15 Best Teenage Bedroom Organizer Ideas

When you're organizing a teen bedroom, you have to take into account that everything should be multi-functional. Use these 15 clever bedroom organization ideas to help create the ultimate unique space.

Most teens are at their prime age when they don’t care about many things in life, not even tidying up. If you are a teen and living by yourself or with some roommates, you might as well want to learn how to organize your bedroom quickly. It shouldn’t take too long if you do it by yourself and consequently, the only thing left is learning what items should be stored in which places of your room.

Keep in mind that a teen’s bedroom is not only for sleeping. So, if you’re organizing the space, consider leaving room for study, play, or any other use in mind. You should give most priority to the visual appeal more than anything else. Of course, don’t forget to keep clutter away for easy organization.

Here are some of the best ideas to organize a teen’s bedroom in the best way possible.

1. Make The Most Of Your Shelves

You can utilize shelves in your room for two things. Either you store items on it or display items on top of it. You cannot do both at the same time because that will result in chaos and disorderliness. So when organizing a teen’s bedroom, whether it’s the first time or just for a quick fix, remember to place items on shelves that you won’t need often.

You can place office essentials like printers, scanners, and other computer accessories on top of shelves instead of taking space on your desk. That’s where storing these electronic devices comes in handy because you’re only going to use them a few times a week.

Take advantage of the remaining shelves by placing items you want to see, such as trophies and awards or small collections that can fit on the shelf space. Things like books and toy cars are good examples of items to be placed on the shelves.

2. Use Your Bed As An Undisturbed Place

Many teens don’t use the bed only to sleep, but also for doing other things. Many of them study on their beds to have a peaceful place in their room. But when organizing your bedroom, you need to keep the bed as an undisturbed place where you can relax and get away from the stress from time to time.

A bed.
You need to keep the bed as an undisturbed place where you can relax and get away from the stress from time to time.

That’s why you need to remove everything from the bed before you sleep. Clothes, school bags, books, and even computer systems need to be kept somewhere else so they won’t disturb you from sleeping or relaxation time.

3. Optimize Your Floor Space

The floor is usually a storage space for loose items such as socks, shoes, bags, papers, and other items you’re unsure where to put inside your room. That’s why you must learn how to organize small spaces like your floor because if not, the mess will pile up again fast.

Locating these items in specific areas of your room is a good idea not to be scattered everywhere. Make sure that each item has its own designated area for easy retrieval.

4. Use Stackable Wardrobes

If you have quite a number of clothes, using stackable wardrobes will be the most convenient way to organize them. They can fit in tight spaces and won’t take too much space inside your room. You can also use them for books and other items that fit inside their compartments.

A Organized clothes.
Using stackable wardrobes will be the most convenient way if you have quite a number of clothes.

5. Use The Wall For Hanging Purposes Only

When you want to hang items on the wall, make sure they’re not too bulky because it will be difficult to store them in tight spaces like cabinets or drawers. You might as well frame pictures of your family, friends, pets, and other items for an attractive wall display. If you do not want to use bulky pictures, consider using posters or paintings instead of framed ones.

6. Get a Bookshelf Beneath the Bed

If you want a bookshelf but don’t have space inside your room, then getting one beneath the bed is a good idea. You can stack books and other items on top of it. This organization idea will make it easy for a teen who likes to read to access the books they need at the comfort of their bed.

7. Get a Daybed Instead of a Twin Bed

Instead of getting a twin bed, get a daybed instead because it can hold more items and will expand your storage space. The best part about using a daybed is that you don’t even need to add an extra mattress. You only need to add extra pillows and perhaps some shams for your decorative needs. What’s more, a daybed also works well for teens who share the bedroom or hosts friends for sleepovers.

8. Use Artistic Boxes

Consider using artistic boxes for storage instead of just stacking them on top of each other. Get ones that come in colorful designs and shapes to use them as decorative items that also serve a purpose. You can get these boxes from your local stationery store or craft supplier.

9. Use Color Coded Drawer Dividers

Keeping your bedroom organized means keeping it tidy all the time. If you tend to forget where you put your things, then using color-coded drawer dividers is a good way to organize your drawers and cabinets for easy retrieval. You only need to label them with colors you prefer, so you’ll easily know which drawer or cabinet holds which items.

color-coded packing cubes
Using color-coded drawer dividers is a good way to organize your drawers and cabinets for easy retrieval.

10. Use a Combination of Open and Closed Storage Spaces

When you need to store some bulky items, it’s best to use open storage spaces like cabinets and drawers. But if you want your room to look tidy and organized, then using closed storage spaces like stackable wardrobes and shelves is a good idea because they are space-saving solutions that can also prevent clutter from piling up.

11. Use Baskets to Store Unused Items

If you have unused items lurking inside your bedroom, then storing them is a good idea, so you’ll have more room for the things you need to keep. You can use baskets to store these items so they won’t clutter up your room, and you’ll also know where they are when you need them.

A different kinds of baskets.
You can use baskets to store these items so they won’t clutter up your room.

12. Use Hangers That Save Space

If you want to save space in your wardrobe, using slim hangers is a good idea because they will allow more clothing items to fit inside it without taking too much space. You can stack winter sweaters on top of each other to save more space.

A set of hanger
Using slim hangers will allow more clothing items to fit inside it without taking too much space.

13. Keep Small Toys in Clear Plastic Containers

If you have children who are into collecting small toys, it’s best to keep them inside clear plastic containers so they will be easy to retrieve when playtime comes. You can stack the containers inside your bedroom or even bigger ones if you have more space. Just make sure the containers are sealed tight so you won’t have to deal with spilled toys.

14. Use a Beanbag for Your Bed’s Headboard

If you don’t want to spend on an expensive headboard, getting a beanbag is a good idea because it serves the same purpose as other headboards but only costs less. They are easy to move around and give your bedroom a more stylish look without spending too much money.

15. Use Vertical Storage

Vertical storage will create plenty of space for your teen to store their belongings without taking too much space in the room. The best part about this storage solution is that you can get one from your local craft supply store or even from a dollar store so that it won’t be hard on your budget.


Should teens organize their bedrooms?

Yes, they should because it will keep the bedroom tidy all the time. If teens organize their room, it will also help in boosting their confidence in doing things without making too many mistakes. This is also a perfect way to teach them to be responsible adults.

What are some of the benefits of having an organized bedroom?

Some of the benefits include saving money for college, gaining more space in the room, and increasing convenience in accessing items. An organized room will surely save time and keep away stress.

How can a parent help their teen organize their bedroom?

A parent can simply set up some rules for teens to follow when organizing the room. This includes restricting access to certain things before they’re allowed to go out and meet with friends. Also, parents should be involved in helping teens learn how important it is to stay organized.

What are some good storage solutions for teens?

Some of the best storage solutions include using color-coded dividers in drawers, labels on cabinets and other items. With these, your items will be easily accessible when needed. Stacking containers inside closets or wardrobes, beanbags for headboards, vertical storage systems, etc are also perfect storage.


While most teens find it hard to keep their rooms organized, it’s important to do this so that you’ll have more room to store items and will be able to save more for college. Also, keeping the bedroom organized is also a good way for teens to prevent stress so they can enjoy their teenage life. Try the ideas above and see how you can turn your teen’s bedroom into a peaceful and organized space in no time.

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