11 Products You Can Easily Turn Into Shoe Storage

Whether you have a room full of shoes or just a shelf or two, shoe storage helps keep things tidy and functional. Take a look at these eleven products that can easily become your shoe storage solution.

No matter how organized you are, storing your shoes can still be pretty hard. Looking for a space to store your shoes can be a nightmare. Every time you buy a new pair, you might find yourself purging your collection to get a space to store your new one.

However, there’re super creative ideas that can help you store your shoes properly and still find extra room to store other things. There are different ways that you can organize your shoe mess, whether you decide to stack them and even line them up. Some common shoe storage options include a using a rack, shoe boxes, wire hangers, closet, over the door organizers, and more.

Let’s have a look at some of the shoe storage options available to help you choose the best.

1.  Use a Combination of Shoe Rack and Hallway Bench

A combination of shoe rack and hallway bench storage space for your shoes, especially for those you wear more often. If your job involves running quick errands, then this is the perfect place to store your footwear. You should stash just a few pairs of your quick-wear in this combination to make them look comfortable.

Other footwear that you can comfortably store in this combination include sandals, sneak flip-flops, and low-profile sneakers. Don’t leave your quick footwear on the floor, as this will make your shoes harder to find when running quick errands.

2.  Store Your Shoes on Clear Shoe Boxes with Lids

When you stuff your shoes in a tub, you cannot choose one to wear easily. So it’s important to keep them in a visible container when sorting.

If you’re looking for a shoe storage option that looks easy to scale, go for clear plastic bins made of polypropylene. With these plastic bins, you can comfortably store your flat shoes. These clear bins allow you to locate the pairs quickly you’re looking for.

A transparent shoe storage.
By storing your shoes in clear containers, you will easily find the one you want to wear.

The boxes are the most effective storage solution since you can place them anywhere, whether on the floor or on a shelf. They’re also durable plastics that are virtually unbreakable, meaning you can use them for several years. Therefore, it’s imperative to buy see-through boxes when you decide to use shoe storage bins.

If you decide to go for a shoe organizer, get one with clear slots. Of course, you’ll want to reuse some of your shoeboxes, so stick a picture of your shoes outside each box. This will ease your memory in the morning, preventing you from tearing your storage apart.

3.  Consider Over-the-Door Organizers

Shoe organizers can offer you a great closet to hang your shoes, especially lightweight and casual shoes. With the closet hanger on your door, you can easily place your entire pair into one slot. If your closet door lacks the space for the standard 24-pocket organizer, consider a slim vertical organizer to use that vertical space.

A vertical organizer is deep and narrow in shape for the optimization of all types of shoes. A slim vertical contains ten slots, allowing you to fit your shoes in each slot. Remember, a vertical closet cannot store more than 20 pairs. So you can consider other shoe storage options if you have too many pairs.

4.  Use Rebrilliant Shoe Rack

The Rebrilliant Burrier Shoe Rack is the way to go if you have large collections of footwear. This shoe storage option can fit up to 50 pairs of shoes at a time. Besides storing, it can also keep your shoes neat on its ten shelves. Before you buy this shoe rack, ensure you have enough space.

This type of shoe rack storage option stands out from other shoe rack options because of many reasons. The first stand-out factor for this type of shoe rack is the fabric shelves, which prevent your shoes from falling between shelves. Falling shoes are common in racks with bars.

Number two is the 5-1/2 inches of space between each shelf. This allows you to fit your shoes, sandals, wedges, and small heels easily. It also has wide shelves that can fit shoes up to men’s size 13. Also, you can easily split the rack into two individual pieces to create two smaller shoe racks.

5.  Store Your Extra Shoes in a Bookcase

Don’t run out of space to keep your shoes if you have that bookcase and lack closet space. Clear out your books and stack your shoes in that case. That doesn’t mean that you have to throw away your books or give them away. Look for an alternative space for your books, like on top of shelves.

A bookcase.
If you have an extra bookcase but no closet space, consider using it as your shoe storage.

6.  DIY Your Shoes Using Wire Hangers

One of the best DIY shoe storage ideas is fitting your flats and sandals onto ordinary wire hangers. To achieve this, cut off the bottom of your wire hangers, then bend the ends into curled hooks using a plier.

A kitchen tools hanging.
Use wire hangers to DIY your own shoe storage hooks.

This will allow your sandals and the top of your sandals to hang on these hooks. You can also DIY store hangers using some custom ribbon hanger jackets. A wire shoe rack can give your space that industrial look.

7.  Store Your Shoes at the Top of Your Closet

Of course, you have shoes that you rarely wear. This type of shoe includes high heels and trendy men’s footwear. But even if you wear them daily, they won’t easily fit into your shoe slots, such as an over-the-door organizer.

Then since these fancy shoes are more delicate, they can easily knick off if you store them in bins and cubbies with other shoes. So the best place to store your fancy footwear is on the top shelf of your closet. Keeping your expensive shoes up there in shoeboxes will not only save you some space, but will give you that peace of mind.

8.  Use Shoe Ladder to Store Your Shoes

When it comes to storing shoes, one of the things you need to consider is your storage space. By any chance, avoid chucking your shoes on the floor. Keeping your shoes on the floor will make them harder to find because every shoe will flop over each other. When you move your shoes aside, they can easily get beat up.

There’s more storage than you can use to keep your shoe collection tidy. And one of them is tOstore your footwear on a shoe ladder. If you have wood-working skills, put them into greater use by making a perfect chic ladder for your shoes.

9.  Consider Shoe Storage Cabinet

Shoe storage cabinets offer the best storage options. With a storage cabinet, you can tuck your shoes out of sight behind those sliding doors. Another important feature of the storage cabinet is that it’s stackable.

Different styles of shoes on a storage.
It’s also versatile, given that it can expand your storage when you stack it with a second unit.

You have the option of buying two units for double storage space, thanks to its stackable feature. There’re also three inner shelves which you can mount flat or at an angle, depending on the type of shoes you’re storing. The cabinet also has two sliding doors, enabling you to access your shoes from either side.

All you have to do is ensure that you mount your cabinet to the wall during installation because it’s not a freestanding unit. Each unit of the cabinet can fit 14 pairs of shoes. It’s also versatile, given that it can expand your storage when you stack it with a second unit.

10. Use Overdoor Shoe Organizer to Store Your Shoes

A traditional shoe rack might not fit in your home if you have limited closet space. So you can reduce your storage worries by opting for a sunbeam overdoor shoe organizer. This shoe organizer provides the perfect solution if you have a small space at home. You can hook them on the back of your door as they can hold up to 36 pairs of shoes.

Over-the-door shoe rack also comes from different materials. You can go for a more durable one with a metal rod frame. The rods also have a slip-proof coating, preventing your shoes from sliding off the rack.

11. Keep Your Leather Boots New With Vinegar and a Polish

Before storing your boosts, it’s important to take care of them. And one of the ways to take care of them is to protect them from any elements. Spray your boots down with shoe polish to prevent water and salt stains from invading your footwear. But if your shoes manage to pick up salt stains, use white vinegar to wipe them.

A yellow boots.
Always prepare your leather boots for storage to ensure that they are not damaged by various elements.

If you want your shoes to look new, use saddle soap to clean up any scum that your shoes might have collected. For boot scuffs, dip a damp in a baking soda, then scrub the affected area. Use a clean cloth to wipe off the paste. After dealing with grime, use a brush to spread your preferred polish on the coat.


As you can see, there’re many storage options for your footwear. So don’t let any pair of your shoes become a casualty to damages due to lack of space. Look for the best storage option that can suit you as you with your space in mind.

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