11 Best Cube Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

We all know that small spaces can be tricky to deal with. Finding room for things is always a fun challenge. The absolute best solution? Storage cubes. These simple, versatile little modular storage pieces can help to design an entire room around them and then double as storage solutions when you put the pieces together.

Cube storage, also known as cubbies, is the best storage solution for your home, regardless of how big or small it may be. They can hold much more than just books and toys. Plus, they don’t occupy such a big space in the house.

You can use cube storage for your children’s toys, TV cabinet, nighttime necessities, office supplies, kitchen wear, and more. These storage solutions are ideal for small spaces, are affordable, versatile, and extremely popular for their efficiency. To make it more interesting, each of these cubbies has unique characteristics to suit your needs. They also come in a wide variety of designs and material options to choose from.

Here are the 11 best cube storage solutions for small spaces, some of which you’ve probably never imagined before.

Your Children’s Toys

Your newborn’s nursery or your children’s playroom has to look neat and presentable always to keep your baby from danger. Toys left lying carelessly on the floor could be dangerous, especially to the toddlers. They could slip and fall, causing injuries to their heads in the process.

You, therefore, need storage cubes to keep every item in place. Storage cubes offer a clean and organized way to keep all their essentials such as books, drawing supplies, clothes, and toys together.

Besides a neat and well-arranged environment, you also get to have a huge storage room for every other thing in their bedroom. You can choose from the various designs and colors to get the one that will compliment your kids’ room décor.

Cube storage is ideal for storing your kids’ toys, books, or drawing supplies.

Keep Your Nightstand Necessities

It’s prevalent these days to find furniture such as a chair, coffee table, nightstand, and ottoman in a bedroom. These pieces are mostly used for storage, which can be well substituted with one cubic storage stand.

This solution is especially necessary if your bedroom isn’t spacious enough to contain all the items mentioned above. Moreover, a storage cube will not look as huge and bulky as a nightstand would in a small bedroom.

You can use your storage cubes stand to display your reading items like books and magazines, extra blankets and bedsheets, and other necessary accessories. Then, you can also put your eyeglasses, night lamp, and any other accessory you deem fit.

TV Cabinet

Another great advantage of storage cubes is that you can place them absolutely anywhere in the house and still look presentable. Also, you can use them to store anything, as long as they hold the capacity.

Choosing these storage options as your TV cabinet could be the best idea ever since you’ll still have extra room for other TV components. In this case, you’ll need a modular cube storage form in which you’ll put your TV on top them your CDs, DVDs, books, and magazines underneath.

There are several designs and details that come with such storage cubes that you won’t miss one that fits your needs. This reason alone makes it an excellent décor option for your living area.

You can use cube storage as a TV stand to maximize space in a small room.

Use Them to Organize Your Home Bar

Having a small space doesn’t in any way prevent you from having a cozy home bar, thanks to cube storage cabinets. You can decide to add legs to it to make it easily movable around the house or dedicate it to one corner of the house.

Fill in the shelves with your favorite alcohol, mugs, glasses, plates, and bottles of juice. Where you put it could be your favorite corner, especially when you’ve invited friends over the weekend. You also want to ensure it doesn’t block any pathway. Therefore, you can put it along the wall.

You may decide to add a mirror, a few vases, plants, and candleholders to decorate your home bar. This is a good way to showcase your inner you.

The Best Office Supplies Storage Solution

Do you find it hard to organize your documents, reading materials, stationery, and all the other materials you need for the office? Perhaps you have a small space that you can’t afford to put in a wooden cabinet and drawers to store these essentials.

You don’t have to look further than the cube storage shelves. Not only are they portable, but they also offer enough space to store your office supplies.

Cube storage helps you keep your office supplies organized at all times.

For Your Kitchen Wares

Your kitchen holds a lot more items than any room in the house, from food items to appliances. It’s quite challenging to arrange your kitchen, especially if you don’t have ample space in there. Where will you keep your utensils, cereals, spices, small appliances, dishes, cutlery,  etc.?

Your solution lies in the cubbies, which come with several cubes to keep each kitchen item neatly. You can arrange them in whichever order you like. Since these cubes are open, it becomes a good opportunity for you to display your kitchen wares.

In Your Bathroom

There are some excellent storage cubes that are ideal for the bathroom. This means that you don’t necessarily have to use them in the office and your living area. If you want to utilize your little bathroom space, this storage option will give you that.

Your storage cube shelves can hold your toothbrush and toothpaste, bathing soaps and gels, toilet papers, and other toiletries. You will still have enough space to hold your towels, cosmetics, and first aid kit after putting all the above. These shelves will help you maintain the cleanliness necessary in the bathrooms and keep it neat all the time.

Cube storage is a perfect solution for storing and organizing various toiletries in the bathroom.

To Display Items

Are you looking for excellent ways to create a visually appealing environment, be it at work or in your home? Then storage cubes can save you big time. Perhaps you own a cosmetic shop, and you want to display all the pieces of jewellery and other cosmetic products to your customers.

The best way to do so is to get cubbies for the shop. You can also use them to display plants, antique items, figurines, and frames at home. For most people, using cube storages to keep such items only comes as a declutter solution. However, they also do turn these small items into perfect décor.

Keep All Your Arts and Crafts Items in One Place

Cube storage cabinets usually come in handy for crafting people. You can only imagine the number of crafting items these people must purchase to do their work. These include markers, glue sticks, paintbrushes, assorted colors of craft paints, crafting papers, etc.

Now, imagine the mess they can create in a small space when left scattered all over the place with all these items. Remember, one can only become motivated and productive when working in a clean and organized space.

Thankfully, with cube storage, you can easily achieve that. For your crafting supplies, you can use modular clear cubes to hold them in one place. That way, you can easily retrieve any at the time you want to use it. 

Other than storage and achieving an organized space, you may also be looking for a more decorative way to display your items.  In this case, you can opt for the one with the right design and color of your choice or go with your crafting room’s color scheme.

The acrylic wall-mounted display boxes can do this job excellently, that is if you don’t have any other option. It surely can never get better than this.

How About Your Clothes and Accessories?

Your bedroom closet is probably not big enough to hold all your clothes and accessories. This means that you have to leave some of your clothes lying carelessly in the room, either on top of your bed or chair. Retrieving your clothes when you want to change from such heaps not only wastes your time but also gives you an additional task of ironing.

Getting storage cubes with open cabinets will surely sort you out no more stress when you need your favorite pant or shirt. With this storage solution, the type of hassle will be a thing of the past. This is because you can quickly locate and retrieve the type of clothing or accessory you need. And the best part about it all is that you can store absolutely all articles of clothing, from your jackets, jeans, shirts, watches, hats, hoodies, to underwear.

Utilize the Space Under Your Bed

You don’t have to leave your space unkept just because you have a tiny space. It’s wise to utilize every single space available and keep it as neat and organized as you possibly can. You will find most people just throwing things they don’t need under the bed. While this hides them, it becomes hard for them to clean.

Luckily, with the right cubbies, you can make your under-the-bed storage well-organized and neat. You can also label each cube to know precisely what you’ve kept inside for quick retrieval whenever you want to use them. To clean under the bed, just pull them outside to access and push right back once you’re done.


Cube storage solutions are pretty reasonable, especially for small spaces. They not only keep your home clean and organized but also display your essentials and complement your décor. Therefore, you also get to keep your home stylish in the process.

Besides the above storage solutions, you can also become creative and transform your home in the best way possible using storage cubes. 

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