cranny. If there’s a potential space that you can use, don’t hesitate to utilize it. For example, you can use the inside of your cupboard to store items. You can stack containers or boxes inside your cupboard with ease without having to waste any floor or table space at all.

4) Put Hooks Everywhere

You must have seen these types of hooks before in a gym’s shower room area. For some reason, these hooks work well when it comes to saving space. You have to understand how to utilize them properly. You can use these hooks to hang towels, coats, shirts, pants, and anything else.

5) Combine Your Closets

You don’t have to separate your clothes into different closets according to the season or occasion. Why not combine all of your clothes into one closet? If you utilize this simple tip correctly, it will save lots of space and time as well. Make sure you have a large closet to accommodate all of your clothes.

Make sure you have a large closet to accommodate all of your clothes.

6) Put Shelves in Unexpected Spaces

Shelves are a lifesaver when it comes to home storage. And for those people with tiny homes, they always come in handy. You can use them to store books, knickknacks, and even clothes. You can attach these shelves to walls, or they can stand freely as decor. When it comes to installing shelves in a tiny space, you have to be creative.

7) Lift Your Kitchen Countertops

Another way to utilize your space at home is to give your kitchen countertops a lift.  This will create more room underneath the counters and give you more space for storage or tucked away appliances.

8) Go Vertical

You can also make use of some vertical storage as well. Consider the vertical storage method if you don’t have enough ground to store essential items.  It’s a good idea if you have countertops that aren’t in use or if you want to place appliances on them. You can also bring more light into your home by hanging storage items from the ceiling and walls.

9) Get Rid of Clutter

Of course, one of the best ways to maximize the space you have is to declutter your home and give room for more space.   You can do this with a garage sale or by having a yard sale, where you sell the items that are cluttering your home.  Afterwards, keep only the most essential things in your storage unit, so you have more space for other objects.

Unused clothes being put on the box.
One of the best ways to maximize the space you have is to declutter your home.

10) Consider Double Duty Furniture

One thing that takes up too much space in your home is the furniture. This doesn’t have to be the case if you can invest in double-duty furniture.  These pieces of furniture not only serve their intended purpose but can also be used in other ways when you don’t need them.

For example, you can change a dresser to become a desk using an add-on like a desktop or tabletop. You can also buy an ottoman that acts as both storage space and seating space for your home.

11) Consider the Space Under the Stairs

Another potential storage space that’s usually overlooked is under the stairs. This space is situated in a central and high-traffic area of the home, making it accessible to everyone living there.

Many people tend to shy away from this space because they don’t want anyone bumping their heads when they’re walking inside. Fortunately, there are under the stairs storage ideas that can help you avoid such an issue while maximizing your storage space. You can create room here for clothes, shoes, kid’s toys, or outdoor gear.

12) Hang the Kitchen Utensils

Kitchen utensils are usually bulky and heavy, making storing them very difficult. You can keep these items organized by hanging them on the wall. For example, you can use magnets to attach knives or other metal tools to a steel paneled fridge door. This will allow you to retain access to these items while keeping them out of your way.

The Kitchen tools hanging.
You can keep these items organized by hanging them on the wall.

13) Use Pegboard to Free Up Kitchen Space

Kitchen drawers can easily become cluttered. You can free up some space by replacing your kitchen drawer with a pegboard. A pegboard will give you an easy way to organize and access all of your pots, pans, lids, and more. This allows you to keep everything within arms’ reach.

A pegboard in the kitchen.
You can free up some space by replacing your kitchen drawer with a pegboard.

14) Invest in a Pullout Bed

If your space is really tiny that adding a bed seems impossible, don’t sleep on the floor. You can still invest in a pullout bed and save up a lot of space.  With this, you’ll get s stylish and unique bed while still saving a lot of foot space. Not to mention how easy this bed can be to maintain.

15) Consider Hidden Storage

If you’re looking for a way to add storage but keep your small space from looking cluttered, consider hidden storage. There are plenty of pieces that can be used as hidden storage while still stylish and decorative enough to add some character to the room. You can create hidden storage by creating a narrow rack, a pullout spice rack, or even a pantry from an old cabinet.

A woman checking a storage furniture.
You can create hidden storage by creating a narrow rack or even a pantry from an old cabinet.

You can still store your items in hidden storage without making it seem like it’s taking over, and you’ll save up space as well.

Related Questions

How do you live small in a tiny space?

If you don’t have enough space at home, you have to learn how to live small by putting everything in its place to make your limited space look well-organized. You can also live small by using multi-level furniture, which enables the design of a room with multiple levels to save space.

How to make the most of your small kitchen space?

Make the most out of your small space by combining appliances. For example, place a washing machine inside the cabinet for extra storage or install stoves underneath ovens for more cooking surfaces. You can also use the slim-line dishwasher and combine it with your countertop range to save up space.

How do you scale down your possessions?

You should keep only the things you love and use to help reduce clutter. Donating them is essential if you do not use something or find it useful for your day-to-day life. Decluttering your house and only retaining the very useful items will help scale down your items and create more space.


Saving space in a tiny house is essential if you want to live comfortably without feeling cramped. Although it might seem impossible to fit in all the appliances you need, such as a dishwasher and oven, you can find space-saving solutions that work for your tiny house.

Also, make sure you don’t hold on to things you no longer need by decluttering from time to time. Finally, don’t buy anything if you can do without them for now. With all these tips in mind, you’ll be sure to live comfortably and freely in a small space.

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