14 Outdoor Storage Ideas to Maximize Your Storage Space

The storage is one of the most important parts of your yard, if not the most important. A good outdoor storage will allow you to keep things that you use outside organized and tidy. Follow these tips to build or improve the outdoor storage space that you have now.

Ensuring proper storage is a common problem in many households. Many people squeeze things together in the garage or the attic to the extent that they can’t get space to store any new stuff they buy. Well, outdoor storage comes in to solve the problem of space and give you a more convenient and accessible storage solution.

With proper outdoor storage, you don’t have to worry about the squeezed space for your items that can end up damaging them. There are many ideas that can make outdoor storage much more useful and convenient. Think of things such as a storage bench, locker, cabinets, shelves, and shed among other items that make outdoor storage possible. Whatever you choose to use, don’t forget that you also need to protect your items from weather elements such as sun, rainfall, wind, dust, and snow.

There are plenty of outdoor storage ideas that you can incorporate into your home. Below are a few of them.

1. Consider Outdoor Storage Box and Bench

You can think of using an outdoor storage box that has a bench built-in. This way, you have your extra seating area as well as a place to store your things. They are available in many sizes and designs, so you can choose one with decorative paint or stones, for example. 

This is the most obvious storage solution for creating outdoor storage. The structure of this storage solution makes it look like a furniture piece, and the storage aspect is only an additional benefit. The inside looks good for storage while the outside is elevated, making it look like nice furniture.

2. Use Outdoor Storage Locker

You can use storage lockers when you need to store your things in large quantities. Depending on the space that you have available, choose the one that will fit best. The advantage of these storage solutions is that you don’t spend money or time building them, so it’s a good choice if you’re in a hurry and need something simple.

Following step-by-step directions plus pictures and materials and tools required, you can easily take on this DIY project in your backyard. This can give you that much-needed outdoor storage.

A green storage locker.
An outdoor storage locker is a simple and affordable way to add storage to your outdoor space.

3. Incorporate Multi-Purpose Cabinet in Your Outdoors

Using multi-purpose cabinets outside can be a good idea. This cabinet has the look of an outdoor bar with some storage space. It’s ideal for storing gardening tools and having things handy when you need them. A simple shelf is attached under the top bar to place small items on it.

If you’re planning to store different tools, whether tall or short, try out a handsome lockable cabinet. Go for the one with three removable shelves if you want to store those taller items and tools.

4. Outdoor Storage Bench and Planter

If you are looking for a functional plan to store your gardening essentials, then an outdoor storage bench with attached planters is the best option. The planters can be used separately as well to place plants or grow herbs. You’ll find this storage plan very cost-effective with its waterproof surface, which doesn’t let moisture penetrate. 

So don’t think that an outdoor bench is only a great place to sit and relax while you’re outdoors. Instead, use under the seats to store your items and grow your flowers on the planters.

5. Add Space in Your Kitchen with Shelving Units

Utilize kitchen wall shelves for keeping the everyday cooking items like cans, spices, etc. Make sure that these are sturdy and made from good-quality material as well as easy to clean.

Give your outdoors that aesthetic look by installing patio storage cabinets. These cabinets can hold various items, including glasses, dishes, spices and kitchen appliances. They are an affordable way of adding storage space to your home.

6. Use Outdoor Crate Coffee Table

Use your free time during weekends to DIY an outdoor coffee table. It doesn’t require much, with some detailed pictures and some easy steps to follow, then you’re good to go. Additionally, arrange four crates in an interesting configuration to form that outside coffee table that your friends will talk about.

A fire pit tabble with firewoods.
You can arrange your books so that you can easily browse through them.

Use each crate to tuck off your items in an orderly fashion. You can arrange your books so that you can easily browse through them or keep them in a stack on the coffee table. Make sure you attach the wheels to the bottom of each crate to allow you to move it wherever you want.

7. Outdoor Dining Furniture – Canvas Bar Stools

An alternative to the conventional folding lawn chair is a canvas bar stool. It comes in a wide range of colors and designs to match any theme in your outdoor living space. The material used in its construction makes it quite durable but light enough to carry around.

8. Build an Outdoor BBQ Island in Your Outdoor Grill

For those with a large patio or backyard, an outdoor barbecue island is an excellent addition to the outdoor living space. It can also be used as a place where you can place your BBQ grill and other kitchen appliances such as a sink and small refrigerator. 

An outdoor BBQ island will give you a place to prep while cooking plus additional storage space. You can use this space to store your grill tools and cooking items. You’ll highly appreciate the importance of having all these items in their place while cooking.

9. Store Your Kid’s Bike in a Storage Shed

If you have kids who ride a bike to school or just like riding it around the neighborhood, you probably spend a lot of time trying to keep them out of sight. You might think that hiding them in your garage is the best bet, but they’re bulky and can take up valuable space there. 

A outdoor shed with a automobile and dog outside.
An outdoor shed provides an excellent area for storing your kids’ bike.

Keep such bikes in an outdoor storage bike shed. Not only should you store your kid’s bike in storage, but also the toys and scooters. Having a place for these items in the storage shed is a great idea since you won’t have to clean your home anytime your kids are out in the backyard playing.

10. Keep Firewood in a Wood Storage Shed

Instead of bringing firewood inside your home, why not build a shed outside to store them? Use an outdoor firewood rack to store any wood you might need for your grill, wood stove or fire pit. A firewood rack has a separate place where you can store kindling. 

11. Keep Your Lawn Equipment in an Outdoor Shed

Whether it’s the lawnmower, a pile of wood cut-outs or the leaf rake, these pieces of equipment are what make your backyard look great. However, they can be cumbersome to take out and put away after each use. Having a shed for these items is an incredible idea because it allows you to store items out of the way while keeping them protected.

A lawnmower outside.
Your lawn equipment can be protected by various weather elements when stored in an outdoor shed.

In a shed, you can keep those pieces of equipment and accessories organized and clean. And if there is any extra space when the lawnmower isn’t in use, you can utilize it by adding shelves for other household items. Having a shed saves you on storage because you don’t have to buy anything to utilize the space. It can also protect your lawn tools from weather conditions and sunlight that can cause rusting or discoloration of items.

12. Repurpose Your Crate Storage Table

Crates, wicker baskets and crates that hold bottles of wine can be repurposed to become storage tables. These wooden boxes are usually used as decorations because they have pretty designs and patterns on them. However, if you buy a combination of different-sized crates that are all the same color, you can create something useful like a buffet table.

This is a free project that you can do in about 30 minutes. You will need three wooden crates that are the same color. Make sure you use the same type of crates as the tutorial so your table will lay flat. You can use it to store your outdoor dishes and family games.

13. Have an Outdoor Modular Bench with Storage in Your Patio Furniture

If you want to make an outdoor modular bench for your patio, you can use a few wooden barrels. You will have a stylish and decorative piece of furniture for your home while it is built to facilitate interior design with storage. The best part is that this project doesn’t require cutting any wood, and it’s very cost-effective.

Use under the benches to store your belongings. You’ll have a huge storage space where you can even store those large storage containers.

Funiture outdoors.
Outdoor furniture with storage benches will not only decorate your patio but also give you extra storage space.

14. Use an Outdoor Toy to Declutter Your Entryway

If you have kids around, you know how quickly their toys can get out of control. In that case, use a toy box to make your home clutter-free. You can use it to store anything – a box of shoes, extra towels, books or magazines.

FAQs on Outdoor Storage Ideas

Should you choose a professional or a DIY project for outdoor storage?

DIY is the way to go. Not only it’s a lot less expensive than hiring a professional, but it’ll also provide you with an opportunity to learn more about your home and gain valuable skills. But if you don’t have the time or don’t like DIY projects, simply get a professional to do the work.

How do you ensure there is enough light in your outdoor storage?

The first thing you need to do is use your indoor storage space as a template for your outdoor one. This way, you’ll be able to estimate the number of items that can fit into the container before going shopping.

What outdoor storage design should I go for?

Outdoor storage can affect the overall appearance of your home. So choose the storage solution that complements your home’s architecture and decor. It’s not only about storage, but also something that’s appealing to you.

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